Hot Wok Restaurant

7755 E Golf Links Rd # 119, Tucson
(520) 751-6374

Recent Reviews

Iesha B

Mediocre I'm sorry to say. My fiance said she likes the pho, but I had the sweet and sour chicken and it was just okay. The egg rolls were pretty good, the wontons passable, but all in all it was just kinda forgettable. Big portions though and I'd probably go back for a quick meal. Service was AMAZING though. Honestly, I'd go back for that and their speed.

Devyn Leal

An amazing Asian Cuisine experience! Friendly waiters, big servings, and tasty food await you here. I definitely recommend.

Anna Adkins

The cashier/waiters were amazingly friendly. The atmosphere is amazing and very clean. The food is reasonably priced, especially considering their huge portions. The presentation of the food is a cherry on top, but we had already dug in before taking any pics.

Travis Adkins

Fantastic and speedy service. Great prices, large portions. The food is absolutely delicious. The waiters were super upbeat and worked together wonderfully! Will definitely be coming back!

Carl Mckaskle

Love the food but the portions has gotten smaller and the prices remain the same. Be clear to what you order....

Jim Jamison

The food is always delicious! However, my only complaint is that the place is just very, very dirty!! Chairs are dirty and sticky, the self-serve drink area is dirty and I hope the kitchen isn't as dirty as the kitchen door (see photo) which is facing our table.

Sean Castillo

This is the best place for Lo Mein & Crab Puffs. They are also very friendly

Ty Young

Restaurant was filthy. I regretted deciding to eat here as soon as I say down. The blinds were covered in thick dust. The wall had paint chipping off the walls. The ceiling had stains. I felt grossed out. The food was bland. The broccoli wasn't even cooked so it was very hard. Way too many sprouts. More sprouts than noodles. Won't be going back.

Billy N.

Great food and fast service. A local gem. They do many styles very well and their pho is some of the best in town.

Mark Mann

For a small place that does mostly takeout their food and selection is outstanding. You can tell it is fresh and made to order. A few dollars more than Panda, however it is well worth it!


Very good! I will be back to try other items on the menu. Friendly, quick, and delicious. Also very good portions. I recommend Malaysian Chicken with Stir fry noodles instead of rice.

Anthony S.

I have had this place on several occasions, and I must say, I like it. Is it authentic Asian Cuisine, NO, but it's good for what it is, Americanized Fast Asian Food. Everything I have tried has been pretty flavorful and plentiful. Service is quick and efficient and the place is clean. My favorites are the Lemongrass Shrimp Extra Spicy, and the Moo Goo Gai Pan, also Extra Spicy. Next up I'll be trying the grilled pork, it looks delicious. This again is what it is, typical Americanized versions of Asian Favorites, but they do them well, if you're in the area and want some old favorites this is the place to go!

Tiffany Fennimore

Delicious as usual! I'm super happy they made it through the pandemic shut down!!Ordered their fabulous, and personally famous, spring rolls. Also got fried tofu and veggies, and cashew chicken. Both meals had more than generous portions, and I always get 2 meals out of my one plate order because of it!If you have the chance to discover them, go in, try the spring rolls with peanut sauce, and your favorite dish. Your taste buds will thank you!

Winter W

Huge portions and pretty tasty. A while back they wanted to charge me an extra for dipping sauce. They never did that in the past so I was surprised.

Jerry Gilbert

I will say I am a big fan of the Mongolian Beef, extra spicy. The fired wontons are pretty tasty too. The couple of chicken dishes were breaded chicken and that I was not a fan of because it was not crispy, it was pretty soggy.

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