Sacks ASU

35 E 9th St, Tempe
(480) 966-9266

Recent Reviews

Randy Wester

Get sandwiches, great service. Thank you Mike

Melanie Loss

Great selection and quality of food!

Drew S.

I just demolished their $10 rather tasty chicken & avocado sub. I'll be back. Let's try to keep this place in business. Happy that they're at least hanging on for the time being.

Vicente T.

Found this hole in the wall during lunch and I must say I'm impressed great service great lunch spot.

David Schildkret

Nicest people! And you get a cookie! Thanks to Izzy for always smiling.

Karen W.

At Sacks they're well versed in the fine art of sandwicherie, so no need to sack anyone here for not doing their job. This is the OG Sacks location I've been told, and it shows in the older feel of this place compared to other locations. I decided to try the Rubens to go, which is a Reuben sandwich with coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. It was ready in only a few minutes and I was out the door! The sandwich was well wrapped, and it did have some Rubenesque qualities, as it was a plump sandwich filled with a good amount of pastrami. The meat was tasty; I know they didn't make any sacrifices here on quality. It was a decent tasting sandwich overall. I would have liked some more coleslaw and dressing to balance out the soft and savory textures of the meat and bread though. Service was friendly and prompt.

Darien Keane

Delicious! Large portions. Fresh.

S Reece

Sacks is amazing. Great tasting fresh breads. Clever sandwich ideas. Filling combos. Inexpensive as well. Make sure to like them on Facebook for daily specials. Totally worth it.

Jeff Leland

I love this place and eat here often. The food is great and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I usually order the special and it's almost always something interesting and delicious. The only reason I don't rate them a full five stars is that you can't depend on them being open. They often close early and I find it pretty annoying to walk the half mile over from my office (in the rain yesterday) only to find that they closed early. If they would stick to the hours they post, I would definitely give them five stars. If you plan on going here and it's after about 1:00 pm, I'd suggest calling to verify that they're still open.

Nicci Lucero

A bit pricey, but the sandwiches are always delicious and so much better than the fare offered on campus. Whenever they have a cajun/southwest/buffalo chicken sandwich on their specials menu, get it! So good! Staff is always very friendly. Sacks is my go to lunch spot when I'm on campus.

Josiah Copley

I love their breakfast sandwiches with eggs! An adorable sandwich shop I wish I could visit more!

Mark Barrios

Art Deco Sandwich is Delicious

Ha'ani S.

Very quick & friendly! I had the Symphony which is so refreshing & filling! Also their cookies are *chef kiss*! Its more expensive than if you were to buy the ingredients & make it at home but it's worth having something that actually feels like food while on campus rather than waiting in any of the lines in the dining halls & getting fast-food. Looking forward to visiting again soon! :)

Juan Hickman

Nothing fancy for the location or the store, but they make a very tasty sandwich. Today's special, Shane MacGowan, was a very good Ruben on Marble rye. I and my friends frequent this luch place at least 2 times a month. Always get a good sandwich and great service. Often use the "Call Ahead & Pick Up" preorder for several people and never have to wait. Local, good ingredients and good taste. I always prefer local over chain.

Angie Royce

Thank you Sacks Sandwiches ASU for catering our lunch today!!! You made it so easy to order 30 lunches and everyone got to pick exactly what they wanted. Amazing service and price! You rock!!

Javier Carlos

This place is very hot. Came in here and I was like I didn’t even leave the outside. I was hoping to get a snack but I realize this place is called Sacks not snacks. I was not impressed by the lemonade either. Probably won’t go back.

Jason Green

Nice sandwich shop just off campus. Easy menu. I pick something here every other month or so. Been doing that for 12 years. We sometimes use them for smaller catered events.

TheMistress Noir

I've been eating here for as long as they've been around. Sandwiches are yummy and the owners support their customers by giving back. They donated 75 cookies to a school project my kid was involved in and they treated her order cookie order just as if she had ordered them for a catered event. We love this ❤️ place and will give them our business as long as they are open.

Justin F.

Sacks sandwiches is a delicious staple of metro Phoenix. Now just go and get a damn good sandwich already; enough said.

Tiffany W.

Quick go-to if you want a good sandwich. You can also modify your choice to make it as healthy as you want. Items are a la carte so be cognizant of that if you hoping for a combo deal. That being said, follow their Facebook page. I received two free sandwiches and a drink so far because of following the facebook page. Lastly, should you need to be conscious of time, you can order ahead of time over the phone or online to be picked up or delivered to you. I recommend looking on their website to find out their parameters for delivery.

Brittney Cooper

This place is VERY hyped for those that work at ASU. I was not impressed with the sandwiches. The staff were very kind.

Ben Moreno

Certified fresh, wholesome sandwiches. Get there early for lunch. They close up shop at 2pm

Usagi Hamilton

Love the sandwiches. Delicious, great portions, and healthy.

Alex Cruz

I've been going to this place since I was in college. I love their food. To be honest I only sick to 3 sandwiches because I love them so much but if the rest of their food is like my top 3 then you will not be disappointed. Parking can get a little tricky if the place is busy, there are only a handful of reserved spots. Other than that this pace is amazing.

