Crave Coffee Bar

4530 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 445-6665

Recent Reviews

Ryan M.

One of the very few coffee shops in town that still allows indoor seating during covid. That alone gives it a high review in my mind.

Owners are friendly and professions. Well trained staff of baristas, and espresso, lattes, and drip are all top notch.

Lois B.

I can't believe that I've waited so long to write this review of a place that not only had delicious food but friendly truly helpful waitstaff.

Jo MaClean

The barissta ( I didn't think to ask her name because I'm a bad person) was very knowledgeable about the products that are offered. Such as blue matcha. It is possible that its just me who does not know (or didn't know) what blue match a is, but thought it was interesting. I won't try to explain it. You'll just have to visit "Crave" yourself to glean this information and more.

Anders Hitchcock

Great coffee! Great hospitality! Great place to hang with people and even get some work done. Bring your self and your business here. Keep these awesome folks in business!!!

Bill L.

This was opened years ago by what we now would call a's had new owners for a number of years and I think it's a very successful Enterprise. It has a fairly large amount of seating inside and also some outside seating and my coffee was very good as was my homemade energy bar.

Marilyn Robles

This place is great! The staff is really friendly and the coffee is fantastic. Crave offers free wifi and lots of outlets (to charge devices). It’s usually packed in the mornings, but they do their best to encourage social distancing. The food is tasty, it’s always clean, the atmosphere is great and the coffee shop itself is spacious. This isn’t a place to study though because it can get very noisy. Definitely recommend!

Galina Niyazov

Such a great coffee shop. Cozy atmosphere, spacious, DELICIOUS lattes, both regular and green tea. I'm from NYC and I know my coffee. Also very tasty breakfast bagel with eggs.

Isaak Niyazov

Very nice and cozy place. Nice breakfast sandwich (had without Turkey) great Latte

Jin Final

This business does not do well in protecting customers during the pandemic. Many people were maskless while walking around and the owner did nothing. The included photo shows an example a person who has been talking to a tall guy (who I assumed to be the owner of the shop) for 15 minutes without a mask on, right near the espresso machine and some of the clean cups.

Norman Haight

Great service. Owner remembered me after one visit. Very pleasant.

Margaret N.

Wonderful atmosphere, great details inside on walls! Owners are friendly, thoughtful and keep the place spotless!

Fada M.

Our favorite cafe in town. The owners are sweet people and have created a great neighborhood space in the Broadway Swan area. The cafe food is good and the coffee is incredible. They also serve beer and wine. It's a great space to hang out and read, study, or just relax.

Wedge N.

Crave has, for 1st time, in my lengthy espresso drinking career, made the smoothest latte, day after day, that I have ever savored!

No sugar necessary. No bitterness, yet full coffee flavor.

The owner seems to draw upon and really get, the ancient respect and ritual surrounding coffee.

Comfortable, well spaced tables and clientele that respect Covid protocols make it easy to relax here, in or out.

One bit of critique though, I am much more satisfied with the owner at the espresso machine: the staff isn't as masterful or consistent when they pull shots. Maybe they could use a bit more mentoring.

Alissa N.

I forgot to take pictures because I was chatting away but I had a maple date scone that was DELICIOUS! they served it warm and it had a delicate sweetness but was also warm & savory. Paired with a small americano

Samantha M.

I LOVE this place. The owners are so sweet and they have great coffee. If you haven't already, check out this local Tucson spot!

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