Novel Ice Cream

1028 Grand Ave #6, Phoenix
(602) 373-2235

Recent Reviews

Michael N.

This review is going to seem trite considering the unbelievable number of five-star reviews they already get, but believe me when I say that Novel Ice Cream deserves every one of those stars for both their wonderful ice cream and their friendly, speedy service. I had picked up a friend who dropped her car off at a nearby mechanic, but rather than seek out dinner she wanted something sweet. A search of nearby offerings popped up Novel Ice Cream. The reviews compelled us and the photos convinced us that we needed to make it our dinner -- a perk of being a so-called "adult". Owner Brandon Douglas served us from their walk-up window (we are in the pandemic period where the sit-down inside area is closed) and offered us samples of anything and everything while telling us about the shop's history. When we finally made the excruciating choice of all the flavors not to get until next time, my friend got a triple-scoop bowl with Lemon Bar Cheesecake, pastel pink Taro Root, and their signature blue Cookie Monster. I ordered their signature Dough Melt and had them fill the glazed doughnut buns with Lemon Bar Cheesecake ice cream, a flavor of the moment. It was one of the most delicious and refreshing summertime snacks I've ever had, and the quality of the ice cream was surprisingly evident in both its denseness and in how slowly it melted in the 95ºF heat. I didn't rush eating, yet there was almost no melted ice cream in my wrapping by the end. My friend's triplet of scoops was the same. Heavy and rich, all the flavors were fantastic. We decided we must become regulars to patronize Brandon's wonderful little scoop of heaven whenever we are in central Phoenix. If your sweet tooth is yelping, you will not regret eating here!

Katrina D.

Oh my goodness! The service was incredible (especially for first timers) and the ice cream was damn good. If it looks like there's too many options to choose from, I definitely recommend The Indecision (5 options at once, y'all).

Roger S.

Just discovered this place on yelp and saw the five stars. It deserves it. I got the dough melt with sweet cream and oreo topping, my wife got the dough melt with chocolate and cocoa pebbles as a topping, her siblings got a cookie monster on a waffle cone, chocolate and Madagascar vanilla in a cup, and strawberry and lemon blueberry sorbet in a cup. We loved everything. So creamy and delicious. That dough melt is just fantastic. Super friendly staff that take pride in their craft. We will be back to try the Leslie Knope! Parks and Rec reference is always a win!

Luisa H.

Novel is still the best in our state! Open responsibly, keeping each other and our community safe and full of the most delicious ice cream, donuts, glass bottle sodas and more! The only thing that matches their stellar product is their team~

Itzel A.

The best crafted ice cream in arizona! They have the most delicious donuts as well! I come here everytime I'm waiting for my pizza being made right across the street. This place makes me eat dessert before my meal. I think this is the only respectful way to eat at this fine establishment.


We come back a few times a year. Love the rotation of flavors. Super friendly people. Do yourself a flavor and get the Hangry Honey Bee.

Tony E.

The most Gucci donut ice cream sandwich to eat during a quarantine run. The Oreo mint ice cream is so good wolf'ed it down and proceeded to run back home as fast as I can to take a massive deuce from my dairy intolerance. Worth it. No regrets.

Grace Hicks

Delicious hand made ice cream! The staff is extremely helpful and kind. Love the varieties of unique flavors they offer - not to mention the prices are extremely reasonable (less then $5 for a 2 scoop dish). They also had two kitties roaming the area ? WILL BE BACK NEXT TIME IN THE AREA WORTH THE DRIVE!!!

Kelly B.

I have to agree with all of the hype I've heard about this place - for a small shack, this place does serve up some of the best ice cream in town. My husband and I went on a Saturday afternoon during COVID. It was not busy, so there was no problem with social distancing. We ordered at the window outside and ate the ice cream on the way back to the car. My husband ordered a cup with honey lavender and bourbon toffee. I ordered a dough melt with cookie monster and the bourbon toffee ice creams. Yum! The donut was warm and did not disappoint! The only thing I will say about this place is that it is out of the way and not in the most convenient location. I don't know how comfortable I'd feel going there at night.

