Snakes & Lattes Tempe

20 W 6th St, Tempe
(480) 361-6644

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Loreen G.

Great place. Must go to for date night, night out with friends or families if all ages. Great fun, cool cold brew flights and board games for kids to serious strategy gamers. Definitely should check it out.

Miguel Ángel M.

Sorry but as a Chef and having to use your phone for toast which everyone is using now just not like this place. You give out personal info and then have to hunt out a server or someone. Lastly we waited over a hour for a grill cheese and freaking eggs bacon and toast! Literally the menu was easy and this place makes things more difficult. Like they have one cook back there doing all the work and some college student probably funded this not knowing how a restaurant works bought board games because you'll have to wait if you let the elderly pay. Trust me I work for The butcher and Cornish plus cater yet this has been the worse idea yet. Sorry but you need all the help you can get. Maybe one day it'll reach Denny's or something better holy baby Jesus I needed to say something.

Angela H.

This is a cool spot on 16th Street and Maple in downtown Tempe! There's an abundance of seating indoors and outdoors, and a wide variety of board games line the walls. This is a great place to study/work, as there are plenty of outlets available and free wifi. When you walk in, you seat yourself, and you place your order via viewing the menu through QR code. I ordered a smores cold brew and a southern salad, both of which came out quickly. The drink was suuuuper sweet (though, what was I expecting ordering something with mocha syrup and marshmallow cold foam?), and it wasn't my personal cup of tea. The salad was delicious and had a nice kick of spice from the addition of jalapenos, and the portioning was pretty generous! Overall, I would love to come back here in the nighttime to try their board games + drinks or just work here in the day.

Ilene H.

Came in to kill some time before dinner so we stopped in. Tried their iced chai latte with a shot of espresso; wonderful. Also decided on their cider on tap and it's a choice I don't regret. Decided to sit and play a game. We got the pretzel bites which were ridiculous. If I could fit my entire face in that cheese, I would. Since I checked in using Yelp, I got a thingy for free chips and salsa. There's a reason why they're free; mildly meh. Chips were harder than drink coasters. Sarah was our servicer and she was rad. Dominic stopped by to check on us and he was sweet. Overall, not bad.

David A.

We had a very large group here on the patio and couldn't have asked for anything better. The food and drinks were incredible. Didn't taste a bad thing from the menu and we ordered a lot of stuff. The servers took excellent care of us and made sure we were all happy. A+, keep up the awesome work!!Food: 5/5

jack petty

Cool place that blended festive and fun with enough chill to keep the right vibe. Everyone having fun and playing games. I like the ordering system and ease of it and service was good. Came for the coffee would go back to try the food and play some games

Dalila V.

Second time visiting this location- the first time went with a large group for dinner and had a good time the food was adequate but the environment was nice. The second time (most recent) we tried to go in for lunch/brunch. We asked if they had breakfast they said yes. Once we sat down we learned they only have the option of QRcodes for ordering, seeing the menu and paying. Personally I think this is a horrible move from restaurants and I hate having to use my phone to order - it's only a step towards automatizing server's jobs and I personally do not want to encourage a world where we only interact with machines instead of each other. We then tried to use the QRcode as requested but found out that you are unable to see the menu unless you provide your name and phone number. We asked for a paper menu and saw they didn't have breakfast- as we debated whether or not to stay we were told we had to throw out our coffees (which we brought from outside) because it was a health hazard but that it was okay to keep the waters? (This just doesn't make any sense). So we left and probably won't be returning to this place because honestly it's just not a fun dining experience for the quality of food they serve.

Amanda E.

First time in today and it was stellar. The games looked really cool, but we opted for just food and drinks this time around. Service was great and the food was amazing. For what you get in terms of size and price - value, value, value. Really enjoyed how they opted to do basic service, where if you needed someone to come by you could request it. Two misses for us was the BBQ Chicken Flatbread and the BLP + Avocado Sandwich. They were good, but not something we'd order again. The Korean Fried Chicken Poutine, Artichoke Dip, Mozzarella, Mini Corn Dogs, and the Cold Brew Flight were what really knocked it put for us. The Dessert Poutine was a great ending to lunch. 10/10 would highly recommend! The space is really big, where you can see people but also chose to be on your own. We will be back!

