Broadway Pizza Cafe

4558 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 322-5865

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Closed. Never got a chance to try Broadway Pizza Cafe. I tried calling on 9/11/21 to place an order, only to get a recording announcing that they've closed. Over on Facebook they posted a message on 9/9/21 saying: "Goodbyes aren't easy. See us tomorrow for one last slice! We miss you already!"

Sandy H

Best pizza ever! Lot of love added to it. And they always cut it Chicago style for me .


I like to order from local places. I had never had their pizza before, but decided to order from all the great feedback and photos. Unfortunately my pizza was not good (see the photo). First, it is overcooked: brown and burnt. Second, it is super greasy. I guess I will stick to my regular local places, as they have never given me a pizza like this.

Adiuvo MES

oh my god the salad so fresh, it was the best salad i had

Lisa Marie D

I absolutely love this pizza service is great super friendly.

Matt D

Awesome environment! Very friendly regulars, liquor license and imported beers! Not to mention the best New York style pizza at ever tried before! I would highly recommend it to anybody

Curious George

Cheap pizza.Taste cheap. Service bad. I don’t recommend.

Debbie Smith

This pizza is amazingly good! I especially love the crust, as so many pizza places don’t always get it right. The white knight pizza is now my new favorite. I will definitely be back here whenever I visit Tucson again.

Kolby Martin

The calzone was phenomenal, but the pizza was sub-par.

Ryan Gittins

The pizza is exceptionally just absolutely delicious!! Some people don't know what homemade sauce or certain types of foods taste when they're not just Frozen and reheated! Very very fresh ingredients just absolutely delicious new style pizza. Marcos is the owner he normally runs the front of the house he is very personal and always extremely nice! They also have great beer on tap. Takes a little bit of time for the food to come out yet if you want food to be instantly delivered go to Little Caesars and have fun with that but if you want good food at a fair price try pizza on Broadway Cafe

Metal Mark

Awesome pizzas, interesting beers on tap, no nonsense...what more do you need?

Dylan McCollum

Mike is the best. That guy can GET IT. Great drinks and pizza!

Jennifer Silberschlag

We had the best pepperoni pizza tonight! It was sooo good! We can’t wait for the next one! Thank you so much!

Armando Cervantes

last night was the first time we went to this magnificent restaurant. But It is surely not the last. We had a good time with the courteous service, with the superb meal and booze and with the modest payment. We will absolutely return there in a short time.

The D.

People are very nice but the pizza is ok. Mine was very greasy and I think they forgot a topping. In a pinch but not sure I'd order again.

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