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4435 S Rural Rd, Tempe
(480) 699-2539

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Sudipto Bhowmik

Ordered razor clams, the snail in thai sauce and cafe sua da.Service: I had gone during an off time near 2pm to avoid large crowds but that ended up being the time when they all had started to eat so was treated as if I was intruding on their time which means with minimal interaction ( even though they were eating next to me) and disdain. However somewhat excusable for a small mom and pop storeFood: This was by far the worst part of my experience. The razor clams turned out to be rotten and the snail a mixture between overcooked and undercooked. Almost like they had 2 batches one which was properly thawed and the other which was just removed from the freezer. Also they provided a few blunt toothpicks which meant getting at the tiny snail meat was really challenging.

Brian N

Authentic and delicious Vietnamese food. Family and I had the Bun Bo Hue and they don’t skimp on any meats or vegetables. The clams hit the spot as an entree and don’t get me started with their drinks. One of the best Cafe Sua Da I’ve had. Perfect blend of coffee and sweetness without being heavy on the stomach. The sugar cane drink (#100) is refreshing for hot Az.

Trevor Tyrrell

I was looking for a nice location that was not too big or overcrowded for an intimate lunch date. I'm usually not a big fan of Pho but this place exceeded my expectations. I wanted to impress the person that I was with & Vina's was perfect for what I was looking for. We both noticed that the menu was very large and it had more than enough choices to satisfy anyone's palette. The strawberry tea was amazing! We also had an iced coffee after the meal that was delicious and half the price of the other not to mention "brand name" coffee shops. If you're looking for a place to have quick yet yummy bite to eat, try Vina's! You won't be disappointed.

Suzan H.

Excellent service very attentive! Food portions are big and quality is very fresh. Thank you for great food and service


Having heard a lot about this restaurant, I decided to try it last night. The restaurant is small with tables put pretty near each other, so you have a little space to walk around.FOOD. They have plenty of vietnamese seafood dishes. I was really excited to try their food when looking at the Menu. The fried rice and coconut desert are yummy. The grilled pork vermicelli is ok. The grill squid is marinated too much salty when eating it alone, which destroyed my taste. I wish they put lettuce or cucumber on the side, it will contribute to the decoration and minimize the salty taste.SERVICE. Busy during rush hour and shortage of staff. Mexican or so lady is friendly, but not the vietnamese lady. When I just ordered drink and did not have time to look at the Menu for food, she asked me like “that’s all for you?” Well, she thought I didn’t have enough money to pay for or something? And is there something wrong to order just drink alone? First impression was bad. Then, I had to wait around 40mins for food to be served. Tbh, I did not expect that long since I had something else to do. After I had done eating, my food to-go was not ready. I said, “it’s Ok since I dont want to wait any longer. I need to leave”. I went to check out. They still charged me for the food to-go. I asked, “are you ready for it?”She nodded. However, they let me waiting for another 5-10 minutes. I got angry. I said “food now or refund!” They said “3 minutes”!! What’s the heck? They did not respect my TIME. How bad they run the business.Overall, if you need just the food, you can try this restaurant. If you expect the good service with comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the food and relax, go to somewhere else.

Catherine Wei

Definitely authentic Vietnamese food. Delicious food, good service. Their meat ball is a must try, sooooo juicy!!

Cindy C.

Vina's kitchen offers what other Vietnamese restaurants in AZ doesn't...more seafood dishes such as clams, scallops, and snails. We ordered scallops for our table and it was a hit. Their spring rolls were very fresh. Bun bo hue was spot on with all the bells and whistles. Grilled pork rice plate was delicious too. Fast and friendly service but it is fairly small place so be prepare to wait for a table especially for larger groups. Enjoy!

Karen W.

