El Nuevo Taquito

4118 S Central Ave, Phoenix
(602) 276-3018

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Everything!!!! Delicious food


I love that their food is authentic Mexican food and with great flavor I go there all the time with my girlfriend and she loves it to

Buff Buffers

Really good over priced food.

juan tonche

Lady taking our order helped us get a really good choice.. food was amazing

Marina Pauls

Best taco spot on the south side

Tierza Havier

Loved it.... awesome food.... taco Tuesday the best

Juan Carrizoza

Great tasting food, small portions. Wife says she saw a small roach in there, I don't know about going back.

Sandra I

Service has fallen and the food well not how I remember. Seems like there cutting corners to make a buck. Sorry el nuevo but what happened to y’all u used to be good


This place is HORRIBLE! Avoid this place. Cockroaches crawling all over the place.

Norm R.

After an afternoon drive and hike through the nearby South Mountain Park, hunger pangs and the fact that it was taco Tuesday made us do a search for a nearby taqueria and this came up in the search results. It's a modest, no-nonsense taqueria with the standard counter area for ordering. I ordered cabeza, tripa, pollo, and al pastor tacos; all were scrumptious - this place deserves the good reviews they've been getting. And the reduced prices makes coming here on taco Tuesday even more appealing.

Kenny Ferguson

This place is usually really good, but lately is gone downhill. Asada was charred to much, salsa was watery. And there is a smell in the eating area that isn’t pleasant.

Dulce Monroy

Really good food to eat

Daniel Cano

Authentic Mexican food with great flavor. They have alcoholic drinks and a salsa, guacamole bar.

Colin Nash

Absolutely fantastic. The best food I've had in Arizona during my entire trip. The carne asada was delicious. I would go out of my way to try this gem.

Albino Valdez

Delicious and savory Mexican cuisine. At a great unaffordable price. Polite staffing and clean restrooms. A great place to make your Taco Tuesday destination.

Josh Casselman

good carne asada. Very nice people here too.

Edgar Garcia

Why does this place smell... the food is good but the eating area smells like raw sewage. Get that fixed and I will update my review.

Sandra Rodriguez

Good customer service, the food was delicious I love their tacos and burritos!!!!

Amelia Diaz

Food is always good here! Whatever you order!

Hilda Ochoa

I am never going back to this place!! I got extremely sick of my stomach and the meat was not fresh. It tasted like it was made days before not fresh as I expected.

Robert Laroue

Food was ok, but the place smells like a toilet.. I sat in the back table in the middle.. you can smell that restroom. Didnt finish my food.

Silvia Zulema Chavez Villalobos

Servicio de lo mejor, la comida deliciosa

Luann Cough

As always, food is excellent.

Sal Mendoza

All around great food great service great atmosphere

Angelica Guerra

Food was bomb .taco tues the best

Alex A.

Great taco shop. Wait was long during lunch hour but food was on point. I would definitely be back and recommend it.

Adam Lopez

Got a lot of my group's orders wrong. One member took his order to get fixed and again they got all things in the order wrong. He was too hungry to care at that point. Shredded chicken had bones. Carne did as well. For the price we paid for the food we expected a lil bit higher quality, or at least some accuracy.

L.J. Garcia

It’s been awhile since I stopped because I’m no longer in the area. This place brings back so many tasteful memories.

Lj G.

I haven't had this in years.. it's just out of my commute and area. Yesterday, just so happened to be on central, passed it up, flipped around, and went inside. Unforgettable yellow building from back in the day :) I had the carne asada burrito and it was just like I remembered

Chewy Paul

The service was fast! I'm talking like yesterday before breakfast, before eggs fast. The prices were great and the food was not only hot, but quite excellent as well! Definitely a place I will go to again in the future and definitely worth the look. I really have to start talking photos though.

Tina Jenkins

Carne asada taco. Meat was dry and hard. Tongue burrito lacked seasoning and too much beans.

Alayna Pablo

Love the carne asada tacos n enchiladas

Carly S.

Been trying to find some decent taco places near my work and I think I finally found one! I got tacos carnitas, pollo, carne & al pastor and can't complain about any! Service was good and quick. I think the price is a little high for the size of the tacos you get ($2.10) but the quality is there. I will definitely be back

Edward Campos

This place is consistantly excellent, its been the same delicious food since they opened, whenever that was but I been going there for like 13+ years!

Melissa Hubert

Still always satisfied. Very clean and veryfriendly.

Olga Rodriguez

Order wasnt correct $120 worth. And labeled incorrectly, it's the worst having to open everything to see what it is to see who gets it.

Stephanie Ponce

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants I have ever ate I highly recommend this place mmm


2nd time im there at 9pm and theyre already close when in their page their at 10pm close. If you're going to close and not accept people 1 hour before closing.. than change your hours on google so we dont have to walk up and the people inside pretend like they dont see u.

Leslie Gutierrez

It's delicious, just ask for extra tortilla

Stephanie van de Water

Wonderful hole in the wall. You have to try their soft tacos. Great salsa bar. They do use a lot of styrofoam.