3720 N Scottsdale Rd #201, Scottsdale
(480) 361-1021

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Very very very expensive, but very very very worth it.


Worth the price, sumptuous dinner and a very nice place to eat for anniversary. The chef was amazing


Thank you for a great night. We spent our first anniversary here and loved every bite!


Excellent food, excellent experience! Everyone at Shinbay is knowledgeable and entertaining! Highly recommend!


Definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience! If you are willing to splurge, it is definitely worth it!


A truly incredible dining experience where you get to watch a true master work in an intimate setting. It is very calm and relaxing inside. The service is next level and I enjoyed every single piece in every course. Highly recommend for a special night. You wont be disappointed.


Fantastic experience! I would highly recommend this experience.

OpenTable Diner

Just go here it’s amazing. …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!


Value? Come on, you do this place for the experience. This is God tier level sushi-adjacent dining.


Incredible experience. Exquisite food prepared by a Master sushi chef and his sous. The service was phenomenal as well. Small but very well curated sake/wine/beer list.

OpenTable Diner

A truly unique and intimate experience. Would recommend 100 times over. My only disclaimer is this is not for the picky eater; for everyone else, you’ll find flavors and combinations you wouldn’t even know to create on your own.


This was one of those “meals of a lifetime” that my family and I will never forget. Every bit as memorable as our Michelin Star experiences! Service at as high a level as I have rarely ever had. Chef Suzuki and company were very engaging and made the intimate even so fun! So many new food experiences I could not even start to describe. Amazing start to finish! Please see for yourself!


We had the restaurant to ourselves, tried bubbly sake which was fantastic and as always, the food was superb.


Every bite was specially crafter to be delicious.


Unbelievable food and lovely atmosphere. We were so pleased. Thank you.

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