Dough Boyz Pizzeria

3050 N Windsong Dr Suite# 108, Prescott Valley
(928) 277-8061

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Lyndsay Quesinberry

We ordered a 16"white pizza and a antipasto salad....the cheese on the pizza was somewhat burnt. There was a very small amount of ricotta cheese and tomato on it.We have ordered a few times before and all was super....guess we will not be ordering from you in the future ?


Best pizza in the area that I have found. I was worried at first because the staff were teenagers, but they were super nice and the pizza was very very good. I'm definitely going back to try other items.


Misleading adds for (WE deliver) is the first thing you see on Google under pictures only to be told they only use doordash Wich can add additional $20 or so dollars for for what could have been be good prices for the food. Bad practice, either update your site or deliver like you advertised.

Evan WIlley

Food is just fine, but half the menu items are either unavailable or heavily altered from what it actually says. For example,-After weeks, still no calzones, apparently the new guy doesn't know how to make them-Somehow no lettuce-Loaded potato skins no longer come with onions and sour creamHad to completely change my order because half of it was unavailable or altered to the point I wouldn't even want it anymore.


Had a pizza delivered with fried mushrooms. Pizza was so so. The dipping sauce for the mushrooms was miniscule.Not again...primarily too many fees...and of course....being us...we still give a tip. Just done. Figure out a better way to do your job.

String Cheese

$20 + tax and door dash fees... 1 large pepperoni.. extremely bland, basically tastes like dough, so, aptly named.. I shoulda gone to little Caesars. Ordered wings with medium sauce, no kick at all.. chewy skin instead of crispy... total waste of money. If you like good pizza go anywhere else.

Danielle Tabera

Yummy, pizza was delicious. But show stopper was there cheese bread and in-house made red sauce? we're from CA on our way back and we had to order more bread to bring home because it was that good. We'll definitely be back for more.

Kori Houck

I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and some wings, teriyaki, and hot.3 stars because they were fast, and the wings were actually reasonably priced.I give the pizza about a 2 or a 3. The crust is on the thinner side, and I like that. The sauce's flavor profile is...unique, and I didn't like that. I can't pin point what's going on with it, it's on the sweeter side, which I usually don't mind, but there's also another flavor that is creating an unusual taste. The sauce is also on the thinner side.Alright, the wings. The hot wings were not hot, I would call them mild. They were missing some flavor as well as heat.The teriyaki wings were good. I liked the sauce. It paired pretty well with their ranch.The wings themselves were crunchy and not slimy, which I appreciate.The ranch and blue cheese were each 50 cents for a tiny container that wasn't even filled all the way. Both sauces were passable, not great.I would check out other local pizzerias before coming back here for their wings. I wouldn't order their pizza again.

M a

This is really one of the best pizzas and wings you can get in pv but they stopped delivering. Big loss for revenue i can only assume. I gave tgree stars since the last time they did deliver they forgot some items that we paid for. And now that they dont deliver i ha e no choice but to grab whats closer to home. Dough boyz please reconsider delivery.

M A.

One of the best pizzas you can get in prescott valley. They have great specials at good prices. They deliver. You can dine in. Service is always pretty good. They have plenty off appetizers and the wings aree great, we like the suicide sauce. Defanitely give them a try.

Ken S.

We just visited this establishment and waited at the counter for about 5 minutes and yelled "Hello" but still no one came out to take our order. So we followed our first bad impression and walked out. This place just had a good review on a local Facebook Foodie Page that was intriguing, but not today. So we are now at Lonesome Brewing Company around the corner enjoying their Gouda Burger, Fries, and some Beer.

Brenda L.

Tried Dough Boyz for the first time tonight, we'll be back. Very good pizza and service, and reasonable prices. Ordered the large supreme for pick up, it was ready in 15 minutes.

Lisa Thompson

WOW! Amazing pizza, calzones and cannoli’s to die for! The owners are a young couple, running their own business. They are always smiling, and working hard. As a door dasher too, the many orders I pick up here for deliveries, the customers keep coming back and are excited to get their pizzas from them.


This place is a rip off. The portions on the sides are tiny. The time it takes to prepare the orders is too long. Only one person working. There are other pizza options offering more for your money.

Matt Stock

Worst bone in wings I’ve ever had. Pizza was on the same scale as Dominos or Pizza Hut

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