Panda Express

21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix
(480) 502-8399

Recent Reviews

Dolores Damian

Haven?t had Panda Express in months!

Dolores D.

Haven't had Panda Express in months! Every time I had it I always regretted it. Haven't been to this location. First time. There wasn't much people cause it was to early for dinner rush. But it was very clean inside. The cushion seats look really comfy but they aren't really soft but better then the metal chairs. I got half rice and half chow mein with orange chicken and black pepper chicken. It was delicious. My mom got chow mein with black pepper chicken and broccoli beef. We got a pork egg roll and cream cheese Rangoon's to share. It was good but very fried.

anjali nair

Very bad experience the orange chicken and noodles bowl contains plastic particles. Please be careful while buying anything from that .

Allison Zoller

Love Panda Express. Their chicken and rice is the best.

Dustin Winn

Always tasty here and they're good about tossing in extra items if they are out of anything.

Shannan Bridgewater

Food was freshly prepared the staff was helpful as well as friendly. MUCH better than the one at 64th St and Greenway

Tom Birk

I'm never disappointed with panda. Always the same and always excellent!

Ashley Waggoner

Taste definitely doesn't compare to other Pandas. Chicken is bad quality and tastes weird.

Jim Copus

Great service, food & prices.

Vinu Joseph

Delicious chinese food.. take some time during late eve.. food is great though..

zeel patel

Overall the food was very good and the service was outstanding. Omar was very generous and kind. He was one of the best servers I ever had.

Jennifer Johnson

Watch out for over charging here! These guys are either shady, untrained or just oblivious. I came in ordered a small side($4) and a medium entree($8). I saw from the little screen on the top of the register that she had charged a large entree ($8), I couldnâ??t see what else she charged me, but I went over my order and explained that she had charged me wrong, she fixed the large and made charged me for the medium instead. So I pay, and the total still seems high but I pay it so I can get out of the line and stop being embarrassed, the cashier handed me my receipt I look it over and she charged me for two medium entree (2X$8)and a kids meal($6). Ok, so. After going over my order for the 3rd time with the cashier, who also retrieved the food for me, picked out the small container and the medium container I explained yet again to the cashier I only have a small side( $4)and a medium entree($8). A line was forming, so she called over her manager who refunded a medium side($5)then recharged me for a small entree($6), mind you the entree is 3 dollars more than the side. What should have cost me $13, cost me $22, and once they did the entree and recharge I got 3 dollars back, that they wouldnâ??t even put back on my card, but gave back to me in cash. These guys are terrible here, I feel like I totally got cheated, whatâ??s worse is the cashier even got the order ready herself so she knew what I ordered yet charged me totally wrong prices.

Ashley H.

I am Fan #1 of Panda Express and could eat it everyday if that didn't mean extra time working out. I like the consistency of going here because it's always going to taste the same. Except this location. I have been a few times and each time the fried rice is burnt and dry. At some point its not a mistake and becomes poor cooking, etc. Unfortunately, its just not worth it to go back.

Adam P.

Teriyaki Ghost Chicken - this place's specialty. Translation - they ran out of it. One of the most popular items. Inexcusable on a Saturday dinner rush. The establishment was understaffed. The young lady scooping my food acted like she was completely uninvested in quality customer service, but an expert in rote behavior/serving script. The food tasted poor/over cooked. Everything about Panda is the "up-sell." Seriously, is the franchise hurting for dough? You get at least 3 up-sell requests. Way too much. The only thing that saved this from a one-star was the older lady at the cash register. She was genuinely kind. I think I'm going to skip "all" Panda's for a while.

Stu B

Pretty good visit! I hadn't been to Panda Express in several years. I was delighted to try some new entrees, and they put fresh orange chicken just as I was ordering.

Jason S

Always good food and friendly staff

Victoria P

By now everyone has heard of Panda. Located in Desert Ridge Shopping Center. You get a lot of food for your money. Order two entree and get a receipt for a free entree once you fill out a survey. The food is fresh and the bowls usually stayed mostly filled as you go down the line. Choose from white rice or chow mein or veggies. You may even get a 1/2 order or chow mein and 1/2 order of veggies with your meal. Some dishes can taste very similar. Ask for a sample and they will be happy to offer you a taste. Lots of parking.

Naritha D.

Ordered Beijing beef, veggies and fried rice meal. There're literally 4-5 tiny LITTLE beef slices. At other locations I've been to, they gave me a lot for what I paid for! And the rice was so dry!!!!!

Kim Rose

Best Place to go! Know you by name and order. Welcoming, Food is always fresh.

Devion May

I tend to crave Panda Express once in awhile. This store is always clean and the food is fresh. It definitely does the trick.

Moses Balan

Considering that Panda Express is my all time favorite place to eat, this location let me down.

Bobby Torres

Good place to come for lunch. There's usually a wait or longer lines and the honey walnut shrimp usually doesn't have honey ð??«.

HoyMay P.

