Panda Express

2388 E Union Hills Dr, Phoenix
(602) 569-3733

Recent Reviews

Matt Puckett

This panda express was fantastic. The food hot, fresh and delicious.

Dulce Bernal

I was just there literally a couple of minutes ago and I don’t like to be a Karen believe me but when you find hair in your food that’s when it’s bad.

Ryan Terry

Really horrible service. Drive Thru is exceptionally awful. Had to wait 10 minutes in the parking lot after ordering and they got my order wrong.

Eric Angulo

Good food. Good service. What more can you ask for?

MB Montgomery

Always good food, but going through the drive thru they ask if you want to try something and never have I ever gotten it when I said yes. ?


Always good food, but going through the drive thru they ask if you want to try something and never have I ever gotten it when I said yes. ?

M. K.

Got a 2 entree meal and 2 sides. Told my bf to substitute one entree for an order of rangoons. The lady argued with him and made him purchase a separate side????

Shelby Corliss

Fast and kind service, plus the food is always fresh. The drive through is great to have as well.

Kristy Funkley

We went there a few days ago and we were amazed how much chicken they gave us in our teriyaki bowls. We asked for extra sauce and that made the meal even that much better. The food was hot and fresh. The gals at drive they were quick and efficient. The one gal dropped my card when handing it to me. She apologized and came right out and picked it up and gave it to me. We will definitely be going back to this location.

Meghan R.

I never really ate panda cause I thought it was "fake" Chinese food but the first time I had it it was surprisingly really good!! I had angus beef and string bean chicken. I went again and they gave me the end of the plate (and I can see the cooks are almost done with a new plate) and I got TWO tiny pieces of steak and basically only vegetables and probably half the portion they gave me the last time..... the food is good but the people who are serving have to think about their paying customers..... you could have easily waited and given me the fresh food that was seconds away from being ready.

MaryKay Gaines

Really good food, very nice people. I really enjoyed the chicken egg rolls.


Chow Mein tastes different then the other Panda Expresses around. Orange chicken was a little old and soggy. Maybe it was just time of day but it just wasn’t the best

corinne beasley

Was pretty fresh and satisfied my craving, my toddler loves the look main. Just wish the orange chicken had a little less breading and more meat.

Doolin Onion

Ordered single entree beef and broccoli, it had 10 pieces of broccoli and 1 small piece of beef, for $5. And the lady dropped all my change handing it thru the window with her rude attitude. Awful experience. Avoid.

Luis Gonzalez

Rice was unsatisfactory, chicken tasted frozen. Usually enjoy other panda locations but I would not come here again or recommend it to a friend.

Kimly T.

Just tried their new entree item sesame chicken, so good! Service is quick and easy peesy. This location has a drive thru, which is just perfect for a quick and delicious meal.

Lisa V.

This is a conveniently located Panda Express. I've only ever used the drive thru. I've never had an issue here. I like that they are quick with no chitchat and my order has always been correct. I like the combo meals so I can have a taste of a few different dishes that add up to a good portion of food that can easily give leftovers.


I had a really great experience the food is always great there and stuff are always polite

Perla Christopher

Food was hot and delicious, they're always rushing you through the line but the food was good.

Amanda Hood

It was yummy but the kids meal was half full. My son was so mad and the spring rolls where more dough than filling. It was quick.

Kathy Toll

Clean. Foods good. Good for a quick bite

Tammy Ray

Fast efficient service and they had everything full and ready to serve.

i hate snakeu

Really quiet, nobody talks loud, and they make your food right in front of you!!!

Aleena B.

The food is always so warm here and every time that I have gone through the drive thru the service is so fast that by the time I'm at the window to pay the food is ready. I love this location and am so impressed

Joe R.

Very rude customer servics. I ordered through the drive thru a plate the food came in a bowl and a side small bowl. I took it back because the portions seemd not to be right. I was told its the same amount none the less When I asked that they remake it in the correct container I was meet with rude attitude and rude customer service. Not to mention they didn't give my recite back or a straw for my drink. Worst experience at panda express ever Panda is my favorite but this time I was truly let down

Rosanne Wood

No chicken or peanuts in the Kung Pow Chicken and far too many vegetables in the chow main. Portions are skimpy. Staff is very rude especially at drive thru. East Bell Road does it right.

Rosanne W.

found a roach in the kung poa chicken and hair in my daughter's dish. the manager could care less. disgusting place to eat. dont be fooled by how shiny and new it looks.

Kim Kawulok

My food from Panda was very good however I feel for the price the quantities could be a bit larger


I love the mobile ordering from the app, but beware if you arrive early. The order doesn't print out to be made until a couple of minutes before your selected arrival time. Food was very good (orange chicken/fried rice). Staff was apologizing for the delay. All good.

Whatever Whenever

Food is excellent as always and is commensurate with what you expect for.American Chinese fare. The location is clean and the staff generally provide decent customer service. However, at this location the drive thru is slower than molasses. I just went there again and spent over 20 minutes in line to get my order and there was only 4 cars in front of me. This is the norm for this location and it os extremely faster to go inside for service.

Tammy Payne

I really appreciate the drive thru so I don't have to take the baby out of the truck. Inside is clean and staff was friendly.

Mikey Daniels

This place is in the parking lot of an old gas station. Ironic considering you probably get friendlier service with better portions at an actual gas station. Panda in the airports are better than this hole. They can't do anything besides get my orders wrong. If they get it right I always get either burnt food or cant hear me.

Ryan Freeman

This place is hit or miss. The reason for 2 stars is that they closed 15-20 minutes early on a Saturday night , ignored me at the door. 5 minutes , ok I get it no problem. But almost 20 mins early ? Not great. I get it you don't want to cook a new batch of something... That fine with me, I'd take whatever you had available...!

Mya G.

The worst customer service. Went to eat at 8:45 and ordered crab puffs which should come with sweet and sour sauce. At the register the girl told me that we they ran out and they are not making more for the night when they close in 2 hours. This has happened twice now the first time being they only offered me orange chicken at 9:30 an hour before they close. I work in the restaurant industry and you make what the customer wants. That's just how it works. I will be taking my business somewhere else from now on.

dennis klug

Can you combine fast food with Chinese food? You can with Panda Express! There are several portion sizes you can order from, kind of like small to super size. I ordered the small and it filled me up. My wife chose to take the kids meal. Fast Chinese food.

Bruce B.

Panda always has good food and great service, but if you're going to require the employees to say welcome as can customers walk in the door it needs to sound sincere.

Liz M.

Decided to eat inside it was clean except for a used toothpick on counter not very sanitary but other then that it was good so I gave you3 Stars this time . Added picture.

Arkadiy Yusupov

Absolutely horrible customer service! I ordered food in the drive thru, was told they didn’t carry the item I wanted anymore than she retracted that and said they have it that it will be out in three minutes. I replied okay no problem I can wait. I waited in the parking for over 20 minutes then decided to call the store and ask what’s taking so long. Terrible service.

Nathalia Hallam

Staff was friendly, place clean and neat... It's been awhile we don't eat here, the girls love it but the only thing I can say I didn't feel satisfy about was the fact of the chow mein was more veggies then noodles. I don't really feel I'm having Chow Mein noodles

LifeMysteries Sandy

This place is fast clean & doesn't hold back meat, when preparing your entree! Some locations are stingy & will give you more vegetable than meat & that drives me crazy; Not here, tho!