4.5/5 Vina's Kitchen occupies the spot previously held by Kood hot pot restaurant. The menu is diverse and expansive. I love how there are so many seafood options on it, and with types of seafood not often found such as whelk, conch, snail and abalone. We've gotten some entrees and spring rolls from here as takeout quite a few times and have been impressed with the quality and quantity of what we've received. The vermicelli entrees come packed to the brim and have that delightful combination of textures and contrasting flavors that I love. I'm a fan of the spring rolls too but then again I haven't met a spring roll I didn't like yet! Service has always been speedy and friendly. It's a definite winner if you're in the mood for Vietnamese food in Tempe.

Vicki B.

Went here for the first time. I got their #62 stir fried conch meat with garlic butter sauce. It was tasty however. I wish the menu had mentioned it has toasted coconut in it as I'm not a huge fan of coconut. But their green sauce helped mask the coconut. Their service was not that great. I asked for sugar with my tea... had to ask again after they brought the tea. They brought less than a packet of sugar. Asked for a cup of rice as the conch doesn't come with anything, again had to ask after they delivered. No one checked back with me regarding my food etc. My biggest concern, from where I was sitting I could see several feet into the kitchen, and could see things that were supposed to be refrigerated (health code) just sitting out on the counter the whole time I was there. I also observed one of the servers reaching into the containers to put some toppings on a soup With bare hands. This really makes me question what's happening that I can't see.

Abby S.

Tasty food with unique options and a lot of room to improve (in a positive sense)! I came with my family on a Friday afternoon, and there was plenty of parking in the plaza that the restaurant is in. We were seated immediately. Service was lowkey (as is usual at many Asian restaurants) but polite and attentive. The menu reminded me a lot of the restaurants you'd find in Southern California's Little Saigon! They have an extensive seafood menu with clams, snails, and more, which was impressive. They also have your standard fare (pho, rice plates, and vermicelli dishes) that you find at most Vietnamese restaurants. I ordered the bắp xào trứng muối (Vietnamese street corn with butter, tiny dried shrimp, scallions, fried shallots, and salted egg) and it was *chef's kiss* so delicious! It was savory, delectable, and had a strong shrimp taste. The serving size was enough to share among 4 people, and we finished the whole plate. I also ordered the cánh gà chiên nước mắm (deep fried chicken wings dressed in fish sauce), and I was also thrilled by this. The sauce was sticky and coated the wings perfectly, and it was savory with a slight kick (but it wasn't too spicy, coming from someone with 0 spice tolerance!). I was seriously smacking on these wings lol. I would definitely order this again to replace all of my American-style wing cravings! My family also ordered the grilled scallops with garlic butter (sò điệp nướng bơ tỏi). The garlic butter combo was obviously delicious, and I appreciated the use of fried garlic to add some texture to the bite. On most of our scallops, the butter mixture dried out, leaving the scallops dry and under-sauced for our taste. The scallops were also pretty stuck to the shell, and it was hard to remove completely. I think this could be easily corrected for with a change of technique or timing in the kitchen, so I have hope that this dish will improve in the future! My family also ordered a vermicelli bowl and a bowl of pho, all of which were up to par in their opinions. We ordered an extra bowl of noodles and found a small hair in it, so we hope that folks in the back can bun up/tie their hair in the future. Overall, I highly enjoyed my meal and would definitely come back to try more on the menu!

Spencer Mckrell

Good food.

Erica S.

I've never ordered takeout pho but they have amazing take out pho! And they provided the necessary/ traditional toppings that belong on pho. The broth was delicious, can't wait to have more pho here.

Sarah B.

I've never had Vietnamese seafood before, but love shellfish and Vietnamese food so we went to check it out. The staff were really helpful in making recommendations and helped me when I wasn't sure how to eat the snails. All the food was delicious. We also got drinks, they were also delicious and beautiful. Overall a great experience.

Thuy N.

While visiting Phoenix, our family took us to Vina's kitchen for lunch. I have to say that they have the best Vietnamese seafoods that I have had for a long time. The seafoods are fresh and great flavor. Our favorite is stir fried sweet snail with chili salt. I would highly recommend this place.

Xuan N.

We went late but the host and the servers were very accommodating and nice.,, Food came out fast ,,Sevice was excellent

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