Agustin Kitchen

100 South Avenida del Convento #150, Tucson
(520) 398-5382

Recent Reviews

Kay S.

We visited for lunch the day before Thanksgiving with a large multi-generational group. The restaurant was not busy but service was very slow (to clarify, the server was great but the order was taken after some delay and our food came about ONE HOUR LATER). I had the skillet. The eggs were undercooked and I should have sent them back. The dish tasted odd though I was very hungry (having waited a long time) and went ahead and ate much of it including the eggs, toast and many of the brussel sprouts. In the middle of the night I had a serious bout of food poisoning, throwing up repeatedly over the next few hours. I was weak and unable to eat for days. I think the eggs or cream in the sauce were bad. My Thanksgiving -- and that of my extended family in from multiple cities -- were pretty much ruined as we were supposed to host. A complete bummer. Hopefully my stomach will eventually get back on track. I do not like leaving this type of review as I appreciate that even very good businesses can make occasional serious mistakes around food quality... the food business is very hard and unforgiving. However, I was unable to find contact info on their website to let them know what happened in a more direct / less public way.

Rory V.

Thanksgiving buffet was horrible. The food was uninspiring and stale and the warming trays were mostly empty. The large stainless salad bowl was completely empty. The dessert pastries were pathetic. The entire dining experience was a waste of money. Two adults, one glass of cheap wine and a forced 20% gratuity totaled $154. Never ever again will we squander our time and money at Agustin Kitchen. We are horribly disappointed with our dinner choice this Thanksgiving.

Eileen L.

We had reservations for the Thanksgiving brunch/dinner buffet this year. I was very disappointed in the food and the service. The turkey - including the dark meat - was very dry and the sides were just OK - not very good. The prime rib was good. It was very disappointing that we could not get "regular" bread or rolls - only sweet breads. I expected better food when the buffet price was $55. This was a buffet so I didn't expect much from the servers other than to clear plates (which was slow) and to refill our drinks (iced tea and an Arnold Palmer) along with our water. We did not get refills at all. To top it off, we were charged a 22% gratuity for a party of 2 - not what I expected and not worth a $20+ tip for no refills and a buffet. Certainly wasn't worth the $140+ price tag for 2 with no alcohol consumption. I would have loved to give this local restaurant a great review - you disappointed me Agustine.

Steph D.

My coresident and I ate outside on the patio. It was about $20 for the lunch special cheeseburger. It was a thick juicy patty and the service was great! Seemed like finer dining for burgers

Anne S.

Fabulous shrimp with risotto and angus burger in the bar. Great service and excellent house red. Ended up here after the long line and circus on the patio. I can totally see how annoyed the bar staff is doing beer for the Seis crowd. Would totally return here and by pass Seis.

Amber B.

We went here with a large group for a birthday dinner. The night began well. We made reservations, got sat right away, and ordered our drinks quickly. The cocktails were delicious! Everything took a turn for the worst when we ordered food. The appetizers didn't come out before the food. Well, one did but the rest didn't. And one of the apps didn't come out at all (but was on the bill and we had to ask for it to be taken off). The entrees (and the apps) were served randomly. One entree was so early, and our guest was too polite to eat without us, that the food got cold while she waited. It also took over an hour to get everyone's food out. During this time, our server was MIA. We had no drinks and random food. Once I finally got my entree, I was horrified. I had the Cioppino and it tasted like cheap marinara sauce with overcooked shellfish in it. I couldn't even find the server to send it back. I think she was completely embarrassed by the kitchen. In the end, the manger came over and bought the table desert but I was still so disappointed. This is not a cheap restaurant and I expected more. S

Aleeta Alice

Very good food, beautiful environment, nice staff, highly recommended, easy parking.

Darlene M.