Holly Singh

Awfully crumbly bread last week - we ordered two sandwiches and both had such soft bread that we could not finish our sandwiches as it broke while we tried to eat.... never happened before. Used to be our favorite place to go!

Debbie Underberg

Too slow of service and ifcy o. Pi,,a

Jon Paul White

Always a place I need to go when visiting AZ.

Desiree B.

I love the location on Thomas and 3rd. This location is not good. I asked for the sauce on the side for my O'keef sandwich and when I got home I noticed they gave us 1000 island dressing. Yuck Completely ruined the sandwiches. Never again

Janet S

Sad and Uninspired Veggie selections with pitifully stingy portions. I was invited to join my clients at their office for lunch. They told me they were ordering from Sack's and to pick out something. As there was only one veggie sandwich option, and one boring salad to chose from, I picked the sandwich. It looked amazing on the website, overflowing with veggies, as it were. I asked for no cheese, or cream cheese as I am allergic to dairy products. When I got to the lunch and opened my sandwich I almost cried. Not because it was appetizing and gorgeous but because it was so pathetic. It was on your basic grocery store wheat bread with 1 piece of lettuce, 2 slices of tomato so thin that you could read a newspaper through them, 4 slices of cucumber, 3 tablespoons of alfalfa sprouts and a few carrot slices. Hardly a meal. Luckily I brought along my own non dairy cheese slice to go on the sandwich. I was sorry that my client had spent upwards of $7 on this "lunch" for me. You would think that if a person orders a veggie sandwich that they must like veggies and you would give them a large amount. You would be wrong! I left the lunch and stopped somewhere else to get some more food.

Brittany James

Today I had a salad. It was good. But last week I had a sandwich called the Sacks Symphony. I really enjoyed that. They have flavored brewed teas. A spice tea that's nice And gives you the warm cozy feeling.

Aaron S.

I've been to this place many times before as I work at ASU. I needed to pick up something for lunch today so I looked online for their daily specials. I found one that I thought I liked, "The Big Daddy." It sounded like it would be filling and delicious based on the description. I went in and ordered from the younger guy behind the counter who seemed new. He went ahead and took my name and put the order in. After receiving my sandwich, it felt hot even though the description made it seem like it would be a cold sandwich. I asked and he confirmed that the sandwich was hot. I also noticed that it was supposed to be on a baguette and mine was on what seemed like regular bread. I didn't have enough time to make it an issue, and figured I'd give this other sandwich a try. Let's just say it was underwhelming. Might as well have been called a "sad"wich. I like that this place is quick and convenient because it is close to my office, but I believe in quality over efficiency. Sorry to say, but you can find better options on campus where they get your order right the first time.

Brett Elizabeth Curtice

Market Spice Iced Tea is the best!!

Robert Billings

Great sandwich shop. Daily specials to add variety. Great service - and you get a cookie!!!

Leslie Palella

Great place! Good food! Sweet treats!

Tze-Yee Ryan Yap

Always the best. The tag line "Art of Sandwichery" is not a joke. Been a returning customer since 1994.

Alicia Richardson

Thank you Sacks Sandwiches - ASU, for coming through with a last minute catering order! You did an awesome job as always, and everyone was very happy to get Sacks for lunch. Made for very productive working lunch. Thank you from American Indian Studies at ASU.

Kat V.

I knew this place because my office was moved to be in the same building complex. With 2-3 years working at that busy office, I became a regular at Sacks with the aim to redeem for free meal from the punched/stamped card. My favorites are Sacks Mona, Sacks Van Gough, salad with beef steak, pasta with meatballs, and the LARGE fifty-seven cookie. Although my office was moved to the new location, I continue to stop by Sacks for lunch once in a while. The sandwich and salad taste the same with the same good quality.

Laura R.

Yes, they have gluten-free bread! Call ahead to confirm since they only keep fresh gluten-free bread. It's not frozen. There is a 90 cent charge for gluten-free bread. I got the Outlaw sandwich and it was pretty darn good! The mushrooms could have been cooked a little more but otherwise it was awesome. As a gluten-free person, I really appreciate the rare opportunity to have a sandwich. Thank you, Sacks!

Lauren F.

My favorite hidden spot!! I love the staff, even as it changes with school. Their ingredients are fresh and high quality, and they have an incredibly creative menu. I almost always get their special, and am never disappointed. The Tuna Reuben (sounds crazy I know) is literally to die for. They will make anything your heart desires!! Also, try the habanero cream cheese on a sammy. Wow!

Kevin And Julie C.

I got my sandwich,"The Improv" went to a park to eat lunch, opened it up to find all the lettuce was brown on the edges and I mean all the lettuce was like that. The park is 5 Minutes from their location so it wasn't a time issue. It had to do with someone in the kitchen not taking ANY pride in what they do. $11.00 for the sandwich, a drink and chips. I've gone here for years and for the sole reason I thought of their product as being a step above the Subways of the world and paid almost twice the cost. I also don't remember the bread being soft cheap rolls I could have sworn they used to use hard crust baguettes. Don't think I want to go back.