Jack In The Box

2985 W Valencia Rd, Tucson
(520) 883-7484

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Omg!! Sour dough Jack and poppers are the best!!! Yummm he Valencia location close to San Xavier is the best spot great customer service during the day not so much at night but good food.

Clairisa Fraijo

Pretty good service. Food wasn't bad.

Woodrow Utter

So much better then the mc clown and better service.

Gerry Gentile

Got the 5.99 triple burger very crunchy and Gross NEVER AGAIN.....also they got the order wrong, my husband went in to fix it and everything was cold and the manager daid they are running behind. So we thought the food should have been hot. $12.59 waisted...

Kiara Jordan

I Had Go Breakfast Here And It Was Very Good And The Service Was Very Nice

Irma Jaramillo

Terrible service and quality of food is so bad. Ordered a drink asked for a lid they had no lids. Youd think they offered a cup with a lid even if it was an upgrade. Due to the inconvenience of them being out of lids. But nope. Nothing but they still charged me for a larger cup. And extra jalapenos lol hate this place now

Lindsay Chastain

When I went through the drive thru today, I gave my order to someone who was rude and had the same person dealt with me at the window. Reached the end of the parking lot and realized that the standard items I ordered weren't made as they are supposed to be made, automatically. I went inside to have it fixed, waited and waited and waited. Once someone finally acknowledged me I asked if I was wrong about assuming it would be made the way I get it everywhere else. She told me that some stores do and that some do not, took my bag and slid it to me then walked away saying, "sorry about that."

Joey Short

Poor customer service and very rude employees. I ordered food thru window, they didn't put full order in my bag. I went back and told them of their mishap and said I'd wait for fresh food, because it had been sitting for over 30 minutes. They replied "WE CAN'T DO THAT ". my chicken was cold, taco's were soggy, and cheese was hard. I will never go back to that location again.

Robert Heintze

Been eating here for 40 years. While you don't have the reputation of being the highest quality fast food place, your menu is well diversified and your prices/value is among the most competitive in the industry. For example: Arbys market fresh sandwiches are currently running about $6 and a half, with the tax! You can purchase any foot long sub at Subway, for less than that! So don't patronize Arbys folks. It's way too pricey for anyone on a budget.

Diana Cruz

Everything was delicious. Love the fact that they bring the food to your table now and it's in cute little plastic individual trays. Doesn't seem like a fast food joint.


we were happy to find a Jack in the Box. The food is always good here the wife and I have our favorites but what ever we get we have to get an order of their greasy tacos! Rather than call out our number the person behind the counter brought our food out to us and further asked was there anything else we needed. Will be going back if the urge hits us again.


This is the cleanest style fast food place I have ever been in!! Great burgers and customer service. Very efficient even tho they were extremely busy! Great set-up. Uniforms very clean and neat. Large burgers and CHEAP!!!

Yvonne Cruz

Okay place. Make sure you check your bag before leaving. Sometimes they forget something. Staff is nice and pleasant everytime!

Maria Felix

Service is quick. Customer services were great.

Cruz Carrillo

Friggin alright here, the service was cool. Give em all a raise


It was great customer service, the place is very clean and the bathrooms were also clean, and food was delivered hot and quickly

Keiton Strife

The folks were friendly, however, my rating is notched two stars down, due to the particularly bland burger I got. 8$ down, and I got a burger full of lettuce, it overpowered the burger. Butteryjack burger, lettuce was the game of the one I got. I'm pretty lenient and understanding when it comes to a restaurant or fast food joint, but it was pretty disappointing. Good service kept this at 3.


I don't normally comment on fast food places unless the quality of service is either really good or really bad. The food at Jack in the Box was standard to the other locations, but I found the service exceptional and staff extremely friendly.


We enjoyed the food here, but could not find a plain hamburger or cheeseburger since we were not very hungary. Curly fries were good but it seems to be higher priced than other fast food burger places.

Gaciel A.

They consistently get orders wrong almost every time we visit. Seeing as this is the only place open late night on the holidays, it fulfils our needs during those times!

Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

2985 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746