Dolce Pastello

120 South Avenida del Convento, Tucson
(520) 207-6765

Recent Reviews

Darlene V

Omg words cannot explain how bomb the tres leches cake that i ordered was!!! The quality and customer service is out of this world!!! Would definitely recommend Dolce Pastello cakes for any celebration you wont be disappointed i promise i had everyone at the gender reveal i was hosting asking about this cake?

Alma J.

Our wedding cake was a total hit! We've purchased multiple cakes from Dolce Pastello in the last couple of years so when we started planning our wedding we knew where our cake would be coming from. We had to impress both my picky Mexican family and his family from Ohio who had no idea what Tres Leches cake was, and everyone was hooked. We went with Tres Leches Vainilla and half with Cajeta, it was the perfect mix. The owner took the time to hear my idea and she was able to make it a reality. We had left overs the next year and it was just as delicious as the day before. Can't wait to have a reason to order more cakes from Dolce Pastello!!!

Audrey M.

Stopped in today after some Seis for lunch. Picked up Coconut cake and Tres Leches cake. Both were enjoyable! The Tres Leches was better, because the coconut was lacking coconut, but wasn't entirely disappointing.

Grace S.

Got a Vanilla Tres Leches here that was really yummy but definitely a bit pricey. The vanilla flavor was very subtle but I appreciated that the Tres Leches wasn't unbearably sweet. If you need any kind of message written on it, they'll do it on the side because the space on top is minimal and although the writing was beautiful, nobody noticed it! The packaging could definitely be better because this is a cake that drips a good bit of the liquid it's soaked with and because their cake pan is so shallow, this liquid ended up on my car seat and on my hands. The shop itself is smallish but they have a good variety of things to offer, and the folks who work there are nice. But ultimately Tres Leches can be found all over and for me, the price was a bit high compared to others you can buy in less pretty locations but equally delicious spots!

Magdalena Castillo-Cockrum

Love their tres leches cake. Best green corn tamales!!

Aimee Pierson

Love the tres Leches cake

Gina Tapia

Thank you for making my birthday cake. My son ordered the cake from Yuma unfortunately his car broke down and couldn’t make it for the party. But, they went above and beyond by delivering my cake for no extra charge. The cake was a big hit everyone loved it. It’s the first time that I didn’t have any leftovers. Thank you again

Ellie C.

I called a couple days before the day I needed the cake. I spoke to the owner directly. She was attentive to what I wanted and also gave me suggestions. I wanted the cake to look a specific way. She asked me if I could send her a few pictures if I had any (I did) and I chose the filling and flavors all over phone. This made me nervous since I had never ordered from them before. So, I pick up the cake and I'm greeted with two bright smiles and I see the cake... it was exactly how I wanted it! Perfectly made! Now the real test.. how would it taste? The guests were raving about how delicious and fluffy the cake was! It was amazing! I would definitely be coming back in the future for more! FYI- I chose a two flavor cake. The bottom was fresh strawberries and cream filling with white cake. The top portion was chocolate and hazelnut filling. Covered with a cream cheese frosting. Finally, topped with fresh fruits and chocolate drizzle.

Cindyrae Stang

I got a marble Tres Leches cake from here and it was AMAZING! The 15 people we had over were equally wowed by the amazing cake. Will I be buying this again? Oh yes!

Luis & Julia Torres

So far my favorite tres leches. It's not overly sweet or too cream cheesy like suspiros. Just wish the cake slices were a little cheaper. The cake is very good but it is more expensive.

Amanda Butler

Beautiful Tres Leches cake for reasonable price!

Mariana Mevans

The tres-leches chocolate cake is delicious!!!!!! definitely recommended.

Thaiane S.

Marble tres leches is the best I've ever had! The cakes are always very fresh, and it tastes homemade! I don't live in Tucson anymore and this is one of the places I miss the most! Great price too!!

c perez

Was going to order cake from a place convenient to me, read reviews and quickly needed to search another place. My daughter told me about Dolce Pastello and I'm so glad she did. I ordered cake last minute, Ahydee was great in helping me with my request. I ordered Tres Leches Caramel cake, it was delicious and everyone loved it! Will definitely be back to try other single sliced flavors and of course order again. Thank you Ahydee 😊

Vivi Ochoa

I honestly didn't have high hopes that this place would make it happen but i was wrong. I loved how this cake came out and everyone loved how good it was.