Located in the busy Desert Ridge Shopping Center. It does a brisk business and the food is always fresh. Take out or stay in with your order. Healthy options available for all. Friendly and quick service. It is fast food. For what it is, the meals are good and if you order the 2 entrees, there is usually enough for another day. I ordered the 1/2 veggie and 1/2 chow mein order with Kung pao chicken and teriyaki chicken. Hubby got the 1/2 white rice and 1/2 veggies, teriyaki chicken and chicken with mushroom. Both were good and plentiful. The veggies are broccoli, kale and cabbage. The pieces of cabbage are huge. Plenty of parking in the center. If you want something fast and easy, try Panda. Great for all age groups.

Nicole Ferguson

I'm not sure you can consider this food. it was downright awful. The chicken was all dark and grisly. We ended up throwing all the food out

Carole M

I like Panda Express. I like their food. I do not, however, like going somewhere to eat, where I am made to feel like I am a burden. We went for lunch and the workers were chatting with 1 another, not bothering to stop their conversation when we came up. They looked up and we had to order while they were still conversing. Not too impressed.

Julie S.

When we went it was over run by obnoxious teens who made huge messes and the staff ignored it.

Jenna Nelson

I love panda express but this experience that i had was awful. They gave me one scoop of orange chicken but only four small pieces of chicken came out. I then politely asked for more to which the manager came over and said that itâ??s now the price of a plate. I then went to the cashier and gave him a gift card to which he swiped and said it didnâ??t work and then asked, rudely, if i had another method of paying. I was confused but handed him my debit card anyway to which he swiped and it went through fine. I told him that it was a gift card to which he responded with â??oh sorry thereâ??s nothing i can do about it now.â?

Andrei Antal

Fantastic service. There was a little honey walnut shrimp left but the staff decided to make a fresh batch especially for me. I felt like a king. Funny saying that since it's a restuarant. But that's the type of customer service that everyone should try to achieve.

Raymond Joya

The service was good people there ok

Stratton T.

So I've eaten here twice in the last month. First time made me not feel too great, but as we all know, fast food isn't known for making you feel like you're on top of the world. Life gets busy, time is limited, I made the mistake of eating here again. Boy was that a mistake! About an hour after eating an orange chicken and fried rice bowl, I started to feel extremely nauseous. This turned into severe stomach pains and all the stuff associated with that. After the symptoms would not go away for almost a week, I decided to go to the doctor. After several tests, having to see a gastroenterologist, and now two weeks of extreme stomach pain and all that, I got diagnosed with campylobacter, a bacterial infection received from eating undercooked or improperly handled poultry. I would literally avoid this place like your life depended on it. Best case scenario is a meal that makes you not feel well. If you're not so lucky, welcome to bacterial infections and extreme stomach issues.

G. C.

I'm usually a Chinese food snob and avoid Chinese takeout places and Panda Express. But I was truly pleasantly surprised tonight. The food was fresh, authentic tasting, and hot, especially the green beans and chicken stir fry. The only thing I didn't like was the noodles--too many vegetable bits (celery) and not enough noodle. This location is clean and well run and the service was good.


Great food, clean atmosphere, however the staff were in a hurry and not very friendly.

Tom T.

Employee serving food is very rude. Gave me old orange chicken that was sitting right when the new batch came out. When I asked for the new batch she gave me a hard time and proceeded to laugh and point at me with her co-worker while pouring the old chicken out. Completely unprofessional not to mention the "fresh" orange chicken didn't even taste like it was made right, lacking in sauce and way too moist almost soggy instead of crispy. Makes sense after reading the existing reviews for this location. I spoke to the manager after and shared my experience nothing was done nothing was taken care of. She actually doubted my complaint claiming I couldn't hear what they were saying so possibly it was misinterpreted; neverless the customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT and all the manager cared about is whether I received "fresh food" rather than the clear age discrimination and poor customer service at hand. (I am a very young looking 18 year old she didn't take me seriously or handle the situation).

Mark P.

The food at this location is usually not as good when compared to other Panda locations. But today I tried again and picked up some teriyaki chicken takeout. The Server, who was friendly, asked if I wanted the sauce on the side. I said "yes, please". As I should have expected, when I got home, no sauce with really dry chicken. I did not eat, wasted my time, and not planning to go back to this location.


Its a good fast food Chinese place , i think the steamed vegetables need about 3 more minutes cooking they are served mostly raw.


We have eaten at many Panda restaurants in our days, but this one excelled in service beyond anything we've ever seen. It was near closing time, but if we wanted something that was already put away, the manager had the cook make us up a plate. He offered us samples as usual, but after we sat down, he wanted to know if we wanted more shrimp or whatever. He refilled our soft drinks without asking. The amazing thing was that no matter who walked through the door at this late hour, they got the same service as if it was lunch time. We hope the manager doesn't leave this location.

ok ·___·

The food here is amazing except my favorite dish (honey chicken) isn't there. Its only there during like a holiday because I asked if they had it and they said it was a holiday dish.

Bill A

Panda's menu options are great and the price is perfect. Everything is very fresh. If an item is getting low in the containers they will allow you to wait until a nice freshly made batch is ready. Usually in 5 or 10 minute.

Doug D.

I like Panda Express, but this location is consistently below par compared to other locations. I've had poorly cooked food, dirty tables, slow service. Last night the food was OK, but had to wait for veggies (even though it was not busy). When leaving, all the trash containers were overflowing... it just does not seem well run.

Francisco Sainz

The service here is horrible the door is not koockt i ask if they coock it better they say no