Late Night Sports Bar

825 W Baseline Rd #1-2, Tempe
(480) 590-7129

Recent Reviews

Daniel M.

Business is now closed. Landlord has re-taking property and re-keyed locks.

Kristen C.

We went for Wing Wednesday. The food was great, as was the service! Haven't been here since it was Sharkey's. Definite improvement! Will be back to check out karaoke.

Joseph Robinson-Jones

Good staff, excellent drinks, karaoke is decent. Clean restrooms it, however I was there on a late Friday night.

Cade Huninghake

This place has some really great food. The wings were solid, the burger was great and the salad was fresh and big. The staff was friendly and it surprised me for not being in the best part of town/location. I would say they could do a little better job on the cleanliness of the place, the tables and floor were kinda messy, but that kind of stuff didn't ruin it for me. I would of liked to have seen a beer list, I don't get why every bar can't at least but up what they have somewhere. I would go back to try more food and watch some sports.

Michele Sapero

Food was really good! Hit the spot. And the staff and owner is super friendly! Really enjoyed it.

Richard Maxey

This is a nice little place with some really good food. The wings to your excellent salsa and chips is very good and the chicken fried steak is right on the spot. Have eight different kinds of draft beer and a full bar. Fun spot

Hayleigh Black

The Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings were Delicious. Highly recommend. Great Happy Hour Prices too!

Wade Rodgers

I LOVE this place! I never get tired of coming here! Best sports bar in Tempe!

Jamie L.

This Place is exactly what I was looking for in sports bar. The food is good with a large menu. I recently moved to the area and the people bartending were really welcoming. I like the happy hour deals and wings. Lighting on the inside was good and has a bunch of TVs showing live sports games. I'll be back for sure.

erika garcia

Came for drinks before a wedding and had a great time. It was karaoke night. We sang all night. DJ gal did a great job!

Terry K

The staff is amazing. The owner is friendly and attentive. Great place any night of the week. And the wings are huge.

David Robertson

Had a great burger. Nice people and football on lots of TVs. They even have sweet tea.

HalflingRogue 7

Polite professional staff! Amazing food! Great decor! Awesome tv screens. Will definitely be returning!

Barbara Johnson

This place has a great vibe! Food and service were awesome. I will be coming here to watch all my sports teams play. They have all the games on- 12 big screen TVs that can be seen from just about every seat! So excited to have found my new place.

Joyce Howard

Hoping to have a nice meal before Baseball game. Hamburger was raw, bratwurst was smaller than a regular hot dog. Fries were limp and greasy. Waitress just looked when she saw the raw hamburger and did not even offer to have another made or refund. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN QUALITY OF FOOD

Benjamin OToole

Awesome karaoke Friday and Saturday! The sound is amazing. The vibe is on point.

Wes Lines

The owner is polite and hard-working and ready to bring that ASU enthusiasm into his restaurant. Besides, the WOMAN LOVES Sparky!!!!

Mike K.

Took down my original post, but got threatened by the owner because of it. Check out the amendments, it's called free speech and next time you come at me with threats of a lawyer, check your facts. Place was full of flys, wings were disgusting. The shot glass hadn't been clean in months. Expensive on "wing Wednesday" too. Pulled the cameras? I posted this after I was there, and putting customers down as you did, isn't very good for your business. You don't even know what I look like to even match my description, sounds like you're the liar. If you like over priced shitty food with a grimy atmosphere this place is perfect for you! Never returning. By the way, I have negative posts for negative reviews such as your place. Don't ever threaten me again, I have documentation to prove it. Your place is going under and you're extremely mad at me for such a bad post. Not my problem anymore. Try not being a bitch :)

Jakob M.

Such a great hangout place. Come here after work quite a bit and it's always a great vibe with great food and drinks. Shout out to bartender Mike! Great guy with great service.

Wil W.

I had the pleasure of eating at Late Night Johnny's. Based on yelp reviews I chose this local hangout. The wings are some of the best I have had. The restaurant is one of the cleanest I've eaten at this year. From "Big Mike" to Bree and the owner Johnny, everyone was truly amazing. Late Night Johnny's will be my "local" eating spot anytime I come into the Phoenix area. Thank your Johnny for a great dinner and conversation.

Annemari C.

I have lived in this area for two years and Late Night Johnny's is the first bar/restaurant that I feel at "home" in. The bartenders are friendly, Johnny is incredibly welcoming, and the food never disappoints! They also have great drink specials throughout the week! I love this place and will continue to recommend it to friends and family.

Jovana O.

This place is awesome! I always come after work and have a snack and it's always a great time. The French dip is super good! All the workers are super chill. Definitely will keep coming here thank you to all the workers!

Connor Murray

Great food, great friendly atmosphere, great prices and happy hour, even has poker

Chris F.

