Sonic Drive-In

630 W Elliot Rd, Tempe
(480) 897-0471

Recent Reviews

Melissa Lachvayder

If you want to hear a slew of curse words, bickering and fighting while you're waiting for your food at the drive-through window. This is the spot. Overall met with kind interactions by those handling drive-through directly. But unfortunately they were overshadowed by the cursing, Screaming and bickering in the background. Extremely unprofessional, I'm glad I didn't have my children in the car. I don't think I'll be back to this location.

Alyce Byrd

Always get my order wrong. I ordered a medium size onion rings and they did not taste good. Tasted like they had been fried in old stale grease/oil.

Jackson Abrams

This sonic has the longest wait times and rudest staff. I’ve moved on from supporting them, best of luck

Arizona Sky

We sat there with a few people there..waited for nearly 40 minutes, gave us the wrong burger, didn't ask if we needed mustard or ketchup for corn dogs, we pushed the button to get ketchup and waited for another 5 minutes until I got out and asked for condiments. They don't know how to do their job at this Sonic.Absolutely zero customer service skills. Broken machines for cards. No idea who's running the place, but we should have left after 30 minutes waiting for a burger and 3 corn dogs. I'll never be back.

Jose Alvarado

Kids that work there do not know what they are doing! Had to go threw the drive thru 5 time to fix what I order and they still didn’t get it right! All of them need to be fired!!

Jerry P.

Incident occurred on August 10th, from 8pm to 9:03pm. Stall #16 Check 404 I visited this location with a friend, and we both ordered chicken sandwich combos (I added pickle fries to mine) and mozzarella sticks. There was not many customers at this drive-thru, yet we waited for our food for an hour. Halfway through the hour, we checked up on our food and were told it would be out soon. At the hour mark, after watching people who had arrived after us leave, we decided to exit our stall and get in the drive-thru line to talk to someone face-to-face about the issue. We were told our food was nearly done if we wanted to continue to wait, but both my friend and I were upset because we watched several cars fly through the drive-thru and others in the stall leave while we still had to wait. We asked for a refund, then the food was ready... I told them unless they food was free, I didn't want it and would rather take my business somewhere else that valued my time. Not one person apologized for it taking such an extremely long time. They were not short staffed, as there were several employees there. The manager on duty that night totally avoided us. Horrible and slow service. No empathetic people. Irresponsible manager on duty.

Ben T.

I really enjoy their desserts but they have been consistently out of something unexpected. Once was because they were out of cups and another time it was because they were out of cones. Workers are always friendly and polite - the only redeeming factor for this location.


-Hair in the burnt chicken sandwhich-half of the order was missing-a supreme burrito containing only uncooked slimy eggs inside.- I asked for a reeses+ cookie dough blast 3 times and the server kept ignoring me and mumbling about me to the other coworkers- upon delivery i could tell that the worker was stoned past recognitionI love sonic but i hope this place gets shut down

_Crims0N R.

The chicken sandwhich was burnt and had a hair on the pickle, the reason i didnt bite into it was because it was so stale and as hard as a rock. My boyfriend got a supreme breakfast burrito with bacon and the only thing inside the burrito was uncooked slimy eggs. I ordered 2 cheddar poppers and didnt recieve them. The workers were really rude and ignored me when i tried to speak up. Dont go to this location

Jasmine Matix

I didn't eat, but my friend had quite a bit more than a meal... ? he said it was delicious & hit the spot! Then we took a ride to the lake ????

Julie DePalma

Sonic has the best Cherry lime-aid. It’s very refreshing. Their soft pretzels are bomb too!!

Paul Frank

I really like Sonic and I would love to give them more stars but they got my order wrong. It was late at night and I didn't want to wait another 15 minutes to get my food. Plus I had a tired child in the car with me and he even heard my order. Thank you and have a great day


When you have to say hello is anyone there 3 times in a spand of 7-10 minutes at the drive through without anyone saying one moment or I'll be with you shortly you know it's bad. Slowww

samuel john

Let me explain the consistent issues that I have at this location. Right by my house, I will never be returning after (shamefully) almost 100 orders.It’s ridiculous that it consistently takes 20+ minutes for an order of fries and a drink. I abide by the newfangled technologies and place my order online through the app before arriving. I then enter my stall # immediately upon arrival.My order never, ever makes it out to me in under 10 minutes. And it consistently takes upwards of 20 minutes for the order to reach me.I know that it is 1000% due to the mismanagement of the store. For their drive stall order wait time metrics, they mark in the system that they’re on the way with the order. They’re not lol. Attached is a photo of what it will look like for at least 10 minutes after it tells you “Alyssa is on the way with your order!”The red button has been blinking for 5 minutes now, as the order was not sent out 10 minutes ago when it said that the associate was on the way with the order.And again, this is NOT 1 time, this is NOT 20 times, this is dozens upon dozens of times. My husband has cancer and this is a simple treat for the tough days that we have sometimes. You have to have something simple and small to look forward to.Anyways, that’s about it. The fries are only actually hot (or warm) 1 out of 10 times ? which is perfect for us because we adore cold fries that were fried 20 minutes prior? 30 minutes?These people don’t apologize for anything. I’ve only actually made a complaint to them two or three times because we always forget after we get home, no apology, no kindness. Just “we can remake that for you”I don’t understand, it is not hard to be kind. I’m constantly so kind to everyone that I interact with, I’m fed up with people being rude jerks for no reason. I’m not sarcastic, not funny or special, just normal and kind. Should I not be spending money here? Should I not be kind to you? Should I not be tipping??? What the heck am I doing wrong to deserve constant unkindness from people these days.I hope y’all are happy. What you put out is what you get back, but I’ll continue to be nice to everyone I meet.

Journie B.

Incredibly disappointed in this place. We're from out of town and have never been to a sonic before. Service was terrible and the girl who served us rolled her eyes and practically threw our receipt at us. She got our order wrong numerous times and did not communicate anything to us as to why she didn't give us our food. I'm extremely unhappy and don't recommend this place to anyone. Also, our shakes we got were spoiled and tasted sour.

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