Pho Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

7707 S Kyrene Rd #106, Tempe
(480) 755-7272

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Naseem Rezaei

This is my go-to pho place in the tempe/chandler area. The broth of the veggie pho is divine. If you guys ever go, I highly recommend the vegetable pho with veggie broth. The atmosphere is really chill, though and the servers here and great.Food: 5/5


I should have known walking in this place looked way too nice to be a legit pho restaurant. The soup was a let down because I couldn't get enough flavor out of the broth I ended up using my purple and red accompaniment. The price is a little high for the bowl of soup as well I'm guessing to maintain the staff that had a great table presents as well as the atmosphere which was much nicer than a pho restaurant ever should be

PJ Jaquez

We came on Nov 6th it was quiet and unassuming. I got the pho with eye round steaks and my wife got the Cơm GÀ Nướng (chicken rice plate) we also tried their crispy spring rolls. Everything was piping hot and delicious. The soup was delicious on its own but I was glad to be able to customize it exactly how I liked it. Definitely coming back here again!

Briana D

We ordered steak pho and grilled chicken plate. The prices are comparable to most places for this style of food so no issues there, if it is good quality. The pho broth was pretty good and the vegetables were crisp, fresh, and abundant. The steak was thin sliced nearly perfectly circular with an odd taste and we weren’t able to chew through it, even with how thin it was. It was like chewing bubble gum and not edible. We did not care for the chicken here, either. We do not typically waste food but 3 of us tossed most of it. I am perfectly fine with paying a good amount of money for good pho and such but this was not a place we would visit again.

Alex Wood

I’ve been coming here a long time (years) but lately it’s prices are almost $20 for a bowl of Pho. Myself and my wife basic dinner Over $50.I understand inflation is at 7%… but the Pho used to be around $8 and now it is $17. Inflation is not 110%… I just can’t reasonably come here anymore.But the food is good.


We love this place! The food is always so good. Abner has hands down always provide the best customer service. We come back just for him. Very impressed!

Sutton Weed and Pest Control

AMAZING pho and seafood dish! Very friendly service, large portions, excellent flavors and prices. We are definitely coming here again!

Julie C

Authentic pho, will not go anywhere else. We go here so often that as soon as we park our car, our daughter screams NOODLES!! super fast service and friendly hostesses.

Abraham Abundis

The staff were nice and the place is very spacious. The only problem I had was that the meatballs were off you can tell they had an odd flavor. The noodles and the broth were alright but overall I expected a bit more.

Peter Macaraeg

Feeling some Goi con, summer rolls and Bun Bo Hue soup level 3 hot....good heat

Andrew Bencomo

Pho lacked flavor and Spring rolls where just ok. No size of bowl options! Not a place I’d recommend and I’ve been eating Pho for many years and around the country and this location is at the bottom of that list.

311 Soul

This place is amazing. Never had a bad bowl of pho here. And their egg rolls are some of the best I have ever eaten. The wait staff is always on point and the food comes out quickly. I’m not exaggerating when I say I eat here weekly! Love this place. O oh downside they are closed on Tuesday. ????

Erin L

I’ve been going here for a while, I love their beef pho. The area is spacious and decorated nicely. Service is always good and food is delicious. Definitely recommend!

Trenton H.

Great food order the baked fish soo good and fun to eat as a group. The sauté clams is to die for also Thankyou for the delicious food.

Mina Jo

This restaurant was one of my favorite. I loved their food and service.Unfortunately, I decided to not coming back here again from today because of service. We went there around 12pm and the lady who helped us was the worst. She looked very annoying and unpleasant. Never checked our table until we finish our meals and didn't serve what we ordered. So sad to remove from my favorite list.

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Pho Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

7707 S Kyrene Rd #106, Tempe, AZ 85284
(480) 755-7272