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Rosanne Wood

No chicken or peanuts in the Kung Pow Chicken and far too many vegetables in the chow main. Portions are skimpy. Staff is very rude especially at drive thru. East Bell Road does it right.

Kim Kawulok

My food from Panda was very good however I feel for the price the quantities could be a bit larger


I love the mobile ordering from the app, but beware if you arrive early. The order doesn't print out to be made until a couple of minutes before your selected arrival time. Food was very good (orange chicken/fried rice). Staff was apologizing for the delay. All good.

Whatever Whenever

Food is excellent as always and is commensurate with what you expect for.American Chinese fare. The location is clean and the staff generally provide decent customer service. However, at this location the drive thru is slower than molasses. I just went there again and spent over 20 minutes in line to get my order and there was only 4 cars in front of me. This is the norm for this location and it os extremely faster to go inside for service.

Tammy Payne

I really appreciate the drive thru so I don't have to take the baby out of the truck. Inside is clean and staff was friendly.

Mikey Daniels

This place is in the parking lot of an old gas station. Ironic considering you probably get friendlier service with better portions at an actual gas station. Panda in the airports are better than this hole. They can't do anything besides get my orders wrong. If they get it right I always get either burnt food or cant hear me.

Ryan Freeman

This place is hit or miss. The reason for 2 stars is that they closed 15-20 minutes early on a Saturday night , ignored me at the door. 5 minutes , ok I get it no problem. But almost 20 mins early ? Not great. I get it you don't want to cook a new batch of something... That fine with me, I'd take whatever you had available...!

Mya G.

The worst customer service. Went to eat at 8:45 and ordered crab puffs which should come with sweet and sour sauce. At the register the girl told me that we they ran out and they are not making more for the night when they close in 2 hours. This has happened twice now the first time being they only offered me orange chicken at 9:30 an hour before they close. I work in the restaurant industry and you make what the customer wants. That's just how it works. I will be taking my business somewhere else from now on.

dennis klug

Can you combine fast food with Chinese food? You can with Panda Express! There are several portion sizes you can order from, kind of like small to super size. I ordered the small and it filled me up. My wife chose to take the kids meal. Fast Chinese food.

Bruce B.

Panda always has good food and great service, but if you're going to require the employees to say welcome as can customers walk in the door it needs to sound sincere.

Liz M.

Decided to eat inside it was clean except for a used toothpick on counter not very sanitary but other then that it was good so I gave you3 Stars this time . Added picture.

Arkadiy Yusupov

Absolutely horrible customer service! I ordered food in the drive thru, was told they didn’t carry the item I wanted anymore than she retracted that and said they have it that it will be out in three minutes. I replied okay no problem I can wait. I waited in the parking for over 20 minutes then decided to call the store and ask what’s taking so long. Terrible service.

Nathalia Hallam

Staff was friendly, place clean and neat... It's been awhile we don't eat here, the girls love it but the only thing I can say I didn't feel satisfy about was the fact of the chow mein was more veggies then noodles. I don't really feel I'm having Chow Mein noodles

LifeMysteries Sandy

This place is fast clean & doesn't hold back meat, when preparing your entree! Some locations are stingy & will give you more vegetable than meat & that drives me crazy; Not here, tho!

May Bennett

6pm and we were thru the drive thru faster than any other panda I've been to. Food was pretty good. Service was ok. I will be back. The extra distance from home is worth it.

Michele C.

Lord! Why do I do this to myself time after time. I waited 10 minutes for chow mein. I had to wait out front, and when I asked for more teriyaki, the girl said it was not her job. RUDE!!! In the end my son followed her in for soy sauce and teriyaki... but she never packed up the teriyaki. What is it with this place and teriyaki chicken issues. They've forgotten sauce and forgotten chicken. Seriously, these guys need to be monitored... they need corporate help.

bobby lomeli

One of the best restaurants I've been too . great food. The service was outstanding. Place was very clean wonderful experience. Great job panda employees

Jim Ransom

Good food for a quick bite. It's hit or miss the n cleanliness. You can tell when the inspection is near, they clean everything. But they let it go in between inspections.

Marc Weissman

Very busy at dinner time. Staff can try smiling at least pretend to be happy to have customers. Food was tasty

Bri L.

Panda used to be my favorite place to go. Now it's just terrible. Nothing is fresh like it used to be. Every time I have gone the rice has been cold and dry and hard to chew. And the workers at the drive through are so incredibly rude. They will hand you your food and then shut there window as fast as they can without saying anything. Save your money don't go here.

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Panda Express

Panda Express

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