Bruegger's Bagels

8140 S Houghton Rd, Tucson
(520) 664-1600

Recent Reviews

Forson Design

Great sandwiches if the Manager/Owner guy is working. Otherwise stay away. The other employees won’t wait on you and don’t put any care into making your food or being clean.

Christine T

Hadn’t been in years, but went again and the brunch box is quickly becoming our weekend breakfast for the family. So much better than I remember!

Bianca Gastelum

So I had the garlic bagel with jalapeño cream cheese with turkey(should have gotten the pepper turkey) and lettuce and tomato... but i think I made it too spicy for myself.. if you like spicy you gotta have the garlic bagel and jalapeño cream cheese!

Michael Morris

If you feel like getting food poisoning, order the breakfast bagels

don-E Merson

My favorite is the bacon Breakfast Bagel

Claire Jones

Great breakfast bagels

Billy Shaw Jr

Great selection of bagels and toppings for breakfast or lunch. Fast and friendly service too!

Zoe Newland

Always fresh, the staff members are friendly and actually kind of funny at times, especially the manager. Always get the correct order and never disappoints!

Stac H

This was my first visit to Bruegger's. They were busy but very efficient and swift. We very much enjoyed our bagels! Huge selection of both bagels and toppings.

Sandra S.

OMG I came here this morning for 3 Bagel Sandwiches before a flight I had to catch. The guy helping me has that Deer in headlights kind of glare.. says he's been there a week. Ok, no problem! Get into my car, drive a few miles down the road... and NO AVOCADO in my Bacon, Avocado, Tomato sandwich... this is on their menu! I didn't make my own, this is on their menu... completely forgot an ingredient in 2 out of 3 Sandwiches. Just didn't have time to dick around with turning back... no time...annoying! UGH!!!'

Bryan Moosman

It’s rare that I give a review because the food just tastes bad - but this really is just a horrible sandwich.Asked for a turkey bacon avacado and instead got a half-cooked bacon avacado — EGG — sandwich. And to top it off they put tomato paste on one side of it. Like the absolute worst combination of flavors ever.This particular location isn’t to blame too much, but when a customer asks for turkey bacon avacado and you don’t actually have a turkey bacon avacado - say something about it!

Jason Miller

Great food and very friendly staff, I only wish that the bagels were bigger

Richard Wix

Bagels are good, too bad they stopped making Sundried Tomato Bagels..

Nancy Arena

Clean, friendly, would have.likws the Rosemary bagel but all was good

Bob Munger

Love their bagels

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