Just today I got a coconut pineapple cake and it was delicious!!!

Yuri Claustro

Beautiful and delicious wedding cake! As well as great customer service

Amber Soergel

OMG! If only it was socially acceptable to lick the container! I couldn't get enough of the taste of cake, frosting, and cream. What is the frosting? Not buttercream, not whipped cream, just heavenly. Try the Tres Leches for a true treat! Oh, the tamales were good at home too.

Regina C.

This cake was one of the best cakes I've ever had in my life! I ordered a little cake for my boyfriend's birthday and everybody loved it! Every lady that helped me with my order was super nice, I highly recommend this place because it's local, not expensive at all and their cakes are amazing

Kelli Lechnir

mexican wedding cake cookies were very dry & overpriced

Olivia Lechnir

cookies were very dry and/or stale, laughably overpriced.

A Google User

Thank you so much i placed order for wedding cake the day before wedding and it was ready on time and tasted so delicious!!! Thank u so much

Venicia Bohn

Thank you so much i placed order for wedding cake the day before wedding and it was ready on time and tasted so delicious!!! Thank u so much

Zaira Vasquez

Best cakes in town, you must try.

Iris V.

After reading numerous "Yelp" reviews, we decided to place an order with Dolce Pastello. It was a wonderful experience communicating with the baker Aide. She accommodated our requests for creating a cake for my brother-in-law, a professor retiring with over 40 years of service. We alI Loved the 3 Leches cake. It was by far the most delicious cake ever. If you appreciate quality, service and taste, we would highly recommend a visit to the Dolce Pastello.

Adrian Wurr

Three different kinds of tres leche cake! Why do birthdays only come once a year? The caramel swirl tres Leche we chose was outstanding. I look forward to trying the others in the future.

Melissa T.

Their vanilla tres leches did not disappoint. One of the best cakes I've had. Thank you for making my Abuelita's birthday memorable and special. We will definitely order again.

Kelly M.

My cake was beautiful it was smaller than I expected but it was so dense there was plenty to go around I highly recommend the staff was kind and accommodating I will definitely return

Liset Baker

Sabor íºnico, buen precio.

Ramon Garcia

Awesome staff and superb tres leeches cakes.

Koga Isabella

deliciosos me encantan

Rodriguez Abigail

Best tres leche cake ever!!!

Thandi Sitole-Lesch

It looks great in the pictures, but none of the desserts look appetizing in person. It looks like your average home made 70s cakes and mexican desserts. We left without buying anything from there. If you happen to be at the San Augustin then, sure pop by, but don't drive there specifically to try it (like we did) or you'll be disappointed.

Arleen E.

I ordered a tres leches cake for my daughters graduation party. Excellent tres leches cake! Homemade flavors! Almost like eating a rice pudding cake. Yummy!

Rita B.

This was our first visit and we were so impressed with the whole area. It was Saturday morning and the place was really hopping with activity. I love Tres Leche, have made it several times using the Pioneer Woman recipe. I just wanted to see if the tres leche from Dolce Pastello, which I figured would be authentic, was close to my homemade version. I bought a whole cake, and served it at a Mother's Day party with was a hit, everyone loved it!! I like my homemade version, but this was Delicious. We will be returning to eat and enjoy the ambiance.

Imari R.

This was the best tres leches cake I've ever had in my life. Normally tres leches have a tendency to be too soft due to their moisture, but this cake was firm and moist and flavorful. They also have a chocolate tres leches that was rich but not too chocolatey. Would highly recommend.

Matthew K.

They have the best Tres Leches I have ever had!! I've been to a lot Tres Leches place, and this by far is the best one. Keep it Fam, I'm a supporter.

George Arden

Excellent bakery; enjoyed very much.

Tina Marie Peper

They dont even have a menu or even photos on their website... not even interested in going now.

Big Chief

It's a nice little place pretty pricey though I no to little places like this got to compete with big stores big the prices are ridiculous