The Steak Out Restaurant & Saloon

3200 S Sonoita Hwy, Sonoita
(520) 455-5205

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Can B.

The atmosphere (particularly when there's a performer) 5 stars!! The super sweet staff, 5 stars!! The actual steak ...... 2 stars. Absolutely no flavor. I had to ask for steak sauce and still didn't finish it.

Manuel G.

My wife and I were driving around one day and we decided to go to Madera Canyon. We spent the afternoon driving up to the canyon and turned around and drove back. I noticed on the GPS that there was a "highway" that went across to get to Highway 83. It was a dirt road (highway 62). Anyway, the drive was actually GREAT! After the drive I noticed I needed fuel and decided to go to Sonoita. Right next door to the gas station was a steak place. We decided to go ahead and try it. We loved it. The wait was a little long, but not too bad. There are plenty of things to see on the wall and they also have a little shop that you can browse through. Once seated, we were offered a drink and were brought water. We ordered a bottle of wine and it was great! My wife ordered a steak salad and I had the ribeye. Both were done just right. Overall a great experience and the server was super friendly.

Scott Renegade Morrison

The service was a bit slow, but they were busy.When my T-bone arrived it was amazing! I have not had a steak this good in quite some time! Cooked perfect, the flavor was outstanding, Kansas City has NOTHING on this place!Going to make this a regular stop. It's a little pricey, but for the quality it's nominal.You MUST stop here for the experience!

john rego

Took my son and his fiance September 5 for his birthday.Great time, good food and tremendous band, just a good time.Staff was slow, some errors, but they were very busy.I will be back, esp when that band returns-Clear Country, but next time I will call ahead!

Britni G.

We have been here so many times. This time was so disappointing. The older blonde hostess was BEYOND rude. We waited for over an hour and a half and despite several no show parties in front of us. Even when kindly following up and showing empathy for crazy days, there are as zero response. In fact, she laughed. Are you kidding me? Go to copper brothel or the cafe instead.

Tammy S.

The veggie burger was very dry and the manager would not take it off the bill. They ran out of chicken on a Saturday at 3:00 Will not be back

Susan Glennon

We had a little birthday dinner at The Steak Out! Great food and spirits!

Megan M.

You need to eat here! This place was 10/10 from the service to the food, absolutely amazing! Okay we talked forever to our hostess about motorcycles and riding and it was a great conversation! Our server came by and recommended the prickly pear Margarita. You know we had to try it. For dinner, I ordered the ribs which came with a baked potato (my choice of side) and sour cream/ butter for it! My significant other ordered Bas-ka-Bob which came with veggies and a salad! I picked up a rib so my s/o could try it and the meat fell right off the rib. We couldn't believe it, we started laughing. Needless to say, the Steak Out is a must if you're passing through. Thanks for the amazing service! We will be back soon! Xoxo, @thetucsonlocalista on Instagram!

Karen B.

We visited for the second time this last Saturday and we were certainly not disappointed, other than not getting prime rib. We wanted a nice cut of prime rib but they were sold out, no surprise since it is delicious. We had the ribs, which were super meaty and moist. We also had the New York Strip which was cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was very busy and the service wasn't perfect, but wasn't terrible. We had our food before we got the waters we asked for when we first sat down. Overall, delicious food.

Tina Q.

Food was pretty good! Only giving 3 star due to our server being terrible. She Did not check on us not even once after we received our food. I thought she was coming to us, but then decided to stop and talk to a table of people that were someone she knew. Only time she came was to bring our check.

Mace S.

Went there with some friends who recommended the steak out as a good steak restaurant in this area. Wow my wife and 8 ordered the ribeye steak , potato and house salad. This meal was great and everyone at the table agreed, our steaks were juicy medium with perfect sear on the outside , definitely will recommend and go back when in the Tucson area.

Drew B.

Really good food and I'm very picky I'll be back ! They also serve local wins . I'll be back :)

Usagi K

Really great spot and the steak was better than I thought. The fries did look like sweet potato fries but nope their regular potatoes and really good. Service was great too. Definitely recommend if you find yourself on this side of town.


We were looking forward to a steak diner, using local beef, at The Steak Out but unfortunately we were very disappointed. Our steaks were over cooked even though one of unspecified medium rare with a bias toward rare. We ordered petite sirloins. The steaks but very lean (not usually an issue with us) but since they were over cooked, it was a big disappointment. The spice rub was pretty good but a bit salty. However, we agreed that based on the clientele we saw in the restaurant, many may have liked it that way and the restaurant was catering to their market. On the plus side the baked potato and salad was good. Our server was a young woman who did a pretty good job but perhaps relatively new. When we couldn’t decided on a wine, she offered, without us asking, to give us a tasting of the different wines were considering (she couldn’t give us an opinion because she was too young to drink alcohol). That was appreciated. However she didn’t know the cut of meat used on the kabobs and didn’t offer to go ask (we guessed that wasn’t her fault- perhaps the management doesn’t want to disclose). Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of options for dinner, in Sonoita during the summer, but even given that we can’t recommend The Steak Out. Going into Patagonia might be a better option.


Great food, great service. We sat at the bar and enjoyed the entire experience.

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The Steak Out Restaurant & Saloon

3200 S Sonoita Hwy, Sonoita, AZ 85637
(520) 455-5205