Rachel S.

this place is AMAZING!!! THEY ARE OPEN DURING COVID-19 OUTBREAK ! - (seating inside is closed and they are taking all precautions) go check them out! they have such unique flavors and they stuff donuts with their amazing homemade unique ice cream flavors! my family took me here tonight for my first time and i received the absolute best customer service i have ever received in my life. he described each flavor ice cream to me thoroughly and gave tasters. he also thanked us several times for our business and told us how grateful they are to have us there. i have never been anywhere that gave such amazing customer service and was so passionate about their job. this LOCALLY OWNED SMALL BUSINESS DESERVES YOUR BUSINESS .. AND IT IS BEYOND WORTH IT! check them out!!!! :) thank you for such an incredible experience tonight!

Emi H.

One of my favorite ice cream experiences of all time! After a night out with friends, my hubby, daughter and I decided to visit Novel Ice Cream. The shop is so tiny that you can only fit 4-5 folks in there at a time, so everyone else awkwardly waits outside. It was well worth the wait as their honey lavender ice cream was the most amazing I've ever had! My hubby decided to get their signature donut + ice cream combo, but it was too much for my tastebuds. My daughter got one of their signature flavors with an assortment of cereal toppings and didn't speak the entire way home because she was so happy with her dessert. The folks at Novel Ice Cream are so unbelievably nice and you'll feel like an old friend is serving up ice cream they made just for you!

Yareli Armenta

I recently went here for the first time and they had the best customer service. I am definitely coming back over and over again. This is now a new favorite place of mine that I plan to attend again in the future. It is such a lovely spot to bring friends and talk while you enjoy your ice cream on the little benches outside. This place is a hidden gem that I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves to eat delicious cold, creamy ice cream!

Jessica Donnellan

Tasty ice cream! It's a bit on the too-sweet side for me. I have a wicked sweet tooth, but I couldn't even finish the single scoop. The shop was CRAMPED but the outdoor seating was ample. I'll be back to give another flavor a try :)

Donny L.

awesome!!! great ice cream tons of flavors friendly owners

Jenny G.

This was super cute spot!! It's in little tiny shed looking houses and it has other cute places. Anyways upon entering the little area where the venue is, there was a small farmers market and music. From there you walk in to this tiny place and they walk you through the flavors and what to do and samples. They have several flavors and toppings. Vegan choices too!! I had the raspberry sorbet and it was pretty incredible. Got my ice cream right away and on the Side of the little house there was a seating area. Overall it was cute, outside of the walls it's a little weird. I got a little weird ambience. However the place is super adorable and I do recommend it.

Brooke H.

SO GOOD EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Love the down town feel. You can tell the ice cream is homemade and the doughnuts too. They warm the doughnut and place the ice cream in a doughnut blanket all nice and cozy the bite is perfectly soft warm and cold

Aaron Murphy

animal cracker was good. pineapple was tart. good thing about ice cream is you can keep trying.

Matthew Tauaese

Best ice cream in Phoenix! Maybe anywhere... I travel for ice cream and I would definitely make the 40 minute drive again for this ice cream. The owner, Brandon, is very very welcoming and knowledgeable of his ice cream. All ice creams are handcrafted. Flavors are unbelievable! Daytime had no line, at night you will find a line down the street (worth the wait). Found my new ice cream joint!

Jacob W.

Wow! This place was so good. My wife and I went there for some dessert at the end of a date night and we shared a dough melt. Such good flavor and loved that the ice cream stayed frozen even with the warm and toasty doughnut. The owner, Brandon, was so friendly and hospitable to us and everyone in the store even though it was quite busy. He took his time with each person to make sure we all got what we wanted. Thank you so much for a great experience!

Kylie W.

