India Oven

2727 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 326-8635

Recent Reviews

Wilson Vyiringiro

I like her food! And the place is so clean and calme

Narda Rivera

Savory, Delicious Indian Cuisine

Caitlyn Hall

Good food, but staff is not wearing masks.

Emily Q.

This is the BEST Indian food I have ever had in my life. It is AMAZING. The food it made with so much love and I always enjoy my meal from here. I seriously am not the type of person to leave reviews but these guys really deserve it. I'm just amazed with how delicious my food is.

Jessie Dwivedi

BEST! FOOOD!EVER! I have been out of state for 11 months, that is how long I have waited to taste cooking that reminds me of home, and I am not Indian. This is comfort food, warm, delicious, spicy or mild just ask. I dream of India Oven food! Auntie and Uncle they have become family because their food touches my heart. Order a pick up and enjoy taking a trip to India with your senses in the comfort of your home.

Dogtown Mom

Our first time trying India Oven. We ordered both appetizers, lamb korma, beef tikka masala and chicken curry. The food was fresh, delicious and not too spicy. They will turn up or down the heat (spiciness) in the dishes by request. We will be return customers. My favorite is the lamb korma, my husband's was the beef.

jessica lusczyk

Amazing food and great service. Brought me back to a different time in my life and I appreciate that, thank you so much!

Monica Lopez

Best Indian Food in Tucson ( and I know good Indian food)!

Gabriela P.

I was one of the first costumer when India Oven opened. Every time I'm in Tucson i have to go back. Owners have aged but it still tastes like home cooked Indian food to me! Admittedly I haven't ever branched out too much there, I stick to the same Chicken Tikka Masala, veggie samosas and veggie pakoras. I love the mint chutney and my mom loves the Tamarind chutney. I've had southern Indian and Northern Indian and by far Northern Indian is my favorite for the Masala! India Oven won't disappoint in the creaminess of their Masala! The price is best in town. There are plenty of Fancy, overpriced Indian places in town but if you're looking for a low price and good quality Masala, India Oven is the place!


Every time I visit India Oven, the owner Raksha gives me a warm welcome "Hello my friend!" My favorite dish is the Beghan Barta. The food is excellent.

Ilana Giardina

The food is SO good! I’ve been going here for years and the food is consistent and delicious. I drive all the way across town for it!

Nancy F.

Nice family owned restaurant located on Campbell. It's been in business a long time. The are open for take-out. The curry chicken was good with chunks of white meat chicken. We ordered it mild and it still had a kick. The vegetable samosas were full of potatoes and it cane with 3 sauces. Our favorite was the mint and the red sauce. The nan bread was very good. Great service.

Geronimo Vazquez

Hands down one of the best restaurants in Tucson. I love the food and so do my friends and family.

James Gutierrez

This place is on my top 5 restaurants in Tucson list. They are incredibly delicious.

Tamiam R.

If I could give it a ZERO I would!! We got there 17 minutes after they opened and nothing was on the buffet yet and the restaurant was empty and dark. This was a little over a month ago when everything was still open. After 2 minutes when no one came to greet us I started walking down the hall to the kitchen yelling"hello!" An older lady, the owner came out with no apology and told us to sit. We stated that we wanted to see the buffet first as we had never been there and it was very small. She said the food would be out soon; this was now 21 minutes after they should have opened... We asked if we could at least get ice tea and naan while waiting. 6 minutes later that came. When the buffet finally was up we noticed that nothing looked familiar however were so hungry decided to give it a try. The food was minimal variety and just ok. We didn't leave the toilet for two days after!! Tore up both of our stomachs In the meantime another couple had come in and after at least 7 minutes threatened to leave as no one came out of the back so once again I went down the hall yelling for someone to help the elderly couple. Once again the owner appeared with no apology and explained that every item on the menu was individually priced as the lady did not want the buffet. Although they complained about the menu prices she ordered... Every time we wanted a tea we had to take our cups to the back for refills after waiting for her to make each new cup individually! When we went to pay she quoted over $32 for the tiny buffet and 2 teas. I was irate asking why?! She then told us the price of the buffet which wasn't posted anywhere, the price of the teas and naan. We told her that the naan had been on the buffet however she had failed to tell us that when we ordered it separately. After arguing loudly with her she finally agreed to remove the naan since we also complained about the lack in customer service and tiny buffet. We Won't Be Back!!!!! Rude and No Customer Service! If you eat there plan on staying near your restroom!

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