Panda Express

21001 N Tatum Blvd, Phoenix
(480) 502-8399

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Sue K.

I understand you might not offer all of the normal selections at this time but seriously what you offered today was horrible. I originally went in to get two 2 item plates. Ended up with fried rice and orange chicken only thinking that was a safe option. We just threw both in the garbage. If you can't offer fresh food right now, keep the doors closed until you can. Your location used to be so good and we drove 30 minutes out of our way to waste money and throw our dinner in the trash.

Ken Wilson

I ordered take out Chow Mien with Broccoli Beef and orange Chicken. When I got to the end.of the Chow Mien I found a 3/4 inch piece of a stainless steel scrub pad. It was curly with sharp ends. I have no idea what this wire could have to my insides. Have not been back since.

Jeff C.

I am overall a fan of Panda Express. Mostly use the take out and have never been disappointed with the food or the staff. In light of the current health issues happening worldwide, I have to say what disturbed me yesterday when doing a take out order. I noticed that the person preparing the food was working in a large plastic box that appeared to be containing a green vegetable, maybe broccoli, I am not sure. Point is he was taking food from this container and adding to other pots and did not have any plastic gloves on which I thought was mandatory for food handlers? In the process he wiped his face with the back of his hand and proceeded to cook. Is this proper? I did mention this to the cashier and she said she would advise the handler and her manager. Hope they make a correction I think someone replied but I can't see it

Lady C.

The worker Margie, I think is her name, was the most depressing server I have ever encountered. She had a frown on her face the ENTIRE time. We approached the counter and she didn't even acknowledge us. Was smoothing out the food with the spoon. We stood there and I was like HELLO? She finally walked up to us and just stood there.. no greeting, no smile, NOTHING. We put in our order and she put the smallest scoops of food in the containers and literally had a depressing frown on her face. I even told her to "SMILE!" And she fake smiled and continued with her frown. Saw her throughout our lunch acting like this the whole time as she was helping customers, cleaning up, etc. absolutely MISERABLE! Next time, please hire someone with better customer service skills. And if she's new, train her on common decency with working around people. At least someone who knows how to smile instead having a sour look on their face. Horrible experience!


We walked through the food court at the Desert Ridge Mall and decided to go into Panda Express. Good service and good selection.

Bradley Schiff

Food is good but what's the point of ordering online when you show up 20 minutes after ordering it, you show up and they plate it when you tell them what you ordered, while they're helping other people. Defeats the entire purpose. I wouldn't order online here again.

Fei Li

Careless service and rude attitude. Will never go there.

Victoria P

Great for a quick, inexpensive meal. The prices are right. You can get a bowl or a full meal which for me last several days. The helpings are heaping. You can choose from white rice, veggies, chow mein, lots of chicken dishes either spicy or regular, shrimp and beef dishes, egg rolls, and won ton. The turnover on food is quick so you will usually get something fresh out of the wok. Ask for a sample and the staff is happy to accommodate your request. Lots of soft drinks to choose from. Eat there in the booth, a table or outside seating.

Dolores Damian

Haven’t had Panda Express in months!

Dolores D.

Haven't had Panda Express in months! Every time I had it I always regretted it. Haven't been to this location. First time. There wasn't much people cause it was to early for dinner rush. But it was very clean inside. The cushion seats look really comfy but they aren't really soft but better then the metal chairs. I got half rice and half chow mein with orange chicken and black pepper chicken. It was delicious. My mom got chow mein with black pepper chicken and broccoli beef. We got a pork egg roll and cream cheese Rangoon's to share. It was good but very fried.

anjali nair

Very bad experience the orange chicken and noodles bowl contains plastic particles. Please be careful while buying anything from that .

Allison Zoller

Love Panda Express. Their chicken and rice is the best.

Dustin Winn

Always tasty here and they're good about tossing in extra items if they are out of anything.

Shannan Bridgewater

Food was freshly prepared the staff was helpful as well as friendly. MUCH better than the one at 64th St and Greenway

Tom Birk

I'm never disappointed with panda. Always the same and always excellent!

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