Y'all... what even is this magical place?!? My husband and I decided to do a unique date and have a 3 course meal, but all at different locations. I came across Novel Ice Cream by chance when I was sitting here for 20 mins trying to find the best place to go and have dessert...well.... I found it. We shared (again a 3-course meal) a "Dough Melt" we did the vanilla ice cream (Won 1st place for a reason) with cookie crisps (childhood anyone?!?). This mixture of the warm doughnut on the outside and the cold ice cream on the inside was the perfect combo of magic. Literally magic in my mouth. Do yourself a favor... park on the street if you have to and walk your way on to Novel.

Greg Rosenberg

How has this brilliant ice cream idea not picked up across the country?! Ice cream on a donut, it's a simple and delicious concept, but it's the first time I've tried it. I ordered the honey lavender ice cream with Oreo crumbles with their friendly staff. I only regret is that I didn't order two of them.

Tina Liu

The among of care and work the owner puts into this place is amazing. And the customer service is wonderful! He served a customer with celiac's in a way that she wouldn't get a reaction.

Kimberly Carleton

Found this place while walking back to our hotel and just wanting ice cream. It was such a small place but the most amazing ice cream I have ever tasted. The staff was also great too. Let me try all sorts of flavors. Highly recommend for everyone! I got honey lavender with fruity pebbles

Brett Carleton

Wonderful little gem. Just happened be walking by and almost continued on. We are so glad we got to stop in. I highly recommend this place!

Ben W

Absolutely amazing! The ice cream is wonderful - smooth and creamy. And then they shove it in a warm donut. Is there anything better? NO. The owner is extremely nice, loves giving out samples of all the ice cream he makes on site. And even better - they're open late! I can't recommend this place enough and definitely will be back!

Maggie H.

This has to be one of my most favorite ice cream places ever! Truth is, I had a donut filled with vanilla bean ice cream and fruity pebbles in Chicago ( my hometown.) I feel so much in love with it. I searched high and low. And came across this GEM! I have to first say that aside from it being DELICIOUS! The staff members are my favorite people on this planet! They have the cutest and bubbliest personality. It's a win for me when you serve amazing food and have great people to make your business amazing! The parking is a really small area like most places in the downtown area. I have always found a spot even when it's pretty busy ( and they certainly get busy!!!) they have an outside patio area where you can enjoy the deliciousness! The inside is SUPER tiny. But it's so so worth it! You must visit novel ice cream!

Trevor Miner

Wow, I can't say I've anything quite like this. The ice cream choices are so unique, but thoughtful. The donut provides a perfect chewy texture to compliment the ice cream. Top it off with a cereal "topping" of choice and you have pure magic. Seriously, just try it.

AshaLeigh Falkena

Excellent ice cream shop! Staff was incredibly kind and helpful. The vibe was super chill and very comfortable to take our kids. I would definitely recommend everyone tries it. We plan on taking family when they come in to visit from out of town.

Jennifer W.

Now as a vegan, I wanted to write a new review to reflect my thoughts on Novel Ice Cream. I visited with some friends on Friday night. The space is really small and there were two people behind the counter serving samples, scooping scoops, and checking us out. With about 6-7 people ahead of us, It took about 15 minutes before we got to the ordering counter. We taste tested the two vegan flavors that they offered in the current moment - lychee and some sort of berry sorbet. The berry sorbet was VERY sweet, but the lychee was perfect! I shared a double scoop with my partner and added a single vegan topping. While the berry was overly sweet, the lychee was able to tone it down a bit. I believe they also offer a vegan sprinkle cookie and certain cereals as toppings! Maybe they'll make vegan doughnuts or offer more vegan flavors one day?? Know that there was plenty of street parking when we arrived. There was a scatter of people before our arrival. When we got our ice cream, there was a long line of about 15 people down the ramp! Timing is everything I suppose. Love the vegan offerings and will be back/recommend because of this!

Sasha M.

We were on our way home from work and off of grand we noticed this place! We heard about the race immediately both dropped our jaws and flipped a u turn. So so so worth it! Great & fast service. The ladies in there were awesome and helpful. Cute little spot, the colors and little houses surround it made it a really hipster atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

Sasha E.

