Lucy Dee's BBQ

669 E Sheldon St, Prescott
(928) 237-5765

Recent Reviews

Jacquie K.

Great pulled pork sandwich with potato salad side. Juicy, hot, pork, with perfectly grilled bun! 4 different kinds of BBQ sauce on the table. Potato salad good with creamy mustard dressing. Clean and roomy. Friendly, courteous staff. A great first experience! Some question regarding the hours, so I asked the owner today, Feb 25, 2020: Open Monday through Saturday 11-7. They will extend the hours this spring, when the weather warms.

J. B.

I'm a creature of habit.

Jeff P

Just what the town needs, a good BBQ place. Service is cafeteria style, menu has several options, place has a clean new feel to it.

Jeff G.

Easily the best brisket in the Prescott Valley area. The bark on this is amazing and the flavor of both the flat and point were awesome. I had read some previous reviews about the brisket being cold but I got there right as they opened at 11am and the brisket was the perfect temperature. I ordered a full pound of sliced brisket ($15/lb!! By far one of the best priced I have found) to go as I was planning to eat a bit before heading back to Phoenix. I noticed they don't ask whether you want lean or moist but the woman slicing (she appeared to be an owner as she was teaching a new employee about the different ways to cut it and how to yoga the POS system) was happy to give me 50/50 when I asked. The one thing that I almost took off a star for is In my opinion they don't cut the point correctly. I have been taught that you are supposed to separate the point from the flat, turn it 90 degrees then start slicing but she just turned the whole piece around and started slicing from the point side- make slices in the same direction as those on the flat. This is a small issue but I believe if you're going to offer both lean and moist you should do it right. I ate about half there before boxing it up and taking it home to my wife. She thought it was great- and prefers the flat (lean) meat. I will definitely be back the next time work takes me to Prescott!

Roy P.

Totally unimpressed from the food to the staff. Saw a new BBQ place so we decided to try it. Ordered the Brisket which they chopped (???) and it had equal amounts fat to meat ratio which was so unappetizing + it was cold! My 1 1/2 year old son decided he was going to be extra loud this day so we thought instead of ruining everyones lunch we'll sit outside on the patio. Can't open the umbrella so I decide to go inside and ask one of the employees what i'm doing wrong. An older lady (Manager? Owner?) states "we're expecting wind today so I'd really rather not". Really?? There's absolutely no wind at that point so you can't do it for one customer who's trying to make it a better experience for the rest of your customers? You have to be kidding me! Way to be to your customers lady! Bummed I spent any of my hard earned money here.

Taryn W.

This place is amazing!!!! Delicious. Charming. The sauces are to die for. Plan in coming back every time we are in town.

Heather Halstead

First time to enjoy the excellent food and outstanding service at this hidden gem. The server had complete knowledge of the food and happily shared the details with me with a smile. I highly recommend this place to anyone who has a love of quality bbq fare. Absolutely top notch food and service.

Stephane McCaslin - Leon

What a great little BBQ place! The brisket was melt-in-your-mouth, the North Carolina sauce tasted like it came straight from Charlotte, and all the sides tasted like good home cooked dishes! Excellent!

Ben W.

BBQ the way it should be. Not too smoky and meat falls apart. Sauce is divIne! Always a treat to go there. Clean and friendly place. Do yourself a favor and have the potato salad and coleslaw. Located where the old Cattleman's steak house use to be.

chris o.

Wow - really happy we have this place. I stopped in today and had Ribs, Brisket, and Chicken - all wonderful and tender. Sides - PotatoSalad, MacNCheese and BBQ Beans. The sauces were all just awesome - I had 3 different that I used for each bite. I'll definitely be back.

Jacob Hale

Very delicious food! Was quick order and make! Sat right down and devoured our food! Best BBQ I had in awhile!

Pam S.

My husband and I thought we would try this barbecue place. It did not disappoint. I had the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, and my husband had the Joey brisket sandwich with macaroni and cheese. The meats were very tender and flavorful and the sides were delicious. The restaurant is very clean, the different sauces are great, and the service was very friendly. They also have dessert, but we were both too full to try any. Will definitely come back.

Tadd Neve

Outstanding pulled pork and brisket! Beans and Mac n Cheese were also very good! Corn bread was a bit dry but great tasting. We’ll be visiting more often!

