Guilin Chinese Restaurant

4445 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 320-7768

Recent Reviews

Cloud Arthur Carson

Best Chinese place around. Very understanding of dietary restrictions and they are extremely careful with what goes into the food!

john rosenberg

Won't order again if I wanted vegetables in sweet and sour chicken I would if ordered vegatablesWith it !!Vegetables taste like garbage in sweet sour chicken and I barely got 8 peaces of chickenWhat a jokeOrdered all over the country from Seattle to New YorkFirst time I ever got vegetables in my chicken and the egg rolls are small two bites and no flavor at all39 dollar dinner for one and wasn't worth 10

Ben Rodriguez

Some dishes with great some not-so-good don't know if he knew how to make shrimp egg foo young?

Allison Pfeiffer

Been in Tucson for 5 years. Apparently I was sleeping in Guilin. I order for the first time tonight, and let me tell you......AMAZING! Coming from NY, I could not find a Chinese Restaurant that even came close. And Guilin is it! The portions are great, the food is the best in town. The General Tso's was on point. I'm in heaven!!

Karla Orozco

My favorite go to Chinese cuisine restaurant! So many options to their menu! Vegetarian and vegan options in their menu! Staff has always been nice when I’ve gone.


They raised their prices yet again. Too expensive now. I do give them credit for using the cardboard take-out containers(rather than the plastic ones that Pei Wei uses).

Vandeveter R.

Consistently very good. Never messed up an order yet. We order for 15+ people every time and it's always good and always right

Matt B.

Eaten here for more than a decade. We first came here when visiting Tucson, and have eaten here since we moved here in 2007. Love the vegetarian options.

Jade W

Sad. I ordered the ap combo plater, egg drop soup, 2 small rice and a chicken dish. Chicken dish was ok. Rice tasted old and the combo plater was not only COLD but everything was days old. Everything meant to be fried was stale and chewy. The "BBQ" was literal jerky. So tough I couldnt even chew. The only thing of value was the egg drop soup.... There was also no utensils or fortune cookies... I expected more from a Sat evening, especially considering there was a line out the door. I wonder how bad their food was.

Bobby Shaw

Awesome Awesome Awesome! The food was great. I recommend the sliced bbq pork and the fried rice with any meat or the vegetarian. The delivery was quick and with a smile.

Rachel Araiza

A family favorite, we always enjoy our lunch specials and have been long time customers.

James P.

I love Guilin. It has quick service, does delivery, and the owners are very nice. It is my go to for Chinese food.

Millicent Michelle

Only one person can pick up an order at a time which is a weird experience. So you pull up then stand in a line outside. One person enters at a time. They don't leave unless they have their orders. Other orders are waiting on table as you wait person after person. Very long weird process but a lot of people do it so the food must be really good.

Susie Q

My shu pork was very tasty. Will definitely order from here again.

Madeline B.

We always get takeout from the Chinese place right around the corner, and my husband wanted to try something different. He remembered Guilin used to have good lunch specials way back when (they were still on Speedway at that time). Well, I'm going to say that we should stick to our local place, because this wasn't worth the money or the drive. The wonton soup with roast pork was... strange. The broth tasted very watered down, and all you could really smell or taste were snow peas and zucchini. The wontons were so over-cooked that they were dissolving in the broth. The first one I tried was so tasteless that I thought there'd been no filling in it, but I made sure the next one did, and it was again, simply without flavor. The egg rolls were in the wrong kind of wrapper to be egg rolls. They were essentially spring rolls with very little filling. The shrimp egg foo yung was the weirdest of them all. It was basically just an omelette with shrimp. I think there were a couple of bean sprouts, but very few, and the only other vegetable I could find was one lone pea. The shrimp was plentiful, though, and the sauce was tasty. The honey walnut shrimp was tasty,the walnuts were well candied and crisp, but the portion was really disappointing. We won't be back. We can get twice as much food, of better quality, closer to home.

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