Jack In The Box

3121 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 325-3941

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Andrea Bushong

$4.99 BBQ bacon burger combo was bigger than expected, and was yummy. In addition, no wait in drive through..was back on the road quickly!

Roi Amaya


Brian Lavallee

Food is good allways love the box late night.

Patrick Herding

Ultimate breakfast is my favorite!

Dwight Pruett

Jack N the Box has good burgers, & now they have coupons for a $5.00 meal which make going there affordable.

Marianne Bolding

Floor was sticky. Manager was moody, which affected the mood of the establishment. It was very busy, though, and he was cooking and helping other employees at the counter. Off day more than likely.

Patricia Blessings

Love there 2 for 4.00 supreme croissant. 2 for 1.00 tacos. Can't beat having breakfast & lunch. At this deal!

Jason Lee McDonald

You have to get ranch! They have the best Ranch in fast food. I always get chicken sandwiches, no lettuce, add Swiss. My favorite by far. That's all I need.

Jenner Bryant

Pretty good most of the time just don't order from the breakfast menu unless you like eggshells in your food

Michael M.

This store is the worst one i've been to. i wasn't happy when she axed me if i wanted cheese on my jumbo jack, which shows cheese in the picture along with a bun and a burger, etc. when I got up to the window I asked her to make sure if there was burger in the hamburger like it showed. She said yes and then went directly to the back of the kitchen. I figured she told the cook to spit on my food or do something to it. As you can guess I did not eat the food because I was afraid of something nasty done to it. So I've read a lot of the other reviews of this place and it gets terrible reviews as is mine. I will never go to this one again. I make better hamburgers at home anyways. You can get awesome burgers at a great price over at Nevada Smith's on miracle mile. Check it out!

colleen trumper

It seems no matter what time of day you is jack-in-the-box the food is always great is freshly made to order I enjoy eating there. My experience is always been pleasurable Steph is efficient and courteous. And if you ran into a problem with your order the management is always quick can we solve their problems and replace your food. Thank you Jack in the Box Bishop the great menu.

Debra Slagle

Had the fish sandwich combo. Great value. Very good tasting fish. Large selection of seas and drinks. Huge menu options. The churros are bomb. A very nice young lady Adrianne was patient and took our order perfectly.

Cavanell Murry

I would give them a -5 if it was available. Went there to get a #6 and an order of loaded fries. The loaded fries are a shame. Then she got my order wrong. I wanted the regular fries with them meal. She gave me a loaded regular fries. How special can she be. How rediculous is this

Traver Riggs

Great service. Patty melt was delicious. Love the new soda machines

Erin E.

Went there for lunch today and they told me my card was broken. I had 15 minutes to leave work and get lunch. Terrible customer service they had no answer for me besides my debit card is broken which it's not. I suggest they get management. I'll never go back to that one

Cheryl B.

I love Jack in the box but this one sucks every time you get anything there they skimp on everything if you're supposed have extra cheese they put less cheese if it supposed to have onions they put barely any if you get a breakfast sandwich they put like one slice the ham come on guys get it together. Follow the formulas.

Bryson E.

Close it down. Everything is double the price that it is back home in Seattle the food was shit I'm actually going to the bathroom to flip what I just took two bites of they need to burn that place down and make something different even the McDonald's across the street makes them look like dog food all the reviews are true that place is shit. I wouldn't feed this shit to my dog.

Molly L.

Whatever person is working the window right now is pretty terrible at his job. He was not personable whatsoever, nevermind that, no biggie. He was kind of rude and didnt give us a single napkin, any sauces for any of the stuff we ordered. Just BS. I understand that it's just jack in the box but maybe just do your job or hire people who will. Sincerly, The disappointed sauceless greasy fingered lady.

John H.

This place is THE worst..I would post pictures..but..the lady at the window was young..and rude..my food was cold and just WRONG..don't go here EVER

Scott L.

I ordered a double cheeseburger meal and a buttery jack meal with sprite and orange soda. I got a bacon double cheeseburger and I asked for no bacon. Will not return my gf can't eat bacon allergic

Jack In The Box
Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box

3121 N Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719