40 S Broadway Pl, Tucson
(520) 777-3213

Recent Reviews

Devon Krutz

Excellent as always. I lived on the border of Wisconsin and it is just as good as it is there!

Nohl Lyons

Fast. Accurate. Hot when you get home. They verify your drive thru order

Debbie Wilson

Good food and custard ice cream. A little pricey.

Mr. And Mrs. Fluffy

As soon as you walk in you get a happy friendly greeting if you don't know what you want they will wait and help you choose the right item. They are friendly and quick The Establishment is very clean. And you will walk out with a happy experience and satisfied with what you ordered. The prices are reasonable. And the food is amazing

Tara Leslie Saathoff

super friendly staff and for being a fast food style restaurant it was qaulity ingredients.

Nadja GC

I'm from Wisconsin. I almost cried when I seen there was a Culver's here in Tucson. I almost bust a U-Turn in the middle of the street, to get me some cheese curds. When I did get them it was just like home. A better band of beef makes a butter burger better- Culver's commercial from 2005. Still stuck in my head to this day. We love Culver's!!! There is only one thing in the menu I wouldn't get, and that's only because I hate mushrooms. Lol

Teresa Roland

WE ALWAYS go here for their custard ice-cream. Mint Oreo, Turtle Sundae, or just normal vanilla on a waffle cone, very satisfactory! Also, you can hit up a nice sunset if you sit by the window. The waffle cone papers sometimes stick to the cone— take caution, and don't eat from the bottom!! Common sense, people — common sense.Shared with Your friends

Ali Maleh

Great Food and Fast Service. Many options and variety for all type for eaters! Would reccommend for anyone!

Wayne S.

I go to this Culver's at least once a week- During the recent health crisis the food was hot fresh and great, these past two weeks it has not been. Today I got two burgers and two fries and cheese sauce. I knew I was in trouble when I went to the drive-through and they had my order in two minutes or less. Normally you sit there while they make it fresh. Sure enough when I got home, the hamburger patties seemed old and dry- the fries were barely warm and even the cheese sauce was cold.

David F.

I usually can't stand fast food but Culvers food is way beyond better than any other fast food restaurant I have been to. The staff is nice. They seem to be very organized because my order is always right and it never takes a long time. The butter burgers with cheese is really good. The chicken fingers are really good. The chicken fingers are a heck of a lot better than that bland garbage at Canes. I hate crinkle fries so much but here they actually taste really good. The fries are still crunchy even after a 10 minute drive home. I never need to add salt to any of the food. The biggest highlight is the ice cream concrete mixers. They are the best. It's my new standard for ice cream and nothing gets close to how good their ice cream is.

Jessica Sweeney

Customer service is outstanding and have never had any issues getting my order correct!

Bradley Karl

I am from the midwest and not much can beat the butter burger. But you need to have the cheese curds as well. Very good.

Wiki Hilyard

I went there to get the Bogo 2 scoop sundae. I got hooked. I usually get a short concrete mixer. I find this one alot easier to eat. The workers are always fast and friendly. I usually go for their Double Butter Burger with just cheese and mayo. I literally wont go anywhere else for my burgers. These are the freshest you'll get.

Pamela Gadziala

Food is good but over-priced. Servers are very polite and helpful.

Greg Williams

Great hot and fresh food Everytime! Employees are all wearing mask inside since they work with food. Always a great dinner choice when you're with family or just want to treat yourself.

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