K L.

As newcomers to Prescott, we are thrilled to find great bbq. The portions are generous, and everything we tried was delicious. I had mac and cheese as one of my sides, and loved it. I rarely order that in a restaurant, but was not disappointed. The ribs were dry rubbed, with sauces available at the table, the way I prefer them. They had the perfect "tooth" to them. My only tiny complaint is that the pickles are sweet, not dill. Can't wait to try all the sides available.

Carrie Winchester

Generous portions. Friendly staff. Excellent ribs. Love the Joey BBQ sauce.

Leslie N.

The food is so delicious and everyone working was super friendly! I highly recommend Lucy Dees for lunch or dinner

Kellogg P.

The review about dry chicken, flavorless food must have burnt out taste buds. Lucy Dees is the finest BBQ I've tasted. Personally, I do not like BBQ meat that has too much rub or pepper or other spices that mask the taste of the meat. Costco's BBQ ribs in the deli have too much rub for my taste, even though their ribs are substantially meaty. Lucy Dees brisket is juicy and tender and cooked just as I remember from my visits to South-of-the-Mason-Dixon-Line rib joints. You cannot find any better brisket in the quad-city area, all due respect to other BBQ places. The pulled pork with the variety of bbq sauces is drop-dead scrumptious. Then slop it with some beans, soak it up with corn bread and top it off with the caramel bread pudding-like dessert and ask yourself, "Why go any place else?" Price is relative to what you get and how happy you are reminiscing about childhood comfort food. Those who appreciate culinary down-home succulent BBQ made with love and spot-on spices should put Lucy Dees on your gotta-visit-regularly schedule.

Jessica Gavin

The food here is Amazing!!!!! The pulled pork is delicious! They have mouth watering bbq sauces to choose from. The place is very clean and welcoming. I would highly recommend this restaurant. It also has very fast service so you can even stop in for a bite if you are in a hurry!

Marisa B.

I was extremely impressed with this restaurant. We had two pulled pork sandwiches and they were excellent and the owner was extremely kind. They have four excellent sauces ranging from mild to hot. Ignore the keyboard warriors that are being extremely cruel to this newly opened restaurant. What the public doesn't seem to realize is, the restaurant industry is one of the HARDEST businesses to get into and maintain and I think this establishment is doing well.

Matthew Lemons

Excellent food, friendly service, I like that I can walk-in and and have my food in a couple of minutes. I read all the reviews about the meat being dry, ribs not falling off the bones etc. I have smoked a lot of meats and always used the same recipe, one rack of ribs the meat falls off the bone and the rack right beside it in the smoker does not, one brisket is very juicy and the other one is a little dry. It’s all part of smoking meat. I’ll definitely be going back, oh and as for the price, for good bbq you’ll be paying a bit more than you’ll spend at McDonald’s, just saying.

Keana Lys

We ordered brisket, ribs, beans, mac n cheese, and cole slaw and it was amazing to say the least! The ribs fell right off the bone and the brisket was so tender and moist. All of the sides were full of flavor and good sized portions. There’s a variety of sauces that are all definitely worth trying, the Lucy’s sauce was my favorite! Not only was the food awesome but the staff was super friendly and the restaurant was super cute and clean. We can’t wait to come back!!!


Flavorful BBQ, portions quite large, easily enough to share. Lots of sauces to choose from. Staff very pleasant, facility very clean!

James B

Went to Lucy Dee's BBQ yesterday and had Delicious fall off the bone meaty ribs. They offer 10% Veteran discount. Cafeteria style, pick what you want, no tip required. 669 E. Sheldon St. Prescott. Worth the drive from PV. 928-237-5765 Closed Sunday and Monday


We ordered a pulled pork sandwich and a sliced brisket sandwich. The quality of the meat was excellent. The brisket was bland, but the pulled pork had some bbq taste. Don't expect ambiance. We will return and try the meat plates rather than sandwiches.

Bud Semon

This almost fast-food like, where you order and pick your food along a cafeteria bar. Service was good given the line . My brisket sandwich was good but a little bland for my taste. The rest of our group seemed pleased with their meals. I'll give it another try.

Kathryn Juhl

They serve cafeteria style, no waiters. The brisket was very good and the ribs were ok. They don't offer fries and the tater tots were kind of cold. The sauces on each table offered very different tastes, which I liked a lot. Overall, it is pretty expensive for the portions you get.

