My Michoacana

1197 W Frontage Rd, Rio Rico
(520) 377-7145

Recent Reviews

Gibram Ocampo

I genuinely like the place for dates and stuff like that. But the place could use a fixer upper. The ice cream is to die for?. I recommend the pistachio with Ricky road.

phillip hardy

I ordered a churro Sunday and it was delicious! I would most definitely come here again!

Sean Kresge

Love it.

Lionkingdom Calderón

Great places

Lionkingdom Calderón

Great places

Lillian M.

Love coming here. Owner and his family who all work there and run the establishment are always super friendly!

griselda navarro


Vince Davis

Good food at very reasonable prices

Miranda Valencia

Delicious, and quick to make our escamocha!! Yum!

Maria De La Nobal

Nice, great icecream and customer service.

Elma Guzman

This is a hidden gem in Rio Rico. They have the best ice cream and mangoyadas!

Michael Borden

Great Sweets

Joses leather

Good stuff

L.S. Pattikins

Great place to pop by for elotes!


This is a great little place to grab a Delicious snack or dessert. The owners are very nice and very fast. I have been coming here often over the past 6 years, and I still come back. It is a nice place to eat Ice Cream, or a salty snack like the Tosti-Elote! I love it and it is very family friendly!

crystal ramos

Honestly, I was excited to go for tosti elotes. The service was great. But the place definitely needed a lot of cleaning. The employees were sitting in a corner when we arrive obviously the employer doesnt care if they clean or not. The place was full of flies. Went to the neighbor's panaderia and that place puts them to shame.

Marcos Martinez

Temporarily AC was down so alot of flies. Other than that food was great and awsome service. Would recommend stopping here

Debbie Duran

Delicious, creamy homemade ice cream in lots of flavors!


Great food and high prices.

Jennifer B.

Yummy! So glad to have found a place that sells fruit/yogurt/semi-healthy snacks (the whipped cream makes the "semi". They have the closest thing to a "Bionico" in this area. Fruit with condensed milk, granola, and whipped cream on top!

Jesus Valenzuela

Pretty nice place to stop for some quick mexican snacks

Mario Rodriguez

No bueno for Chetos.

aaron catron

Grate flavor, an my daughter likes also.

Dakota Beach

Very friendly staff, delicious snacks.

Laura N

Liked the goodies and friendly service with easy access on Frontage Road. A little Spanish will be to your advantage, but you'll do just fine without it!