First Watch

5350 E Broadway Blvd #102, Tucson
(520) 512-0280

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Jeffrey J.

So currently I went to this First Watch location and will never ever come back. First I walked in and was over looked then was seen. I sat down and looked around and seen how management was running the staff, I didn't know who was running the floor nor the staff, as well the way they speak to each other as well side talk is NOT professional. Your guest come first right this is why I will not return to First Watch

Carol S.

Yummy - will definitely come back! Everything was delicious very cute restaurant weir was reasonable also.

Raul Ramos

First time I ate here and I was pleased all the way around...ambiance, service, food, price..pleased with all of it. I'll definitely be back to try other interesting sounding dishes on the menu.

Theresa Zahn

We love coming to local First Watch locations when we’re in Tucson. This trip we opted for the Broadway location due to its outdoor seating option. We had Heather as our server and she was PHENOMENAL! Best service we have had anywhere in a long time! She was kind and attentive. Paying close attention to our needs and speaking to our young daughter (4) with kindness and respect which is hard to come by these days. Usually servers ignore children in the group or speak to them through their parents. The food was amazing, as always. The bathrooms were clean and everyone was friendly from the front of the house to the bus crew. We’re so grateful that this was our final dining experience in Tucson this trip. Thank you for everything, Heather and the Broadway First Watch location!

Marcia Valenzuela

I had a short rib omelet and can honestly rate it as one of the best breakfast of my life. Saying I liked it is an understatement. It was delicious. So up my alley. I can imagine that this meal is not for everyone... but this is my kind of meal!!!!

Brad H.

Came here with a friend to celebrate our freedom from both of us graduating with our doctorates. It was a great place to eat and meet. I enjoyed the atmosphere. No pressure, relaxed, open, well-lit, friendly. I had one of their specials, the short rib omelet. Yep, it was guuud. Spinach, cheese, mushrooms, avocado. Really nicely done. A lot of their menu items just cried out for me to try them. Will have to visit again. 5* = A top favorite. Mind-blowing good. I will definitely return and I will go out of my way to go here. Worth every dime of my money. 4* = Outstanding. Tucson-top-tier. Some elements not quite as good as it gets, but it still is worthy of my regular business. 3* = Good experience. I might do repeat business if it is convenient, the only option, the only one in its category, or on a whim, but would not be among the first thing to come to mind. Would definitely recommend you trying it to get your own take on it. 2* = Not so good. Would not recommend at all. Waste of money. 1* = How are they still in business? Stay away at all costs!

Jennifer Rocha

This is my FAVORITE First Watch!!! The staff are always friendly, joking, and happy to serve their customers in the best possible way. The clientele is extremely diverse, making it the perfect melting pot of Tucson! They have an elevated section in the middle that makes you feel like a VIP:) They even have the perfect outside patio. We only come here now because it is a wonderful place to be! If you haven't been to this one, you're missing out!

Dave Mason

This place seems to either fire on all cylinders or non at all. Nothing in-between. Unfortunately, today was the latter. As someone who has worked food service most of my life I tend to not judge to harshly or quickly. Simple truth is they were not busy and from what I could tell had plenty of staff. Yet every thing from getting waited on to paying the check took much longer than it should have. When the appetizers arrived they were not warm (still yummy though). The entree was not what the menu said but with how long everything was taking we were not about to send anything back. Sausage was dry and burnt on the edges to boot.Practically had to beg for the check. Never got it and finally I just said [email protected] it. Went to the register where I told a gal I just wanted to pay and leave and that I was frustrated. It wasn't her fault and I told her that more than once . She gave me a discount and apologized. I admit I had a lot to do and finally out patience. But for not being busy and us eating quickly you wouldn't think the whole experience took an hour and 15 min... which it did.

Og M.

This is our "Go-to" restaurant (Grant and Swan location) if we decide to go out for breakfast on a Saturday. The wait staff is wonderful as they are friendly and caring. I enjoy watching folks working together as a team and they are willing to support and help each other here. I always get the vibe that the staff likes working here as they are quick to share a smile and seem to enjoy interactions with each other and their customers. The menu offers a ton of really tasty options, the prices are fair, and it's always meticulously clean here.

Patricia N.

Love this food BUT don't like the First Watch (all of them) mask policy. It's voluntary for staff even if they don't have vaccines. We had masks on but they are the ones bringing our food. We got a waitress with no mask so I asked if she was vaccinated. She hesitated then said no so I asked for another waitress. She got angry and said we were discriminating. I politely asked for a new waitress again and she huffed off. The next waiter came with no mask and I asked him the same. He politely said yes he has his vaccines. We hoped he was being honest. As we were eating the first waitress walked by our table and coughed at us On Purpose! I instantly went to manager and she said she'd speak to the girl but pretty much blew it off. No more First Watch for us!

Jessica S.

Serena was our server and she was so great! We had avocado toast and waffles and it was amazing. We will definitely be coming back!

Victoria D

Absolutely amazing. The ambience of the restaurant was perfect for a nice post workout Saturday morning meal with my honey. I had the farm stand tacos and boy were they yummy! I also recommend the watermelon wake up. Soooo scrumptious.

Jacque Ballew-Prater

2nd time here...Brunch 1st time... Avacaodo toast... Yummy!Lunch 2nd time... 1/2 sandwich & soup... Delish!Servers are very friendly & food come pretty fast.Great place.. will be back for that avocado ? toast!

John W.

The Food is Great! The wait staff is great! The price is completely acceptable. Location is great. So, what's the problem? I went for breakfast with 4 other friends, and we all enjoyed the menu selections and the meals and breakfast cocktails we chose were great but 2 things were so 'bad', that none of us will ever go there again, and those were: 1. They ran out of coffee. It's breakfast for god's sake, you don't run out of coffee. No excuse. NO EXCUSE. You call yourself a Breakfast Restaurant - so don't ever run out of coffee. Not ever. Stupidity beyond acceptability. 2. The noise in there is literally so bad that we could not converse, not even sitting next to each other so close we were touching shoulders. The music was so loud we felt like we were in a nightclub, and the customers were all trying to over-talk the music and the result was PURE HELL. Sorry, but that noise was a complete ruination for me and my friends. This is NOT an over Exaggeration. It was PURE HELL. You can go try it, as I said, the food was very good, but the experience was painful. Also, you have to stand in line to pay your bill - even more stupidity.

Natalie Ramirez

Service was great! Waitress was sweet and had a great personality, attentiveness a plus! I had the Floridian french toast which had lots of fruit and loved that it came with warm berry topping. The plant based burger was unique as it had great flavor and was not like the heavily processed patties you'd get anywhere else. The watermelon beverage was so refreshing as was the kale tonic, both highly recommended!

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