Golden Dragon Restaurant

6433 N Oracle Rd, Tucson
(520) 297-1862

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Colin Hetherington

I ordered the sesame chicken lunch special with a side of egg rolls. The appetizers and soup were solid, but the main dish was just a touch too sweet for my taste. I think I might have drawn the short straw, and that the other offerings on the menu might be more solid options. For the price, though, this is a great value!

Rich Martinelli

Always a great meal....Kung Pao chicken is great. Portions always generous. Will continue to patronize this place.


My favourite Chinese restaurant in Tucson! I went here a couple of weeks ago, and simply loved the authentic Chinese food. I got the Beef Chow Fun that actually had gluten-free noodles (most Chinese places in Tucson don't carry GF noodles) and was delighted with the quality. I also had their hot tea, which was served in a tea kettle with lovely handle-less cups on the side, and it was the most comforting Asian-style tea I've ever had. The restaurant is run by a wonderful Chinese family who gave us excellent service, and the atmosphere is authentic and old-fashioned.I will definitely be back!!!

Tamera L. Myers

We ordered on Sept. 6th, for Special Occasion. Wonderful meal and service. (Always) We ordered House Lo Mein, Teriyaki Chicken With Egg Rolls & Sweet & Sour sauce. Order was perfect, and Food "Awesome". Not our first time, we highly recommend. Our Dinner was fresh ingredients and hot. We really enjoyed. Thank you! We will always come back. (This was Speedway location in Tucson) The Myers family

Frank L.

My wife and I tried Golden Dragon on Oracle Road for the first time this afternoon. The restaurant and its menu are very traditional like what you would find in an Asian restaurant. We ordered a large bowl of hot and sour soup and an order of Mongolian beef. The soup was quite good, although I noticed that for $10 the soup bowl was not filled up to the top. When the Mongolian beef came out my first impression was that it was very small portion size. The beef was finely chopped into small pieces. The consistency of the dish was OK but it lacked any real flavor. My wife identified that the beef could have been cooked with more garlic or ginger. I identified a lack of hoisin sauce in the dish. Needless to say that dish left us with a meh feeling, it just did not have any real flavor. We paid and left and likely will not return.

J M.

Possibly the worst Asian food I've ever had. Summer rolls were almost all lettuce and the peanut sauce was water with a dab of peanut flavor. Orange chicken had zero flavor and a terrible red sauce. I could not chew the ribs, although they did have a nice flavor. Tried to eat one and threw them out. Now here is the kicker: the fortune cookies were even terrible. ****WARNING****

michelle s.

I rarely write reviews, but feel compelled to tell people how awful the food was here. We recently moved to Tucson and saw this place was rated best chinese food according to Tucson Weekly. Maybe we visited the wrong location, but man, it was SO BAD. I have had better Chinese in Lean Cuisine frozen meals from the grocery store. I got a chef's "special" which had ZERO flavor. My husband got the crispy duck and let me tell you it was the most over cooked, dry poultry we've ever seen or the turkey in the movie Christmas Vacation. I would rate this place zero stars.

Mark P.

At one time Golden Dragon was one of my favorite restaurants, but I will not be eating here again. This was the worst Asian food I've ever had. The chicken in both the general tso's and the sweet and sour was not just overcooked it was basically chicken jerky, yet somehow cold. if it's over cooked like this and cold that probably means it's precooked and then reheated. the general tso's chicken was half little bits of breading from the frier with no chicken in it. The "fried rice" they sent was just white rice with a little bit of soy sauce mixed in, no vegetables or egg at all and they charge extra for it.

Debbie Casias

What happened? The food used to be so good! Now all the meats are dry and the sauces taste like they are out of a can. The beef egg foo young has NO vegetables in the sauce and it was already on the patties. Very disappointed, wont be ordering from there anymore.

Joanna Diaz

I've been eating here for over 40 years and the food is fresh and most delicious. Great happy people greet us and serve us. My whole family love this restaurant Golden Dragon. 4 generations have enjoyed this restaurant ?

Tina Grijalva

I don’t think I would come back. You might get better flavor and fresh at Panda Express. My order tasted like leftovers from a freezer and no flavor. I would pass next time. The staff that serve are sweet. But when the kitchen staff brought out my order I was a little suspicious why my food came out in 2 minutes.

Matthew Edwards

Ordered using GrubHub. Food was delicious and on-time. It's too bad one of the eggrolls had a shard of glass in it, discovered only after biting into it. Unacceptable.

Christina Cardenas

The sesame beef is the most amazing dish I’ve ever had. The perfect amount spice and flavor. I never have left overs here because I eat it all haha. Best Chinese food in Tucson hands down. I also really enjoy the simplicity of the vegetable soup - perfectly healthy.

Chuck Collins

My goodness. I had NO IDEA the food would be this delicious! My wife and I loved it. The staff was very courteous and polite. We highly recommend!

Andrea Deane

This is my absolute favorite Chinese restaurant. I've been coming here with my family since I was a kid. Absolutely love this place.

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