Taco Bell

10815 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley
(520) 219-2977

Recent Comments

Jodie Kennedy

Managers and crew are polite and have quick service

Sheila Cotton

I love it here... Will always return ❤

Jan Whitely

Kept very clean. Good menu selection!

Jason Wayne

The place was clean and the service was excellent.

Erin Mckinnon

Food was good. Giving 3 stars because I couldn't drink my soda. I can tell that they are not cleaning there soda machine frequently or at all for that matter. There's no excuse for not cleaning it. I used to be a waitress and weekly we took the nozzles off and soaked them in bleach water. So unfortunately I ate my taco bell without anything to wash it down with. Not so fun when I completely covered my food in hot sauce. If I would of known the drink would of been awful I would of just gotten tea or would of passed on the hot sauce.

Senior Smiley

Fast and friendly service food is always fresh love this Taco Bell.

Thomas Specht

100%...99.9% of the time. One of the best Taco Bells in southern Arizona.

Stacy Raneri

Guilty pleasure and this location has better service in the drive through than most sit down restaurants. Nice job.

Kim Swart

Great burrito today. Love those watermelon freeze things. Fast and friendly smiles.

Viperman Enterprise

Pretty fast and tasted alright don't know much else to say

Dawnita Bujold

We were hungry and we ate and got full on a bugget

Alan Moghaddam

They can't seem to handle basic substitutions like "no tomatoes". I'm frustrated because they routinely get my orders wrong, or items are missing.

Melinda W.

I love Taco Bell! I only give a 4 start because my order was incorrect but I understand why. They rectified by making the correct burritos and I got to keep the wrong tacos. Which makes me even more happy cause I hate when food gets tossed. The staff was very pleasant to talk to.

Silver Flutterby

I miss taco bell!!!!! So when I was visiting az I had to gorge myself. Wish they'd come to Worcester uk

Laura Henry

Always love the service. Employees are very friendly and customer oriented.

Matt McCarty

Your lucky if the order is correct, fast service though.

Michael Bechtold

Super fast drive thru. Like 30 seconds fast. Food was decent.

Sanford Potter

Excellent menu choices.

Skye Littmann

The day crews are good at what they do. They give you whay you order. EVERYTHING.

Kyle Littmann

Good food, but I'm always missing at least 1 item if not more when I go through the drive thru. EVERYTIME I go. Never fails. I go through the drive thru twice everytime.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

10815 N Oracle Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85737