Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

2501 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix
(623) 434-4664

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ruby blum

Mom treated my boyfriend and I to dinner tonight at the Norterra location. It turned out to be a great experience! Our server, Cole, was an exceptional server....he was EXTREMELY professional, attentive, accurate, and friendly! Probably one of the best servers we've ever interacted with! Of course, the food was delicious as ALWAYS! We had every GOOD-FEEL evening... thanks to Cole for going ABOVE AND BEYOND!

Gina Bolger

Sarah L was a great server today. Food was great. We even took 2 $5 meals to go.mm dinner for tomorrow.

Jeff Brown

Food wasn't great but service was good

Michael Simmons

They are keeping Dine In enjoyable and safe for my wife and I. Even with the adjustments to their menu the food was fantastic!

Brenda Reyna

Very busy but we got a table fairly quick. Didn't get our refill until we left so ended up taking it to go. I know we all have to be more patient because times have changed

Heather Pectol

Our waiter was excellent. Food was fresh, fast and delicious. The restaurant is practicing social distancing, sanitizing everything (very clean) and wearing mask. Not wait time.

Tim the man

Restaurant was empty when my wife and I got seated. Server was inattentive and it felt like she didn't want to be at work. Food was mediocre, server never checked on us. Won't be back, there are to many other options during a pandemic willing to give good service.

CLK Kids

Very disappointed in our experience at Olive Garden for pick up. My family and I have been watching finances as we are furloughed still during this pandemic. For my husband's birthday, we decided to splurge a little on his favorite place. By splurge a little, I mean $70 worth of good for 6 people. We now regret it. Our food was absolutely inedible. My children always eat Olive Garden but they wouldn't touch it this time. Our breadsticks tasted as if they had set out on a counter for a week. They were so hard, they snapped in half. I also always pay extra for the boat of alfredo sauce to dip them but that was a waste of money too, as the breadsticks were inedible. They piled the foods together on top of one another and my son's fries were soggy and had to be thrown out. We went to give him my daughter's alfredo and found the entire container was packed UPSIDE DOWN and had spilled out all over the other containers. It was a complete mess to clean up. To top it off, my husband's BIRTHDAY MEAL was missing entirely! I don't know how in the world you miss an entire meal, but they did. To state the obvious, I was not happy. I called to speak with the manager to bring our food back in and get a replacement meal, but we were "accidentally " hung up on by the staff. When we called back, it was a busy signal for a long time. Is there not call waiting or did you unplug the phone? I don't know what else to do except to go back into the store, but I imagine they aren't exactly thrilled to accommodate my complaint. Last night was trash night, so our deserted meals are long gone now. I will retreat and never visit this place again. There are other restaraunts that care more about their customers than this place does. I guess $70 down the drain was my harsh lesson for trusting this company to do the right thing.

Angel salazar

When we came in we got some water and it taste really bad, food was decent, salad was good until we ate the olives.. the black olives were old and flavorless. Overall not coming back to this location

Greg Goodrich

Had fewer kids tonight so we dropped in with our older three. The food was great. But more importantly, our server (Richard) was outstanding. He took the time to connect with our kids, and treated us like family. Thanks, Richard.

Toni B.

Happy Valley Olive Garden is awesome. On my way back from my long day (12hrs) of adventure I ordered lunch/dinner for pick n go. Total was $31.47 before tipping (cash tip). Got home and instead of a chicken scampi meal they gave me shrimp #barf. I called and requested a refund for that item only because I don't eat shrimp. The manager (Abraham Orozco) said he's going to cancel the entire order and also send me $20 e-giftcard. Just saw the emailed card and smiled. What an exceptional customer service issue resolution experience. I only use this location since it's near me but never had issues in the 3+ years of patronage. I needed to leave a review because I've never asked for a refund on wrong orders just end up trashing stuff Technically this order was partially trashed lol but thankfully I had sides because I didn't cook.

Anthony H.

Great dinner tonight. Richard gave us all great service! He had a great connection with our kids and we appreciate this for sure! Good work today Richard. Request him when you go!

Bradley Donaldson

To management. My family,father and I dined in today. Its crazy with everything going on, I know personally cause I work in a restaurant as well. The struggle has been real. But Darnel at your Happy Valley location is beyond amazing. Constantly seeing if we need anything. Great and fun personality. Answered all are questions and more. I will definitely be coming back, which i live in Prescott which says a lot considering i have an olive garden up here but love yours more. I can't wait to see Darnel again and we always personally ask for him and might call in advance to make sure he's working.

Scott S.

This place smells like feet.No I really mean it,I know cheese smell and it's not it.Reminds me of locker room.The wine taste like a boxed wine

Angelo Campa

Thank You Olive Garden Staff. Today was my wife's birthday and every year we dine at this location. We would have rather eaten inside. But this was an awesome substitution. A special shout out to the kitchen staff. COVID-19 may have stolen our privileges, but the experience has remained top notch.

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