When a restaurant has such a small/limited menu they really need to make sure that everything is cooked perfectly and as requested. Also their website is not very clear on the fact that on Saturday and Sundays they do not serve lunch, they only serve brunch and dinner. Nor do they have soups or specials. The ambiance is really nice inside and in the courtyard. My daughter and I enjoyed our food but .... it took about 40 minutes. We had a two year old with us which made the waiting seem even longer. Also the restaurant was not busy! Which when I called to make the reservation that morning they implied that they were super booked for parent weekend and UA homecoming. Not even a third filled when we were there, inside or outside. The children's menu is fabulous with a variety of items to chose. Big portions on the kids meal. Very good for the price point. My daughter and I both had brunch dishes. Both were good. She had the Salmon Gravlax Asparagus Benedict and I had the Skillet with bacon. The guys had the AK hamburgers which was not prepared as requested, and they were only so so. Unfortunately the hamburger was smaller than the bun and the bun over powered the hamburger. The herb garlic fries were mostly oil and some garlic but very little herb was in it. Our waiter tried really hard to make up for the incorrect hamburger order and apologized multiple times.

Julia Levine

Iâ??ve been here many times and always had great experiences. My friend wanted to have a birthday dinner here and we had high expectations.


Great food and staff. Easy parking. Lots of shops around to enjoy.

Raymond Rugg

My meal was extremely disappointing, ordered the Cioppino the sauce had so much lemon it was like eating a bowl of acid, paid extra for bread, which was very dried out and hard, for $33 it was barely eatable, should have sent it back but the scallops, shrimp and fish died to be eaten and not dumped in trash. For the price you would expect better quality control.

Betsy Allen

Great dinner and drinks spot with a very cool vibe â??

Rochelle M.

One of the most amazing meals I've eaten in my life. Oysters were spectacular! They have a happy hour menu with surprisingly well-priced food and drinks. Service was polite and attentive but never hovering. Beautiful space. I loved it, awesome place for date night, family occasion or just enjoying a cocktail on a warm summer evening. I will definitely be back.


Great Happy Hour menu and pricing. Our party of three enjoyed the burger, Mezze platter (hummus) and an extra order of garlic herb frites..everything was delicious. We could have probably all shared the platter and been happy. Service was good. Great atmosphere as well.

Hannah W.

This is a great brunch spot. The dishes are fresh, clean, and satisfying in all the right ways. The wine list is on point and the dining room is the perfect mix of comfortable and classy. If you find yourself in the area post meridiem, Agustín has a stellar happy hour (3-6 daily). I'm particularly fond of the pesto chicken sandwich - a Barrio Bread base topped with a tangy sheep's milk feta and accompanied by thin, well-cooked and seasoned fries. The sandwich (like some of the other menu options) is a bit pricy, but the ingredients are high quality and worth it. Give yourself a bit of time to stroll around the Mercado before or after for a sweet treat at La Estrella or a coffee at Presta. Alternatively or in addition, walk down to the MSA Annex.

Kenneth W.

We returned for brunch, partly because the management sent me a gift card. I have to say, this meal was quite an improvement. Our eggs were cooked beautifully and the house sausage is delicious. We picked an off hour so the noise level was fine. I was impressed by the number of staff gathered in what appeared to be meetings. Perhaps they were discussing sports, but my guess is they were seriously working. I certainly would come back and expect another good meal.

Becky McGrath

Mario was unpleasant from the start. My food was incorrect and I guess that annoyed him because I got no apology or offer for something else. Mistakes happen....could have been resolved if he would adjust his attitude. You work with the public least fake it.

Rebecca M.

First time visit and will be the last. Our server Mario either was having a bad day or possibly hates his job based on the poor service we received. I ordered a chicken sandwich with no Mustard. After waiting more than 20 minutes for 2 sandwiches I noticed that Mustard was put on the bread and then scraped off. When I let Mario know he simply said, I will tell the kitchen. He walked away without asking if I wanted anything else other than a to go box. why would I want to take home something I didn't like or order? I guess he thought he did me a favor by taking something off the bill that I did not order. I am aware that what the kitchen does is not the servers fault but the IDGAF attitude was! I was left eating fries for lunch. They were good as was my brothers sandwich. This was a mistake and could have been resolved with a server with a different attitude.

Jade N.

I'm a Tucson local now living in Phoenix who just needed a taste of home this past weekend. I came to Agustin Kitchen with my boyfriend and was instantly regretting the fact that I had never been here before. It was SO GOOD. We started our meal with the baked oysters which were divine. I knew I wanted a Manhattan to drink, and order the house version, the Montenegro Manhattan, which was a savory take on the classic with amaro and orange bitters. And for dinner, I had the Salmon, which was paired with aldente beluga lentils (I had to ask the server because they were to die for, and I've never had something like them before). My boyfriend ordered the Sea Bass which was on special and also fantastic. We were both so happy to have finally visited Agustin Kitchen and will absolutely be back.

