Encanto Italian Grill

8400 E Long Mesa Dr, Prescott Valley
(928) 775-5500

Recent Reviews

Karen E. Butler

I have loved their food for several years now but very disappointed in the quality & quantity this time. Food was cold when served & not much better after I returned it. I usually order the individual pizza so will need to go back & try that to see if it is still good.Food: 2/5

Holly Gonzalez

The menu on their Facebook page has the wrong pricing. It’s more expensive. The pastrami was bland. The Alfredo tasted like it was out of a jar and the marinara was gross. I do not recommend this place

Gail Caros

Everyone had great foods. Good portion size. Fair prices. Wine is the small individual bottles. Beer is usual fare.Food: 4/5

Scott Short

Food was excellent. It was busy when we were there and staff was doing their best, but an extra server would have made it betterFood: 5/5

Shannon Nisse

I'm not the kind of person who typically goes to the internet to post poor reviews of local businesses, however, I'm hoping a manager or owner will see these remarks and make some changes for the next guest.We went to Encanto Grill for my birthday. We have driven past it for years but never tried it out. Several things really put us off. Right when we walked in we noticed a strong smell of some kind of cleaning solution like Pinesol. That's fine for a bathroom but it's not pleasant in an eating area.Secondly, there are signs all over the place stating you will pay a 4% fee for using a credit card. This is ridiculous. I realize it is probably a new policy due to inflation (thanks JB) but it's a real put-off to your customers to have to pay the credit card processing fee. I haven't seen that anywhere else in Prescott Valley. Additionally, if you ARE going to implement such a policy, it would be nice to have some advance notice, like on your website. Then we could have come with cash. Kind of ridiculous to spring it on your customers right when they walk in the door.Third, before we went to the restaurant, I went to their website to view the menu, etc. There were some coupons right there on their website so I took one with us to offset the cost a little bit. Turn off #3 was when our server informed us that no coupons were valid. What?! It came off your OWN website!! If they're not valid, then REMOVE them!! Good grief.The food was fine and service was average but I really don't think we will patronize this business again for the aforementioned reasons.

Mirrna K.

This restaurant has a little bit of everything, we ordered pizza, wings, Philly cheese steak sandwich and a steak plate, all of the food tasted great, our waitress was very friendly, would be back again!

K Mac

This was my first visit. It's a very large restaurant with lots of private booths or tables. Friendly staff, so I was encouraged until I saw the "wine list". They only carry Sutter by the glass. That's okay. This isn't snobby Napa. Better than to be poured a glass of wine that has turned.So think... beer, soda or a mixed drink with your pizza, pasta or wings.Started with a small bowl of wings (5) with honey BBQ. Yum! Finally, a restaurant that knows how to cook wings correctly and not undercook them. The sauce is very good. They also have a lot of choices on your sauces.Next a small Hawaiian Pizza. I was very disappointed as the crust underneath was burnt! Not just a little on the edges. I sent it back. Second crust is cooked perfectly!! Yum. Just tell them light on the crust.Part of our business is to see how staff handle complaints. They are professional, friendly and aim to please the customer.Would I come back? Absolutely!!!Vegetarian options: Plenty of choices. Salad, pizza, calzones, pasta in a bowl.

Robert Lobue

Service was slower, food was a touch above average. They forgot our appetizer, didn't check on us. Good depth of menu and the atmosphere was that of a bar, not so much an Italian restaurant.

Lauren Slater

Well honestly wasn't too impressed. This was my first time eating at the restaurant. My weird feeling started when I walked in the door and the hostess mumbled "dine in?" And then as they were walking us to our table "you're okay with sharing menus?" It was awkward. The waiter was definitely new, we all have to start somewhere. My dish, chicken skepalini (spelling) was bland. The chicken was frozen and tasteless. However, the pizza and wings were delicious, and I will definitely stick to those in the future. More of a take out place than eat in.

Joaquin Orosco

The Supreme pizza and med spicy wings were delicious ?

J S.

We went here for the first time. Had the shrimp scaloppine and creamy jalapeño tilapia. The scaloppine was far too creamy overwhelming any flavor. The tilapia, which also had spaghetti, was very good. The creamy jalapeno was perfect as the not too hot. The service was excellent and personable. Overall, the experience was good, and the only issue was the over abundance of cream on the scaloppine.

Jessica Wethington-Burton

Baked Ziti was very Delicious, Wings Amazing, Pizza cooked perfect. The Lasagna would have been even better if the noodles cooked longer. Nice Restaurant.

Ivan Gonzales

Part of my is selfishly thinking if I tell people how great this place is....more will come. Value, portion size, taste, this place is amazing. Hand tossed pizza, wings are fried perfectly...the sauce selection...amazing. even the beer on draft is priced right. I'm coming back...hope to see you there foodies.

Thoma Pace

Food was ok but not what I expected Italian food to be. I had Spaghetti & Meatballs, the sauce was sparse & bland. I had quite a bit of water on the bottom of the plate under my pasta. Meatballs were good ? We will probably give them another try. Our server was very good but it took long to get our food, especially when it was what seemed a slow night & we were there prior to the dinner hour.

Renee Ala

Food was good but the waiter was in a very big hurry to get us out the door and have us pay our bill. He actually asked if we would pay now. Never been asked that before

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