Chipotle Mexican Grill

3055 N Campbell Ave #183, Tucson
(520) 325-1261

Recent Reviews

Josh Holcombe

Food was good but they didnt seem to be paying to much attention to making the food


It was good, many cheerful workers!

Breann Livermore

Always gets our food wrong when ordering online. Once they clearly gave us leftovers from the night before. Called to complain and the manager knew it was true. Never argued or explained or anything just said sorry. Terrible establishment with poor customer service, careless employees. Terrible management. Don't recommend to go to this location ever!

Dominique C.

this location kinda sucks!! i prefer going to this one instead of the one on university because of the parking situation BUT every single time i have ordered pickup from this location my order is not ready until 20+ minutes!!! i just now ordered to pickup at 7:45, it is now 8:05 and they haven't even started making my food. if i wanted to wait this long i would've just stood in line, instead of now standing in the restaurant for 20 mins. be faster !!!!

Saul Montoya

Great service I came in placed order and was in and out in less than 5 minutes

Sarah Gonzales

This is place is horrible. They take forever at getting there orders out. If your doordashing, forget it!! Expect to wait 20 minutes. I always decline when I know it's the campbell location. Wetmores, location is WAAAY better. They're fast and communicate better.

tabitha forsythe

The best. In and out. Fantastic food ?

Gregory Wheeler

As creator and owner of Chipotle for more than 20 years I appreciate your support..

Gabriela R.

Do not do not order from this chipotle! Even if it's the closest to you you will surely be disappointed. It happens every time. They won't make your order right they'll just do it how they feel like doing it so don't bother with these people. Manager hello where are you? New staff please!

Steve Sage

Always good food and lots of it at a reasonable price. The people are friendly and everything was very clean.

Kat B

Whoever blanched avocados for the guac didn’t take off the hard stem on an avocado and I hurt my tooth chomping into it. In the same burrito I found a hair sticking out. I proceeded to pull the long, brunette strand from my burrito. Kinda gross ):

Shane Brink

I love Chipotle! The food is really great. My issue these guys is the manager with his face mask below his nose and the girl restocking metal food bins with her mask around her neck. It’s just irresponsible and disrespectful to conduct yourself like this in a business where mask use is required.

John Nichols

The beans, rice and veggies in salads and burritos are well worth your money. Good vegan choices and very friendly customer service.

Gustavoo Hernandez

Sorry but if your team doesn’t wanted to be working go home and stop being to much of I hate people. Remember we are the customers we don’t need to see more people unhappy at work.

Pasteur KIM Mugisha

I had an issue paying online but I'm glad the manager, Gabriel & Anthony were able to fix my issue. I appreciated their professionalism and great customer service. I will highly recommend this place to everyone. I and my wife loved so much their food.

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