Kathy Kolmer

Try the old fashioned and the mussels. Happy hour is exquisite!

E.M. Porter

Food is ok, though pricey and limited in selection. Have a drink here for the atmosphere but eat at Seis in the same plaza.


Agustin is one of those restaurants we were thrilled to see in Tucson, when they opened.

Hippo M.

Amazing experience try the Ciopino you won't regret it. The chocolate creme brûlée is to die for. Our server Misha was very knowledgeable and gave excellent recommendations. Will definitely come back again.

Leo T.

It is dinner time at 5:30pm Saturday. Not very many people maybe it's because it is raining outside and puddles of mud. But the atmosphere in here is upscale looking and the food prices are also a bit on the medium pricey side $$$. The hibiscus margarita is strong but has good flavor. I asked for red wine but he gave me Pinot Grigio, but it's all good. The sirloin peppadew is pretty good flavorful with mint, horseraddish. The ciopinno is flavorful and shrimp and scallop is cooked perfectly but the chicken in the risotto is a bit dry.

Kimberly Rose

The atmosphere was really nice - sort of old world meets modern design. Very cozy with lower lighting, allowing you to focus on your date. We started with the braised mushrooms, which were excellent. Very flavorful. I had the Carrot Risotto and my date had the veal. Presentation of the dishes were good, the flavors were also good. Somewhat on the rich side, though. Not as balanced as the flavors of the mushrooms. Service was attentive and friendly.


Not sure if I have placed a review here yet but I just love Augustin kitchen. The staff, the food, the style, it's just all amazing. They also have a separate private room you can rent out for special occasions and parties. We have done that as well and had a great experience. They always have great cocktail recipes and the chef is willing to accommodate for any need, allergy or special occasion. We have been her on date night, couples night and with family and never had a bad experience. You'd have to be pretty square to leave a bad review for Augustin kitchen, all they want is to make your experience as perfect as possible. Make a reservation and have a great night.

Amber Soergel

A little pricey, but worth it. Very fancy inside, so great for special occasions. Casual outside with misters or heaters as the weather needs. Food was perfection. Service was a little slow, but likely to allow for lingering.


My friend who ordered the BLT for lunch said sheâ??d never had such a good and special BLT. The server was very available and pleasant.


The resturant is very nice as far as atmosphere. The server talked so low it was hard to hear him. The oysters were amazing to say the least and had the one we liked which sometimes is hard to find. Service was great from what seemed like the management. Had to track don the server for a drink. The wine selection was ok and not what I personally hoped for. The pork was good but dry. I asked for no rice cause of an allergy. Guess what, rice was all over the plate. He offered to replate it which doesn't help. The steak was very good and no fat. but 2 pieces were a tough tendon. Thought is was odd and they sliced the meat for presentation.


This restaurant has a creative and tasty menu. Try anything that sounds good to you, it will be good. Even during our hot summer, I like to sit outside with the misters going. Very pleasant and good background activity while you dine. The fried nopales are superb. Everything is fresh and served beautifully

Michelle B.

Just came here for a work lunch and was very, very pleased with the service and the food. The wilted kale salad received rave reviews from two of my coworkers. If you're not sure if you're in the mood for a salad, but you're on the fence, go ahead and get the salad. Both coworkers really loved it. My boss added chicken to her salad and really, really loved how tender it was. The dressing was also a delight. I ordered the turkey pesto sandwich and really enjoyed it. It was an "expensive" sandwich but once I tasted the sheep's cheese that they put on it I was so glad I'd decided to go this way. It was very yummy. Came with garlic fries and they were thin, delicious, and overall were a good choice to have. Another coworker ordered the burger and enjoyed it. The huevos rancheros dish was also very good, and made a good afternoon breakfast dish. It was plated very nicely and had some great tasting toppings. For desserts we tried their coffee selections (good) as well as the apple cobbler (only negative thing to say is that it is very, very sweet--still good but if you're not into very sweet things this is not for you), the chocolate creme brulee (wow! very good and had a molasses cookie with it!), and the pear (a very light, yet delicious dessert). Loved the atmosphere and enjoyed all of the food. My only star reduction is that the place is pricey. The barrio bread on the appetizer is $5 and we ended up getting a tiny half piece of bread that could give four people one small slice. That's robbery, in my opinion, no matter how good the bread is. If they reduced prices just a tad, I think they'd get a lot more business (just my opinion!) although again, the food was great.


