The Dirty Drummer

2303 N 44th St, Phoenix
(602) 840-2726

Recent Reviews

Maggie D.

My mom and I had made every Saturday for the last 15 years our time to catch up with each other and have a drummer burger. The original owner was great, always behind the bar waving as we came in and the waitresses were beyond amazing. The whole staff had been there a number of years, the cook Jesse would come over and talk to us. They knew our faces, our names, and most importantly our order. It was a place where if my mom and I didn't show up one weekend it was noticed. It saddens me the new owners completely let the old staff go and remodeled the place. The food doesn't taste the same. The new waiters are nothing like the old servers. This place will never be like it used to be.

Kelly Baldridge

Delicious food. Four of us had 4 different meals and all were great.... hamburger, reuben, french dip, and grilled chicken salad. The service was also prompt and friendly.

Aiemen Al-konaisy

It's a dive but their wings are the best. Make sure you get them grilled

Steve Reno

In a very short period of time we were referred to as "Family", How absolutely incredibly cool is that?!?!

James l Williams

I was a frequent visitor back when the drummer was at the old maryvale Mall, in West Phoenix. I lived within walking distance back then.

Marena Potts

Fantastic service! The band playing this past Sunday was incredible! Loved the chili- cheese fries and the cheese crisp with her chilies! I'll be back.

Jenn McCarthy

Toby Keith said it best, "I Love This Bar!"

Angel F.

Best bartenders ever. Mattie and Tristan are incredible. Haven't tried the food yet but the vibe is on point and definitely a fun place to hang

Haya Z.

This place syphoned money out of my bank account. Instead of charging my card what the bill said, they charged me x4 and I had to report it to my bank. Burger tasted horrible, flat beer, terrible, slow service. Not worth the visit.

Mary Hansen

great atmosphere great staff and food

Tyler M.

I came into the dirty drummer And it exceeded all expectations! I wanted a cocktail and Andrew suggested the hairy Negroni which had a touch of tobasco! Mattie said I should try the wings and I was obviously impressed Maddie and Andrew are immaculate together and I will be coming back!!

Ivan Engel

This place is a little Treasure. It’s located close to where I work.. I stumbled in a few months ago and it’s quickly become my ‘go to’ place!

Dee K.

Cool local pub that has good food and good drinks! Thanks Cody for being g so cool when I popped in on a quick trip to Scottsdale! I'll for sure be back next time!

Jason J.

Since the re-open the place has gone down hill. As I sit here on the patio a member of the wait staff is discussing work drama with all your favorite four letter expletives. I was ezcited for the re-open. Pretty big let down.

Marie Mac

Delicious wings every time. Can't find any better. The remodel looks great, too, yet it's kept the friendly, neighborhood vibe. I will always love this place.

Jen Beaty

I'm editing my review from the Dirty Drummer, there's live music during the day (Saturday). It's packed with happy people, nice and busy. Cody, Nick, and Chris (I hope I got the names right) behind the bar are doing a great job. They're attentive, cool, and work really well together. The fish and chips was wonderful, tons of beer options. The music is really good, everyone is having a blast.

Jim Corlis

Great venue for music. Service was excellent and friendly. Food was solid and a really nice value. Easy going vibe, plenty of parking. An excellent country music bar.

Monicque Faber

Step back to 1973 when entering. Perfect throwback bar, great music, tasty burgers and friendly staff.

Nebras A.

We were very excited to go back and try the wings and burgers after the renovations we had such a horrible experience today we were sitting for 15 minutes before I had to get up and ask for a server the server was really really bad the food was cold we did not get any attention not even question about refilling our drinks I have never experienced something like that at the dirty drummers we just Hope that we would never see that server again


Serve is hit or miss depending on the bartender. The food is great when you get to order. Hamburgers and wings are delicious. The cooks know what they are doing. However, you have to hope the bartender is wanting to work.

Darryl Dawson

Saw some punk rock bands there. Spacious but unpretentious. The food is quite good. Good sound for the bands.

Jake Beard

Bartenders are knowledgeable and quite polite. The kitchen quite literally on the opposite wall of the bar! (just feet from the bar in plain sight) seeing the chefs every move is important! To see if he or she is clear or not, professional or not, skilled or not. And best yet keeping the chef honest! Good staff good pricing also

Travis Stephens

The interior is nice, the food is great, and staff are friendly. The music needed a little help the night I was there though. Not a tears in my beer country fan.

Melina G.

I stopped here after a long afternoon of Christmas shopping, right away I was greeted and served the first bartender was awesome and attentive and then he went to break and the female bartender was just as wonderful. (I apologize for not getting their names, I usually do) but then I met Chris and RUDY and a regular name Steven they were absolutely a delight and respectful to hangout with. I'm definitely going back soon and the grilled wing were absolutely perfect... I'd highly recommend it and hope to meet you guys there as I will make sure to become a regular here.

