Ba-Dar Chinese Restaurant

7321 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 296-8888

Recent Reviews

Mark Makarychev

Great tasting, very healthy, and not too expensive. The staff is very polite and it's always been a pleasure ordering here!


The best chinese food restaurant in Tucson hands down. Came back to visit after 5 years and was pleased to find BaDar was still here. The Broccoli Beef was great with real meat and not that soft substitute that some restaurants use. The Mongolian Beef was the same great quality and the Barbecue Pork Fried Rice was freshly made and very delicious.

TaJeantae M.

What a roller coaster ride. Appreciated that they are taking Covid (delta variant) seriously! Very nice lady running things. Ordered three things and each was around 12-13 dollars. Kind of pricey. The good. Braised green beans outstanding preparation but not much flavor. No garlic, no salt, no spice. (Except for the perfectly cook beans) The next good, also started out just a little too sweet was the orange crispy beef. Not the best cuts of beef and tasted better the next day as beef was still crispy after refrigeration. Thirdly, and I was warned, "The egg foo young is our own recipe" It was two small fiberous nests and the sauce was bland. Seriously, instead of a soft egg-bean sprout with diced meat pancake, it felt and tasted like I was chewing and trying to taste a hemp stalk or the bottom of a palm tree! I think they are very much influenced by clientele saying, "it's too ____salty, garlicky, spicey!" I will try this place again with more direction from me as to how I like things!

Thomas P.

My favorite Eastside Chinese restaurant! I stopped going there during the pandemic shutdown (only to go) Don't know why they haven't opened their dining room yet, but I will be a return customer when they do

Brendan M.

Always impressed with the food and speed for take out orders! We order the soups, beef/broccoli and orange chicken. They offer a free side of an egg rolls when we call which is also an added bonus to order from this place. Food, price and service is top notch!!!

Roger H.

As of July 06, 2021: closed. Also says NO DINE IN. I think the Covid 19 excuse has been way overused by some businesses. Many of Ba-Dar's competitors have long ago moved on from that circus, so I will not be going to Ba-Dar.

Sarina Mann

We come here very often for delivery and take-out. I love all the vegetarian options, and the huge menu! Everything we've had has been awesome, and we've eaten here a ton of times.I really like the vegetarian fried gyoza, the bean curd/tofu soup with egg and seaweed, and the mushroom and cabbage dish. Highly recommend this place :)

Richard Soto

AWSOME Staff, Best Entertaimant, Professional Service, Awdome food.Rooms are really nice, clean, Best bang for your buck hands down!Thank you.R.Soto

Scott Banaszak

This is my go to place for Chinese food. Their orange beef is to die for. And their lo mein is absolutely delicious as well. Good flavor on every dish that I've eaten here so far. Highly recommend this place.

Elizabeth K.

I grew up going to Ba-Dar pretty frequently. It's was one of my family favorites. I recently moved back to the east side and was worried if Ba-Dar would live up to the expectations in my memory.... Called in a lunch order, it was ready in 10-15 minutes ready when I got there. Friendly and quick check-out service. The food was so fresh and delicious! We got Sesame Chicken, BBQ pork fried rice, Egg flower soup, and an egg roll and then a separate order of Beef Fried Rice. The portions were generous and fit the price. The food was delicious, got and fresh. The soup was yummy. The egg roll was cooked well and their sweet and sour sauce was spot on. I definitely recommend it. It is just as I remembered. And I will definitely be back!

Mary S.

Been my favorite Chinese reataurant in Tucson for 20 years now! Everything is authentic and on point! And they'll gladly deliver to you too!

Bill W.

I had heard it was so good - all the reviews that were giving 4 and 5 stars. They either had a very bad night or something but for the price it wasn't even worth half of the $77 I spent. The food was just BAD the egg foo young is supposed to have like three omelette type patty's - I I have no idea what was in this but they were sour or they tasted really off, they were disgusting there was no normal ingredients that normally would be in egg foo yong the Cantonese chicken chow mein had mushrooms and they were so rubbery you couldn't even chew them and the house chow mein had one shrimp some shredded chicken and could not find any other meat and that was $14 and again the rest of the food just was not worth the money at all. For a restaurant that is supposed to been around so long and Cove it is over and I am fine with them not having dine in service but the order was only supposed to take 20 minutes I was early and got there in about 10 minutes and the order was sitting on the counter already whenever I usually get Chinese food takeout it's always so hot so fresh and this was actually like having food at it and sitting around and stuffed it in containers and I wasn't even that hot it was very disappointing I would not recommend ever going to Be Dar

Lorinda Garcia

Their service is good and fast, their variety of food is very good, they do not use salt which is good too. They don't need it their food has lots of flavor. Good chinese food?

Nicole S.

This used to be our favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere. I come here from Michigan to visit my dad and this was always on the list of places to go. Truly this was the best Chinese around and my previous review from years ago reflected that. We ordered dinner from Ba Dar the other night and had to do pick up because they are not doing sit down. The food was awful. My dad got beef and pea pods and it was not fresh at all. The beef was soggy and pea pods all over cooked. I ordered the sesame tofu which I literally come for each time I visit here. It too was not fresh or fluffy and the sauce just soaked all in. It was awful. My husband ordered the sweet and sour pork and same thing. Soggy and awful. I suspect that this is all because of take out. It continues to steam and cook in the containers. The only reason I am writing this review is because we heard that they are not planning to open to indoor dining again and that is a horrible shame. The food was always so fresh and crisp and we are so sad to see this great restaurant go by the wayside. I hope that they will open back up for inside dining. The food was excellent when fresh.


That was the strangest "Chinese" food that I've ever eaten. I had the Mongolian Beef and beside the beef, onions, and noodles it was nothing like any Mongolian Beef I've had in 56 years. It was a very new and unusual dish that wasn't bad and I did enjoy it but I'll not order it again. I prefer my Mongolian Beef to taste like Mongolian Beef.My wife had the Sesame Chicken. It was absolutely awful. When she told me that it was candy coated chicken I asked for a taste. Ugh! It was very much a candied sugar coated chicken. Nothing resembling Sesame Chicken except that it contained chicken and had sesame seeds on it. Cheap little machine-made and packaged "egg-rolls" and Egg Flower soup with no egg in it at all made the meal little more than a big disappointment.I'll go elsewhere for "Chinese" food from now on.

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