We have been enjoying the brunch items at Agustin Kitchen for two years now. From the mesquite pancakes, various egg benedict offering to the skillet. You can choose to eat on the patio or inside.

Mandy T.

I went for dinner on Saturday night and sat outside in the courtyard. I thought it would be too hot but it was perfect with the misters on. There was live music and the whole courtyard was very alive with activity which made for a great backdrop. They didn't have a white fish option this time so I tried their salmon. It was not fishy and tasted good. The sirloin appetizer was amazing, very flavorful, and the pea soup was good as well. I preferred the Tom Collins w/ St. George's over the one with Haymans Old Tom gin. I am so sad...they no longer make beignets for dessert =(

Madelynn F.

Good service and a chill vibe. I have been here about 4 times and no complaints. They have a patio and you can bring your dog. The bar serves good drinks. I love the margaritas. The decor is interesting and eye catching. I love the antler chandelier! I love the open kitchen and the granite counter. I usually go for happy hour. I have had their burger and appetizers. The Seared Sirloin & Peppadews was flavor, but the cut of meat was fatty and I ended up spitting out a few fatty pieces. Brussel sprouts were well seasoned and I love that they added shredded cheese. It's a great place to come wind down after work

Alexia A.

Had a big petty here & the experience wasn't pleasure. The waiter insisted on reading the menu when the whole party hadn't even arrived yet. The food was pretty but my grandma cooks better. I would say only 1/5 of the plate had protein and the "salad" or vegetable pieces made up the rest of the plate. Can't relate & wouldn't recommend. Would've rather spent $700 at Hub down the street.

Teresa S.

Wanted Mexican but the place (seis) next door to Agustin had no indoor seating and it was very hot out so we Ended up here accidentally. Totally loved it Happy hour from 3-6 high end appetizers ie: calamari, mussels, cheese board, grilled shrimp Angus burger 7-18$ and 5$ margaritas & beer and wine. Will be back tomorrow after we register for college at UofA..

Helen M.

During this past year, my family tried Agustin Kitchen after living in Tucson for four decades and never venturing to this area. Unfortunately we have been highly disappointed, despite having given this place several chances. On various visits, members of my family ordered what sounded like a sumptuous burger from the menu, we ordered 'medium-well' and were stunned to receive burgers that were literally like charcoal briquets, really not edible but since I was out with my sister, we didn't want to complain and managed to choke down what should have been a juicy seeming burger. My brothers went during this last Saturday afternoon and were extremely disappointed with the food as well. They too ended up with fossilized burgers, the Huevos Rancheros had corn tortillas that were either so stale or overcooked that they could barely cut it, the bacon was extremely tough, it was hard trying to bite a piece off even. The stunning thing also was that they were told that the restaurant was "out of ketchup" (!), so they had fries without any. Just an overall huge let-down, especially for the prices. Will NOT be returning. Just consistently bad I'm sorry to say.


Wonder place for an outdoor brunch while the weather permits. Food was tasty and menu offered a nice variety with some local flair.

Miguel constantino

Hello nice place to visit ð??? and on Thursday from 3:00 to 7 pm ? See you there enjoy O take your family see you there .

Kala J.

This place is featured within a mercado, several restaurants or venues that share a courtyard which is rare but an excellent idea. I was there for a work event and I must say the wait staff want very friendly but attentive. Matthew was our server and as we were a rather big party, people coming and going so all of our bills were separate. I ordered the calamari and garlic frites, took about 20 minutes to come out, if that. I tried the calamari, had other person try the calamari but none of us liked it. It was too soft (I like it fried hard) but it was also Asian inspired so I just couldn't get with the flavors so I sent it back. The garlic frites I devoured! Nothing special about them though. It was a good evening and I'd return just because I liked the atmosphere and to possibly try other items on the menu. There as ample parking as it is near a trolley stop, all free from what I can tell. I didn't go inside the restaurant but it looked quiet and reserved from what I could see from outside.