Pho Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

7707 S Kyrene Rd #106, Tempe
(480) 755-7272

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Tbh, their food does not impress me. Service is ok. Their price is not competitive probably because they have to pay for the wine license and rent of large space.I don’t want to waste food, but the bowl is too big for me to eat all. Wish they had smaller size.

andrea evans

We love Pho and love to try new places! This was our first time here. The food was ok, no complaints, nothing special! The main reason for the 2 stars was the service! The woman who helped us was very unpleasant and seemed super annoyed just being there. We asked if they had boba and said not today. 20 minutes later a table of 4 was served boba drinks. I didn’t care to say anything or bring it up because we had just paid our bill and were getting ready to leave. Just sucked because my daughters saw the other table being served and were disappointed. The woman that served us ruined our dining experience and we will not be back. Not because of the boba but because of her negative attitude! I don’t care to experience that again!

Dean Krupa

No question the Chicken Pho is quite delicious, however, Pho Dalat loses 2 stars as they use Styrofoam to go containers and automatically include plastic utensils in plastic bags. All are terrible for the environment and not recyclable. Is this day an age, restaurants should be conscious of this and use compostable containers and not include utensils unless customers request it.

Am Hayes

Surprised by the price,but well worth the mouth to speak. Excellent! Grilled bbq hen,was flavorful and a crispy venture across the taste buds. I also, indulged in the deep fried catfish,it was a very good choice for our main entree. Ill be back to try a soup,I hope it stands up to the hen.

Jody Silva

Wonderful, friendly, informative customer service. Food is fresh and delicious. One of our favorite restaurants. ?

Ryan Anderson

First off we weren't even waited on till maybe 20 minutes after we sat down. The server didn't know who's turn it was to serve us.. there was 2 other tables in the entire place....After receiving our phò come to find was a fruit fly or some type of nat crawling around in the veggie tray that came with our phó. Thinking they would comp our meal the waitress comes back and says we could have a "drink"... Like really?Will not come back to this establishment.

Jarred Truesdell

Food came out quickly, friendly staff. Food was great!

AX Molina

The Pho and vegetarian rolls very good, my favorite

Jose Sanchez

Had steak pho pretty good, the meat had a small after taste. Personally I think it is over priced. Most other places charge about $9.50 per bowl. This place was almost $14

Myron Lyons

2nd time here. Pho is delicious. Good service. Nice atmosphere and ac wasn't set to 84° like many other businesses. Will come back.

Louis Lioncourt

I love this place the food is amazing, a nice calm atmosphere, the service is outstanding this is my favorite dish #52 w tofu extra spicy. A must try ! I’ve also had their Pho and it’s delicious!

Adam Shapiro

Big fan of Pho Dalat! Everything I've ever tried has been good. And their menu is large, so you have lots of options. I will be back.

Lori Lori

The pho is the reason I keep coming back, not the service lol. There is only 1 awesome waiter who is latino I think (and the only non asian). He is super nice and I always hope to have him when we go. Otherwise the service is so terrible, taking forever, with rude staff.

Sashi Lazar

The food was very tasty - i had the veggie Pho (takeout). Although the menu online says $11.50, i ended up paying $14.50 for it. In my humble opinion that is a bit excessive for veggies and broth.

Anne Marie

Best pho in Arizona. Truly authentic and flavorful. (And the bathrooms are clean)

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Pho Dalat Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

7707 S Kyrene Rd #106, Tempe, AZ 85284
(480) 755-7272