Crave Coffee Bar

4530 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 445-6665

Recent Reviews

Sarah W.

4.5There is nothing special about their coffee. The taste is mediocre and the prices are on the cheaper side (you get what you pay for). My friends and I go for the study environment. I recommend going during the day if you want to get some studying done or just to do a bit of light reading. The huge windows give great natural lighting. I also love the musicians that they hire to play inside the coffee shop.

Andrea Alvarez

I absolutely love the people who work here and the coffee that is made. Every time I come I’m always greeted with a beautiful smile and they already know my order. I am never disappointed with my order I always get exactly when I come for. There is definitely consistency in this coffee bar and it is definitely better than Starbucks.

Nathan N

Years later, this place is still legit. Plenty of plugins, fair amount of seating, and good coffee. Can't forget the awesome people running the place too!

Josh F.

I made this Yelp account to just say that this coffee shop is probably the best in Tucson. Their consistency in the quality of their coffee is honestly unmatched. It's so good that it literally makes you create a Yelp account just to give some praise.Love this place. (If you haven't been there before, try their iced mocha with oat milk. It never disappoints.)

Frankie L

Some of the best coffee and also the decaf fraps are really great! Staff here are very nice and accommodating.

Maria Fernanda Emme

I love the atmosphere, and you can actually social distance here.

Maria M.

You can social distance here. Good chai eith a shot. Tasty fig pastry. The atmosphere is great.

D D.

If it was possible I would give this coffee place a negative 2 stars. The experience from begining to end was completely substandard. When asking about their selection it was as if I asked the server to explain quantum physics from the stance she had no idea. But even once we settled, what we recieved appeared to be watered down remnants of old used coffee. And when we asked about a correction, the response was such we said no bother. But truly it seemed the coffee was brewed from old grounds. And when my spouse took a sip, it resulted in him feeling sick. Save your money and health buy coffee elsewhere!

Jerry G.

Love the vibe here man, totally has a good atmosphere and makes you feel welcome every time.

austin c.

This is my favorite coffee shop in Tucson. The owners are super friendly and the coffee is amazing. Best Americano I've ever had. When the drive thru speaker first broke, the owner peaked out the window and saw me in line and when I pulled up to the window had my order ready to go. I'll always remember that.

Debra O.

My grandson Timothy asked his Mima if I could take him out for a cup a joe like his grandpa used to drink (RIP Jerry). I thought I would take him to my favorite spot... crave. Timothy thought he would order the blue matcha latte because it is his favorite color. He began pointing at what I thought was a heart at first glance... the more we inspected this "latte art" the more questions Timothy began asking me... Timothy is 8 years old by the way. He began asking me about why this man had an upside down heart between his legs... NEXT THING you know I'm giving my sweet Timothy "THE TALK" in the middle of crave coffee bar. Now my son and law won't even give me the time of day because his little Timothy won't stop talking about his weird latte art with Mima. I'm just so confused. Timothy never finished his matcha latte. I mean I think he liked it. I liked my cold brew. All this to say, I will be returning... without my sweet Timothy.

Perri Blackmore

Love this place. The staff and owners are so amazing.

Jesse Sutherland

With Shot in the Dark being out of business, this place has become my new favorite coffee joint in Tucson.Excellent coffee that has a noticeable taste difference over anywhere else in town. Relaxing, comfortable environment that is always super clean. Staff is excellent at all they do. Pretty cool they've had live music here some nights I've gone as well. Head here if you like coffee and good times.

Nóra Puskás

Friendly baristas making delicious coffee.The place has a nice atmosphere.

Orlando Orduño

Always a good spot relaxing and great staff. Thank you.

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