Sushi Sonora

1400 N 32nd St, Phoenix
(602) 267-1697

Recent Reviews

Efrain R.

Great food, insanely slow service. It took 50 minutes to receive my food. There are two other tables sitting here at waiting for their order also. Seems like that's the reoccurring issue when I come here.

Lea F

This is a GEM in a hidden little nook. The owner Carlos is a sweetheart. Ready to please and has excellent food to back him up! Thank you for an amazing lunch & awesome conversation.

Dulce Garcia

3rd time trying this place. I know it's not regular sushi, it's supposed to be Sonora style which I like but it's really not even sushi. Just picked up my last order because I'm not buying from here again. I've ate here with years in between and it's still flavorless sushi, rice (not even sticky rice, just regular by the lb rice) and dry surimi. If your sushi had asada on its its grey and flavorless too. I honestly dont know where these reviews came from because this is not 3+ star sushi.

Lily Barrera

Really great food and friendly service. we came in from Houston and these are by far the best sushi Mexican rolls we’ve had . We ordered el Rey and it had great flavor.

Mulcer Man

Love the people here they always treat us right and assist us as we walk through the door.

rosa vazquez

Good food,nice people, good prices?

Amber Lopo

This place is unique. The atmosphere is laid back, the servers are nice, and the food isn't half bad. I think it is worth a shot to try.

Juan Castillo

Really good Mexican style sushi, affordable with many options as well as a hot dog stand right outside! I enjoyed the food and great service by the staff check it out it’s hidden and a little dark but it’s sooo worth it!

Isamar M.

The food is great! My favorite sushi place, but not favorite location. They messed up my order once and it was an allergy, that’s why I chose 4 stars. Otherwise, it’s great.

Kat I.

Their customer service is bad I mean horrible not my first time coming I went back because I was craving it and I was in the area so I went and the lady was being a total bitch !

Michelle Jaffee

Good variety of novel and traditional sushi rolls, as well as American food. Friendly service. Will definitely visit again!

Rodolfo Mangual

Friendly staff. Food portions were good for the money. Nice mix of Sushi with Mexican flavors; I know it sounds weird but it actually taste really great.

Celene Mejia

It was good. I've had better but this one was ok.

Mara Paola

Muy mal servicio lo meseros síºper lentisimos y los bartender también, tardan muchí­simo para servir cualquier cosa, no hay nada de organizacií³n tardan mucho pero mucho para todo son dos meseros y bien lentos. Hace un calor insoportable. El manager te saluda muy atento pone buen ambiente pero el servicio pésimo, jamás harí­a un party en esas condiciones. Pides la cuenta y están los meseros tan enredados que tardan una hora en saber que fue lo que tomaste no manches... de terror.

Robert Coffey

Sushi for people who don’t like sushi. “American Sushi”. I have never been full off sushi in my life until today. It was good and saucy and probably very unhealthy. But you aren’t surprised by this.

Edgar G.

Yes yes yes, love their sushi / just tried their boneless wings too! Love them, great service!

Mark Connally

Great food, fantastic flavor and phenomenal service. All the dishes we tried were delicious. Make sure you try this out, if you are in the area.

Nicholas Medina

This place has good food. Friendly staff. Here is one picture of one of the rolls. Go on a tuesday they have 3 rolls for the price of 2.

Barbara Fancey

Great service Fast service And great food Mexican Sonora style sushi ...they prepare it the way you like it .

Laura Thornal

The rice was a bit dry, my husband and I love sushi and this was a bit disappointing. And they don't serve saki! We went on date night hoping to grab a drink. Getting a liquor license and brushing up on some cooking skills will take this place up to a 5 💃

Wrrn H

Interesting food on our first visit the owner Carlos was there to greet us and the food was different an tasty. The edamame was smothered in chili a must for chili an edamame lovers. Only problems were limited parking an the dining room could use a renovation or an update. Other than that the food is a fusion of Mexican and sushi.