Emily C.

My husband and I got the two meat plate with brisket and pork. The brisket was good, not so amazing tho. But the sides were delicious!! The potato salad and coleslaw tasted homemade and the pickles amazing. The service was great and the place was clean and good atmosphere. We will be back again

Scott W.

I saw this business under construction for several months. I was waiting for it to open as Prescott does not have many places that specialize in BBQ. I have eaten there 3 time in the last two weeks and have never been disappointed with any of there entree's or sides. The restaurant is super clean, the staff and owner are very friendly. All of the dishes are fresh and made in house. Thank you for a great experience guys.

Thomas Sloat

I lived much of my life in the South, and so I am very picky about my BBQ. This place has it going on! Great BBQ and even better sauces to compliment them. They also have a good selection of sides to go with their BBQ. Best of all, the staff is super friendly and helpful. I visit there almost every Wednesday for lunch and I love it. My favorite is the pulled pork with Lucy's sauce and the coleslaw together. A close second is the sausage with the ranch beans. Yum!

Bill B.

Great bbq and quality meats in a clean atmosphere. Thanks! I always have a great meal here.

Keith Percy

This place was very good. I’ve been looking forward to trying it out —

Jeff Bateman

Very nice little spot, well decorated and clean. I had the brisket and pulled pork plate with bbq beans and slaw. Wife had chicken . All meats were good. I would say out of the 3 the pulled pork took 1st place. But all were tender and juicy. We'll be back next time were in Prescott.


I really enjoyed the food here. I was a little concerned about some of the negative reviews, but our experence was very positive. The service was great and efficient - we moved through the line veryquickly. I had a plate with sausage and brisket, and my wonderful boyfriend had pulled pork and brisket - so we had a good sampling of meats. I thought they were cooked well and tasted great. They were juicy, tender and flavorful. The sausage had a nice bit of snap to the casing, and just a tiny bit of heat. There are four different sauces, and I enjoyed trying them. It was nice that they were "self serve" so I could mix and match them with different meats. The sides were fine - I had mac and cheese and BBQ beans. I also enjoyed the cornbread - just a little sweetness and a nice texture.

Guy K.

Really good BBQ! Lucy serves brisket, pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork and Iam sure other meat. It is served without sauce and you have the choice of 5 or 6 different types of BBQ Sauce. The sauces are all great!!! The plates come with side dishes of the best mac n cheese I have ever had, 2 different types of beans, corn bread, and some other great sides. I like to mix her sweet beans with the mac n cheese. The only bummer is I wish Lucy would have a little sampler at the Farmers Market for all the locals to try. There is nothing worse than a great restaurant that goes out of business because no one knew about them! Do your self a favor and go eat at Lucy's BBQ. It is the best BBQ in prescott!!!

Mary Meissner-Leonard

Just brought home 3 plate meals. Excellent !

Ed B

Great food. Well mannered servers. Nicely remodeled. Overall great. Oh, one negative. We didn't like the mac and cheese. Too floury.

Marie B.

I was expecting this to be wonderful! It was just meh. Hubby ordered the ribs which another reviewer said were "fall of the bone" uhhh not so. Chewy, dense, and just ok flavor. It came with tots, which he wanted as a side and cole slaw. The Cole slaw was outstanding! The tots were cold so I went up to exchange them and she said it would take 10 min so he got the beans instead, which were hot and good. Cornbread was cold and dry. I had the pulled pork sandwich, which was hot until I put my platter down, got some bbq sauce and returned with a napkin. By then it was cold. I think the low ceiling and the ceiling fans set on high, coupled with the AC blasting cools the food off really fast. I doubt we will be back.

Laura D.

Really delicious Bbq! We tried the pulled pork, brisket and sausage with Mac and chz, coleslaw, cowboy beans, and potato salad. All around solid food with good portions. Also very cute decorations on the inside, and he employees seemed genuinely happy to be there. The only thing that felt a bit weird was the fact that they asked for donations to a charity instead of tips for their employees. I hope they are paying them well to compensate for the loss of tips.

Kay Nehring

VERY good food and fast and friendly service. I'm hooked! What a GREAT addition to Prescott!

Janet Gabrielson

Great Food, Great atmosphere!