Jack In The Box

3121 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 325-3941

Recent Reviews

Gary Vandermark

awful service they gave an old crappy wrong sandwich with onion rings on it that I'm allergic to seriously!! The hamburger meat was smaller than an onion ring pathetic. I drove back to a correct sandwich for My but seriously WTF?!!! No Excuse!! Bad..

Brittany Lee

I placed an order over $40 through Uber Eats around midnight and not only were items missing but the curly fries and potato wedges were soggy and cold as if they were old. I tried calling the store to inform about it and see if there was something that can be done but the employee whom said he was a manager seemed as if he did not care saying he’s never dealt with a mess up before so I would have to come down there to fix the problem. For myself being a manager in the fast food industry I gotta say this was terrible customer service and definitely not an action of a manager with integrity.

Dave Allison

My sister comes to Tucson every year for the gem show. Her last stop before shes leaves is Jack in the box she loves there tacos.

Micah Shonk

I ordered the loaded nachos I didn't order them with extra greese. There was a puddle of greese in my nachos. I want something done about this.

Art T.

The place was clean outside and inside, but the Men's bathroom was very dirty and they had no paper towels and the toilets were dirty and not flushed. The breakfast was warm and my hash brown & eggs & bacon & sausage was so greasy that I had to use 20 paper napkins to soak up the grease. The coffee was burnt and bitter tasting and warm. You are better off to go to the Taqueria El Pueblito next door. At 1800 E. Fort Lowell Rd. Suite A156

John Armes

I've been eating a Jack in The boxes for years and years this has to be the best Jack in the box in the whole United States I feel so welcomed there they call me by my name when I come to the door I have breakfast at sometimes lunch this is the most prettiest warmest Jack in the box for my birthday January 1st they know I am alone whittard and they took collection I had my cake and ice cream it was overwhelming I love by Jack in The box the magic that can't think of her name she deserves a raise

Miguel constantino

Hello yes please so far all of them are good to stop and eat, enjoy your family time and stop by one of them

William Jaeger

Great service-friendly & sincere. I leave smiling & feeling good-you guys rock!

Charlie Stewart

They forgot to give me my mini tacos oh but they didn’t forget to charge them huh! I’m so mad rn! Moral of the story do part of their job and check your order before you leave. After both my bags where handed the good bye was so like okay hurry up and leave that I felt like I had to hurry up and leave without checking. Like if they where so sure it was complete that I would be annoying to check my order infront of them. Uuuh those vibes no... ruined my dinner CUSTOMER SERVICE GUYS!!

Renee D.

I just stopped at the drive thru and paid $9 for a burnt bun and overcooked, dried-up spicy chicKen that was so hard around the edges I couldn't even bite through it! It is obvious the employees don't care- you can't miss the black edges on the bun or the fact that the chicken was hard as a rock! It makes me really mad to waste my money! This place has also gotten my order wrong more times then I can count. I'm done! I don't care how convenient it is!

John Jameson

Very, very nice employees. I ate there and they brought my food out when it was ready.

Mary Lefebvre

Yummy! Got 4.99 special. Cheeseburger fry &drink.???

Ej Ball

Love the food just dont go there after midnight service is hella slow.

Kimberley Sills

We enjoyed our breakfast sandwiches very much. Good service, nice server. He was very polite.

Patti Gonzol

I always enjoy going there. The food and service is out of this world!

dave h

It's jack in the box. Pretty meh since they got rid of the grilled chicken fillet and stopped toasting buns. Passable. Better than the grossly over-salted McDonald's up the street

Ro4321 Mo4321

$3.99 double chicken sandwich combo Wow! great deal.

Amelia Pytosh

Food is alright, especially considering the price, bathrooms are especially fantastic.

Pejman kooklanfar

I was hungry walk to this place order what I liked and young lady from Kentucky she helped me very nice and guess what I just finished my food

Celina Hosp

Jack in the box has always been pretty tip notch in my book as far as fast food goes. My only complaint is with the price of the food. Other then that the employees are cool and have ways been accomodating. I don't think I have ever had a bad experience with the taste of the food. But this locations seem to perpetually mess up orders. The dining room is spotless. The place is calm and quiet which is saying something based on the location.

Lola Stevenson

Love their deals on tacos when you barely living off your last couple of dollars.

Fernando R.

Waited to order on the drive through for 10 minutes when there were only 2 cars ahead of me, waiting already for their food. They didn't even take my order! I just ended driving through without even them taking my order!

Steven Cota

It was Jack in the Box.. I had no coupons so it was 9 bucks! I didn't get sick

Godof Light

Great food. Friendly service. All smile's

Wayne Bennett

More attention to the assembly of the burger, wrapping the burger great idea.

Holly Morelli

Fast service... Drive through. Good fast food

Robin Stone

ORIGINAL POST 2 STAR Drive-thru wait time was good, and staff was courteous. However they got my order wrong. Didn't discover the error until I had already returned to work. UPDATE to 5 STAR: They reached out to me to correct their error. The mgmt apologized for the error in order, and offered to bring the correct order to my work location. The delivered burger was exactly what I had ordered. In my opinion, they went above and beyond my expectation to correct the issue. Thank you!

Joshua Nelson

Fast food. Lived off their tacos in undergrad.

James J.

Long line at midnight but fast service. Burger was hot and delicious but i ordered a large curly fry. I feel slightly robbed.

Anna Farrell

Went through drive thru. It was late.. The employee was friendly and offered the special meal of the day.. our meal was fresh and hot. She made sure that we had our sause for the nuggets. The place was clean and well light. Employee was alert and friendly.

Rafael Montano

Always fresh ,good, nice staff this z one of the best jack n boxes, I think on this side of the city.

George Andrade

The egg rolls are freaking awesome they are really good

Andrea Bushong

$4.99 BBQ bacon burger combo was bigger than expected, and was yummy. In addition, no wait in drive through..was back on the road quickly!

Roi Amaya


Brian Lavallee

Food is good allways love the box late night.

Patrick Herding

Ultimate breakfast is my favorite!

Dwight Pruett

Jack N the Box has good burgers, & now they have coupons for a $5.00 meal which make going there affordable.

Marianne Bolding

Floor was sticky. Manager was moody, which affected the mood of the establishment. It was very busy, though, and he was cooking and helping other employees at the counter. Off day more than likely.

Patricia Blessings

Love there 2 for 4.00 supreme croissant. 2 for 1.00 tacos. Can't beat having breakfast & lunch. At this deal!

Jason Lee McDonald

You have to get ranch! They have the best Ranch in fast food. I always get chicken sandwiches, no lettuce, add Swiss. My favorite by far. That's all I need.