I ordered take out via Postmates. The delivery was within a reasonable time, but the food was total garbage. I ordered a bacon jalapeí±o burger. Instead I got 4 meatballs on a bun. The "burger" was 4 separate pieces of meat on a bun. The bun was not cut, but the meat was. The meat in general was dry and tasted like an over seasoned meatball. - also, why did my French fries taste like citrus? I ordered regular French fries.

james selig

On a drive around town looking for a place to eat, my Mom found Late Night Johnny's and decided to give it a try. We ordered 2 cheeseburgers and the way it melted in your mouth was unlike anything we had eaten before , and bite after bite, the burger never lost its flavor; it was so tender. The shoestring fries that came with the burger were delicious and seasoned to perfection, delighting the palette.

Tammy Sage

Nice little place. Hubby & I decided to try it, we couldn't decide what to do for dinner, it is right down the road. Pat was very nice & pleasant , food was good, drinks were good..they seem to have some good things planned. We will be back for sure

SFXbeauty_ by_trina

Absolutely Horrible! Walked in for the first time and sat myself and proceeded to wait 10 mins or so for someone to finally walk over and get my order. I ordered the French dip sandwich. To say the least it tasted like garbage. My french fries were drenched in grease. my boyfriend ordered the Philly cheese steak and it was incredibly greasy as well.. Plz save your money and your time with this place. I on the other hand will never be returning. 🚷😔

Jessica C.

Late night Johny's isn't very "late night" I tried to order from DoorDash at midnight, they didn't tell us our order was cancelled until 1:30am because their fryers are down, I ordered a sandwich.

David Tooker

Had a great time at Johnny's - delicious, large tender wings and shoestring fries!!! And excellent friendly personal service. Spoke to the owner and his daughter who take real pride in what they do. Restaurant is neat and fresh. Try it, you'll be back.

Megan Accordino

Awesome potato salad and there's a smoking patio. I'll give them a star for each of those! Other than that... You can expect to see the same 5 bar flys all night/every night, same decor and furniture as the last place that failed there, a bunch of TVs with silent random sports, and a slim menu selection.

K Hamlett

Good little corner hole in the wall in mid-Tempe close to AZ Mills. Lacking the college kid ambiance (thank god) it's a quite little sports bar w flat screen TV's all around. Not usually busy at all so no wait - ever.

Ron O.

Wings Wednesday at Late Night Johnny's is an exceptional deal. The wings were great, large and juicy, and there are a full lineup of sauces to choose from. The bar is spotless and the staff friendly as can be. We'll definitely be going back. Regarding the Yelp review left by Mike K today, I doubt he actually stepped foot inside the restaurant because nothing he wrote is true. Nothing. Looking at his other Yelp reviews, it appears his only reason for having a Yelp account is so he can slam businesses with immunity. Maybe someday he'll grow up and give a fair break to people who are actually trying to accomplish something with their lives.

Fred L.

Ok! Now we're talking! Somebody finally got the vibe right on this location! Def a good neighborhood bar... good burgers... reasonable prices ...EXCELLENT SERVICE! Kristin is a wonder and works her ass off! Hope Johnny is compensating her accordingly! Great vibe... friendly, diverse crowd... love the burgers... the carne Assada on the carne assada fries is a little gristley.... haven't tried anything else night is great... hope they last... this is the place this location needed! (Also hope they expand their menu soon ... something keto friendly would be nice).... also they have clean restrooms.... which is a plus for small closing this place is great... and Patty is also amazingly patient and gracious ....

Daniel Pawenski

Amazing staff ...great late night food stop... But it is way to bright in there...get some dimmers and victory is yours

Brandon H.

Yesterday was my first time going in since it was sharkys. I will definitely say, it does look a lot cleaner and more upkept than it did when it was the previous business. I had their Chicago burger, pretty damn good, actually tasted like it was real meat and not some frozen patty, the potato salad was on point. And as far as hospitality goes, I was greeted by mike , the bartender, he was really laid back and knowledgeable and overall pretty awesome. That's one thing I look for in a good bar, good food and good service, and this place has both, I will definitely be coming back , but bringing my roommates next time

Christina P.

Amazing late night specials, the karaoke host is so amazingly sweet and accommodating. My only issue is that it is sooooo incredibly loud with the karaoke, i couldn't hardly order a drink and it gave me a headache in about an hour. Would be the perfect spot otherwise

Bria Lloyd

Late Night Johnny’s is the perfect place to put a smile on your face!! Amazing staff and experience. It feels like your coming into a home when you walk through those doors. Food was cooked perfectly and everything was completely fresh and handmade. Definitely recommend coming here!

Dianne Lucus

If one star. From the cockroaches on the floor, from the one measure of shot in a pint glass, to the very nice owner that talked way to much. True food sucked, place is dirty.

George Haza IV

They were open normal bar hours, and at about 1:30am their kitchen was still open! Only thing I needed was food and I didn't have a car for drive-thru but they were polite and the bar was well kept. Some of the food was great but you can tell the cook was inexperienced.

Kym Osmundson

This place is fantastic. The staff is super friendly, extremely attentive and very knowledgeable about their menu items.