7235 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 721-9310

Recent Reviews

Ashley P.

Friendly staff, decent food. I don't frequent this location, because I work from home now, but I would hit the drive-thru for lunch occasionally as it's near my office.Sometimes the drive-thru line gets long, but they're pretty efficient. I like the sandwiches and salads. Fries are great, and the ranch is awesome! Put it on everything! I do like the eegee's slushes, but I really only get them when it's a good flavor of the month. Watermelon in July is the BEST!

Julie Judge

When I got home and my fries were very greasy and my lemon eegee tasted like it was mixed with Pina.

brisa lima

Are you kidding me ???? BEST location!!! They never ever disappoint me ! Food always delicious and they are always SUPER nice !!! The cashier for this time, Sofia, was super cool it makes me wanna go back all the time hahaha

Elecia Shaffer

Subs are just ok but the peach berry eegee was fantastic. Just wish they had more flavors.

Rose T.

I was so disappointed with my sandwich. Maybe I am wrong but a hot sandwich is suppose to be hot. It was awful and soggy. First time I was disappointed in my food. The drink was good, so I will give it another try. I know things are rough now.

Fantasies By Juls

Multiple times in our order were missing. We ordered ahead online and still had to stand in the lobby for 15 minutes waiting for our order. When I called about the missing items, I was sent to voicemail twice before i actually got to speak to a person and when they finally talked to me no apology was offered, just a short snippy reply and hung up.Please check your orders before you give them to a customer and check your attitudes

OldGuy Gaming

They are always way busy, but get through it a fast as they can. I was there today. Props to Jesse, the cashier for keeping it all together. It was crazy busy

Bruce Eichhorst

I've been eating and drinking Eegee's since the seventies. Most of the original items are still there with new products that come and sometimes go. Quality, service and cleanliness are always top notch. Remembering that they are "fast food", it is always fresh products. Nothing frozen. (Except for the frozen drinks and maybe the fries) A great solution for "What do you want for dinner, I'm too tired to cook or wait at a sit down restaurant " there frozen drinks make great mixers for adult drinks

Vincent Capobianco

Food was good but they forgot both of my drinks, had to come back for them and the staff was very friendly

Jeanette Wah-Duffy

Great ... Love ? ... There was a line but it went quickly

Linda May

The sandwich was ok the fries were over done and old. This happens to often at this eegees.

Stacy Butt

Very polite, wearing protective masks and has a plastic shield at the drive-thru. They were quick and efficient and always the food is wonderful.

Heather Holt

Love their EEGEE'S frozen fruit drinks!

Preston Jones

One of my favorite sandwich shops. I would take eegees any day over subway. There ranch is awesome and always very nice customer service.

Ebony D.

Seems like this is a common occurrence. This location was awful. The drive through person rushed me through my order, still got it wrong. She had an attitude too! when I got to the window the manager (McKenzie) was immediately sent out. Unhappy with this location and would gladly drive a few miles out of my way to go to a different location. Or better yet, not come back!

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