We were on our way home from work and off of grand we noticed this place! We heard about the race immediately both dropped our jaws and flipped a u turn. So so so worth it! Great & fast service. The ladies in there were awesome and helpful. Cute little spot, the colors and little houses surround it made it a really hipster atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

Zorie O.

We enjoyed the Cookie Monster ice cream. The staff was extremely nice, helpful. They gAve us plenty samples and lots of information to make sure we obtain our best choice.

Thommy C.

Okay.... let me start our by admitting I am not a huge ice cream fan. Yep... I am a bit off. LOL. It's not that I don't like it. It's just never been my first choice for a treat. However... Novel might be changing my mind. We have been there twice and both times, I have to be honest... THE ICE CREAM IS INCREDIBLE!!!! They specialize and pride themselves in providing small batch, artisan ice creams, with novelty flavors! And they absolutely deliver on taste and texture! I have never met a friendlier group of people and when you step into their cool little shop, you are greeted like you are a long time friend! Their ice cream is award winning and once you try it, you will understand why. They have some awesome and creative flavors to choose from and even make their own donut, that is used to create their famous The Dough Melt; which is ice cream, placed inside their home glazed donut! AMAZING and an absolute MUST HAVE!!!! My favorite thus far is the bourbon caramel toffee crunch ice creams. Can't get enough of it and from what I hear, it's a crowd favorite as well. Anyway, if you haven't been to Novel Ice Cream, you need to get over there stat. You won't regret your decision to stop by. I am already thinking about my next visit!!!!!!!

Kimberly G.

Loved the style of the shop and how friendly the staff was. Great little spot to chill and eat donuts with ice cream. We tried butter pecan and Vanilla Bean both amazing. If you're in Phoenix great cool spot to check out, outside of downtown.

Rachel den Dulk

Easily some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had and I love that they have unique flavors, it really sets them apart from other ice cream places. The staff is always super friendly and informative about the different flavors. I love that they never seem annoyed even if you ask for a million samples and seem genuinely happy to serve guests. 10/10 recommend

Nickolas Faz

Lots of different ice cream flavors and combinations. Didnt get toppings with any of my ice cream but it seems like there's plenty of variety. Also a good place to go after getting pizza from across the street. Creamy ice cream with a crunchy waffle cone. Would recommend trying this place out when you have a chance.

Vincent Willis

What an absolutely amazing ice cream experience!! You would be doing yourself an epic injustice by not going and having a ice cream filled donut at midnight!! Best ice cream I've ever had the pleasure of trying, and the people there are equally amazing! Thank you and keep doing what you do! ????

Melanie R.

I absolutely love coming to Novel whenever I am in the Tempe area. It's a must. I am in love with their lavender honey ice cream and before I left back home to Boston I bought a pint because it was that good. If you're like me and you like sweet stuff but also something that i refreshing then I would recommend this. One of the many things that I love about Novel is that they are always changing the flavors and being innovative. They currently have this Madagascar vanilla ice cream that is so delicious!! I love all of their staple flavors there and donuts. Everything there is handmade and artisan. Which is what I love, it's nothing artificial, it's all real flavoring and made with real ingredients. The staff there are incredibly nice and welcoming. It's always a joy to see them and they make it all worth the trip coming down there!

Malu M.

How did I miss this gem? Amazing 1st time visit...definitely will return, and real soon!

Tristan N

What can I add that the rest of the five star reviews didn’t? The ice cream here is phenomenal. The honey lavender is what keeps me coming back but there is always some other seasonal flavor that blows my mind. Every time I go I wonder why I waited so long in between (and I’m not a huge sweets person). This past summer we vacationed to Seattle and Portland and I was so excited to try the hyped up “salt and straw” shops for there lavender (obviously that’s my thing) an It was so incredible I thought its the best I’ve ever had. After Having been back to novel last night and having theirs again,I can safely say it’s actually my favorite of all time. As a small business owner myself I love supporting them and their location in the grand ave arts district! Hopefully my kids and i will become regulars from now on.