Ro Crawford

Very friendly, family like atmosphere. Was expecting the food to have more Mexican American/Japanese flavor shock... Like a "taco roll", or "quesoempura". Some awesomely brillant, stoner moment, that someone thought of one night while munchied out. I did enjoy the Dinamita, and the El Rey though.

Greta V.

Service was okay they need to be more fast , food was great a lot of sushi for an affordable price , place was clean . It's a bit warm but 4/5

Chartech 01

Food is amazing. I wanted more and more. Little hidden place that's totally worth it.

Alicia Ojeda

Que es esto,?pedí­ un tres quesos y esto fue lo que me dieron,muy mal servicio ,siempre vengo a este lugar,y me salen ahora con esto

Natanael Samaniego

I love this place great sea food

Hung T.

Went to this place on a limb. I was hungry, curious, it was nearby, and I was craving sushi. They're a little slow on making the rolls. It took us about 20-30 minutes before receiving our order with only 1 table in front of us. As for the rolls themselves, they taste just okay. My sushi cravings were far from being satisfied.

hooded ._.

Food good fill with sushi rolls and chilli good yum bless you

For Foodies By Foodies

This place definitely met and exceeded our expectations. Everything that we got this time around (our second time I might add) was absolutely delicious! Their service was quick and although they didn’t speak very good English, their food more than made up for it! Que bueno!

Doc P.

If you know and love good sushi, stay away! I gave it 2 stars only because I didn't get sick; I half expected to. Otherwise, it would have been one star. Soggy rolls served with styrofoam plates and miniature servings of wasabi and and a few flakes of gari in to-go cups. The menu sounds like it has interesting twists on sushi standards, but they are poorly executed and flavorless. The seaweed wrap was uniformly soggy and chewy. This should never happen ever. The rolls came on dried carrot strands and garnished with a scoop of the most bland ersatz crab concoction I have ever had. Not fresh. Not good. The staff is friendly and provides good service. The place is not particularly clean. It is more like a lower tier pizza joint. Sushi has to be clean and fresh. I want the restaurant to be super clean. This is far from it. I thought that this would be an interesting cross-cultural experience. It was not. It was like sushi in a small town in the boonies of Arizona. Sushi with Mexican soccer on the TV. I would not recommend eating sushi in a restaurant in the boonies of Arizona. I cannot recommend Sushi Sonora.

Diana valladares

The sushys are beautiful and delicious. Orders do take awhile.

Devon Ryals

This place definitely met and exceeded our expectations. Everything that we got this time around (our second time I might add) was absolutely delicious! Their service was quick and although they didn’t speak very good English, their food more than made up for it! Que bueno!

Owen P.

NASTY! Everything they had on the menu was completely disgusting and later that day i got food poisoning.

Shannon M.

Went to this place based off of Yelp reviews. Downside - they don't serve liquor. Otherwise, the service was fast, friendly, and on-point. The sushiles was absolutely amazing! A chili pepper stuffed with a crab mix, shrimp, cream cheese and fried - Mexican style sushi that's a very creative combination that tastes delicious! If you're looking to try something out of the ordinary, don't pass this place up.

Zue B.

Really good Mexican-Japanese fusion! Rolls were tasty and the sauces on the table were great!

Yvette V.

We ordered 4 rolls & they were mostly rice, cheap fish, & no flavor! So disappointing!!! We were expecting amazing sushi and left feeling like we threw away $70!!!

Irish Lea Terry

Great service, nice waittress, food looked delicious. Can't wait to try.

Jahayra Ramos

Sushi isreally good and good customer service

Josh E.

I've gotten this place twice now and each time it's been really good. The meat rolls tend to get a little dry, but are good when you dip in the sauces. Be warned when you order that the rolls/portions are huge. I forgot after the first time and just ordered dinner for my wife and I. It was enough food for like 5 people! The Sushiles are awesome and the Yakimeshi rice dish is really good as well if you're looking for non roll items.

Jorge I. Luna

Really good food definitely coming back. Prices are good for really good food.