Manisha Deshpande

Loved the vibe of the place. So many game options to choose from. Service was decent and so was the food. The quantity of the food is on the higher side so it's better to come with a group!

Courtney T.

Great concept but could use some adjustments. Went mid-day on a Monday and lots of tables were open to pick from. I love that they serve a variety of menu items and give you access to lots of board games that are well categorized and clean. You could easily spend many hours here eating, drinking, and playing games, but I'd hesitate to do that give some factors I didn't like. First was being surrounded my fruit flies the entire time and having to constantly swat them away from our food. I understand having a couple Bugs here and there because of the big garage doors to open up the floor plan, but doors were all closed this day and it was unappealing to shoo away flies every few seconds. Second thing that was distasteful was the online tab system suggesting tips starting at 20% and goes up from there. This is not a full service restaurant, you place your own orders on the app. It doesn't make sense to assume a 20% tip off of that. Our orders came out wrong twice, one of our mimosa flights had a different flavor that wasn't on the menu for that specific flight, and we ordered the Korean chicken fries but got no cheese curds on it. Seeing an assumption for a 20% tip after that and the fact that we place our own orders was laughable. Otherwise this is a great date, double date, or group activity indoors in AC during az hot summer. Spent $112 on games for 2, 2 mimosa flights, elote bites, and Korean chicken fries.

David Santiago

Very unique place to hang out. The area is definitely a great place for college students to hang out and meet. Food was good, menu may not be as large as other restaurants, however, has plenty to choose from. Do play board games here, but if so, pick foods that you'd eat that won't be too messy!Attached is the Smash burger, one of the classic burgers on the menu.Vegetarian options: Impossible meat available

Vanessa H.

I really enjoyed the concept of this place! It's a bar/cafe/restaurant with all of the games you can think of! Board games, card games, etc. and from all generations. I didn't know 99% of the games they offered honestly. My friend and I just ended up playing Sorry and Trouble the whole time. To start, I ordered a dirty martini and it wasn't good. I opted for my regular Tito's and tonic afterwards. We ordered the poutine and mini corn dogs to share. Both were good. Now the biggest issue I have with this place is the way they serve you. It is ALL done on your phone. So since we are ordering drinks and food all on our phones, there is no server available to answer questions. This is the first place that I have ever been to that does things this way and it really does take away from the servers in regards to tips and service isn't very good because of it too. This is the main reason I gave this place 3 stars.


Great concept and I would be here often to study and to hang with friends if I went to ASU. I took grandma and my kids and we all enjoyed the food and the variety of games so it's great for all ages. I like that the games are organized by type of play and then by age. They also have a little card to help you pick a game out. Great way to try out games before buying as well. For was good. The Flatbread was antisocial pizza rather than Flatbread but still good.. very big. The corn fritters were delicious

Bunny Parker

Our table was a little small for four players plus food, other than that, the lattes, food, and games were excellent! We came for Sunday brunch, wish we could've tried the regular menu as the food was amazing and beautiful on the plate! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS PLACE, I PROMISE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Vee Glessner

This place is always a must-visit when I'm showing Phoenix to visitors. And it's an awesome spot for locals to get together and spend a few hours hanging out. There's never a rush or time limit here and you'll easily spend 2-4 hours playing games with your group, enjoying coffee and snacks. We love their cold brew and the cold brew flight is really fun. There is a $6 fee to play games which is well worth it for access to the vast board game wall. It's really sad they got rid of the happy hour food specials (as far as I can tell) because those were the best way to eat here. Nevertheless, I like the food and often grab the nachos - huge! - for the table to share.

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