R B.

Had the drummer burger on special on Tuesday! Came with a handful of crinkle fries and all the burger toppings required. I ordered it with Swiss cheese and bacon. Scrumptious! It was a bit small, but adequate for a lunch special. The important thing is that it was made to order fresh, done medium nicely, and the cheese was melted on. You can specify how you want your burger done! Mustard and ketchup are at the table, and fries go well with salt. I might suggest a better, lighter fry oil. Also (again), leisurely mellow pace for the staff. Friendly service counts a lot though! Why not 5 stars? I wish the burger was bigger. It looks a bit small when it arrives open face, but it tasted great! Maybe medium rare next time. PRO-TIP::: Break up the 2 bacon slices into 4 bits for your burger. INSIDE SKINNY::: Check out those Happy Hour prices!

Fly By

Hey New Owner.Great job. I haven't been her in 30 y6and the wings are better than I remember

Jake B.

If you love a good sports dive bar this is the place! Their wings are unstoppable! Ask for the extra hot sauce on the side (it's not on the menu). The staff remember you if you come back even after one visit! Super cheap and highly recommended.

Penni Janzen

Haven’t been here in a long time as it was closed for a long time and been back open for past two months. I used to go here frequently for their wings and burgers and excellent service. That being said I went yesterday and the worst service ever! Got the fish fry which fish was excellent however the waiter was the worst. Waited 15 minutes just to get a soda and then had to wave down waiter to place order. There were 4 tables taken in there. That’s it and had to flag him down to let him know our order was up. Got the food and was told they were out of tartar sauce and brought one little teeny plastic container and we were told we had to share. No refills on sodas nothing!!! I will never step foot in there again.

Ryan C.

They have really cleaned this place up! The grilled wings are perfect! The drinks are stiff and the mood is great! The best DD in the valley! Don't hesitate to try it out. I'm here once or twice a week for lunch.

John Cartwright

Great place! Always make great friends and was able to meet some awesome people serving our country. Great tasting appetizer and even better beer. Awesome selection of local craft beer. Always a good time at this place!


Great wings fun place

Chris Solano

Awesome factor for a pub:

Fran M.

Really nice people, friendly and all smiles. Did not have a burger, had the salad (late lunch) Was Great. Wings look great as well.

Jean Thein

Great dare I say better than before? Knowledgeable and friendly staff, food was above what was expected and really had an all out great time. Definitely returning soon. Happy you guys are back... Hooray!

Ryan Kelley

Good food. Service was slow, but the cook was on point to help out. He made an awesome burger. Cool environment. Felt way cleaner/nicer since it’s renovation and reopening. Would come back to see a show or football. 4 stars due to Little pricer for burger than expected. $9 for regular cheese burger and then $1 for each add on.

Ryan Charette

great sound/acoustics. friendly and attentive staff. great looking spot too. 5 outa 5 stars

Karina R.

The wings here.. are.. AMAZING!!! We stopped by for a business lunch and a co worker suggested I get the wings. And OMG was I sooo happy I did!! These wings are seriously amazing! If you're a wing lover such as myself you NEED to come here! They grill them and bake them and the flavors are just so tasty! The garlic ones are the best but so are the mild! The entire vibe of the place is so friendly and chill, you really feel at home here. Everyone is so friendly, and have that local neighborhood feel to it. If you're a fan of supporting local businesses and enjoy a piece of Arizona sports history this place is for you. Great drinks, food, service, sports, and entertainment, this place has it all! I'm a huge fan of supporting local businesses and will of course be coming back and trying more food and wings!

Kaley Z.

Worst service I've ever received in a bar. Placed a drink order after being told by the bartender he needed to "take care of a few orders first". Seeing as it is a Saturday evening and being an understanding customer I proceeded to stand at the bar for 20 minutes while waiting for the bartender to come back to complete my order. Which never happened. The two bartenders behind the bar proceeded to help other customers and made eye contact twice without asking if I needed assistance. Very disappointing seeing as I live so near that this easily could've been a favorite go to. I will not be returning due to the lack of respect that I received while trying to simply spend money at this establishment. Needless to say, I left after 30 minutes of standing at the bar with no service.

Eduardo C.

Very friendly staff! I didn't know a few things on their menu but our waiter did a good job at guiding us on what to get depending on what we were craving. The food was also very good (I had chicken wings). Drinks were cheap, which was a plus!

Robert W.

Great spot. Super clean, well lit, friendly staff. Good dive bar feel without the grit. Full food menu and plenty of TVs. Worth a visit!