Ba-Dar Chinese Restaurant

7321 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 296-8888

Recent Reviews

Melissa M.

My favorite Chinese food place!! I love all of the food here but my favorite is the orange chicken.

Lois K.

We have been getting takeout from BaDar about once a week for a while now. I don't think it's the best I have ever had, but it is good and the portions are very generous. I can recommend it.

Rhonda Z.

Just ordered take out from Ba-Dar...absolutely delicious! Had the broccoli shrimp and an egg roll. They added 2 more vehicles egg rolls to my order because my order was over $15. Order was fresh, hot and delicious! Will definitely return soon. Tip well, they work very hard and deserve it.

Christina Lane

Dont ever try egg drop soup because everytime I do it's so nasty.Ba~dars is the best I've ever had .And I got a large for a very reasonable price and it was 32 oz.due to covid we did take out but cant wait to go in and try something place to eat.❤❤❤❤❤

Julia Hiddema

Waited almost 2 hours for me and my son's food and they messed up on the order and the manager Sophie was rude and arguing with me and told me that the prices listed on their online menu is wrong and I told her she should update it and she told me try going on the right website and wanted to charge me almost $50 for our meal I have been going to this place for years and it's sad that they are losing a long time customer and I will make sure to put the word out not to go here their customer service is horrible and they don't care about their customers and will be reporting them

Daline Garris

They put pineapples on sweet and sour chicken. Soggy and the worst thing I've ever had. And I'm not if that was chicken!

Josh T.

I am always very hesitant about Chinese food based on my work experience in kitchens. However I have personally seen the kitchen and can report that they run a very clean establishment. I always get the chicken curry or the Mongolian chicken, it never lets me down.

Angel Santiago

Great menu options, friendly staff and very covid19 conscious with customers! Food is very good!!

Tina Snow

This is always amazing never been disappointed been coming here since 96 when I first moved to town

David B.

After many years of eating here, we had THE WORST meal ever from any place!!!! The War Wonton soup was cold and the dumplings were not firm just mush!!!! The diners were without taste at all, they just warm. The portion size was very small for all items. This was a to-go order but still I would think they would do a good job, there are other Chinese Restaurants in town to go to. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! !! ! ! !

Adely H.

Ordered for pick up, they will call when your order is ready. Also, prior to entering you need to call to advise you are outside. Don't forget your mask! Got the Mongolian beef, wontons and egg rolls. Everything tasted so good! Definitely ordering again.


I tried to like this place, even gave it a second chance after the 1st disaster meal which entirely ended up in the trash. Overpriced, terribly bland food. The beef tastes off, the fried rice may as well be plain brown rice. I am the furthest thing from Chinese and I make better Chinese food. Never again!

Dominick Argenziano

Best Chinese food in Tucson hands down!!!! The food is always on point. I've never had anything that wasn't absolutely delicious. Wish I could give them more stars.

Christina Montano

Delivery order was ready on time and my daughter said they were very friendly they had great customer service, for her to say that is.....

Mark S.

The need for an abundance of caution during this COVID-19 crisis has made ordering food become the norm. Ba-dar delivers... literally and in the execution of their food. They have a really large menu so, if you can't find something you like, well... Chinese food is just not your thing. If you have a tender palate, and don't like spicy food, try the BBQ pork chow fun. The wide, flat rice noodles looked like they would be bland, but they weren't. The dish had a lot of flavor and plenty of thinly sliced pork. I wanted to try it in it's original state, but next time I will ask for it spicy. They can make any dish spicy at your request. Speaking of spicy... it was hard not to order my go-to dish from Ba-dar, Eight Jewel Blossom. It's one of their signature dishes... and it's easy to see why. Chicken, beef and shrimp swim in harmony with water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, bean curd and peanuts in a very flavorful, spicy sauce. I mean, if you you are a Chinese food fan, like me, what's not to like about this dish? The more you spend on your order the more free stuff you get, i.e. spend 25 bucks and get free crab rangoons. How cool is getting free stuff for food you're going to order anyway? They use fresh ingredients and delivery is fast and dependable. If you live in their delivery area, you really need to give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

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