5640 N Swan Rd, Tucson
(520) 299-5953

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jared reed

You truly take a chance coming here today i had a completely awful service I got my money back yesterday was completely different

Mr Moses Luz

Order a caramel should have caramel on it.


Food was cold after I requested it to be fresh. And they messed my order upFood: 1/5

Adrian Alvarez

This is by far the worst MCDS on this side of town, despite there only ever being 1 or 2 people in line the wait is just ridiculous. Half the time the employees are just standing around and talking all while I’m standing at the register waiting to be helped. It’s too bad they don’t have the self check out kiosk here I don’t mind being ignored by a machine as much.

ashleigh sharpe

If I could give zero stars I would. The drive thru order board is missing multiple panels so who the hell knows what’s on the menu- behind the drive thru board is a pile of garbage stacked up to the top of the board. It’s horribly slow, the interior and exterior look like a ghetto. Pretty pathetic as it sits in a very upscale area of Tucson. Drive 2 miles south to the McDonald’s at Swan and Camp Lowell it’s like night and day- that store is clean, digital order boards, well staffed and fast. These owners and managers at Subrise and Swan should be ashamed of themselves- fix it or sell it to an owner who would take pride in the business. I’ll go out of my way to avoid the ghetto train wreck at Sunrise and Swan- it’s a shame as the young kids working there are really nice.

Rose Bennett

I ordered through the app after my son's soccer game. Usually this location is busy but fairly quick. Tonight we had to wait for 20min for our order. At first I sent my daughter in (one of my children is severely handicapped and in a wheelchair) she came back and informed me that the girls inside were just standing around.We were literally the only customers there.Since I didn't want to go through the hassle of getting everyone (including the wheelchair) out I opted to go through the drive thru.And to top it off the order was not only wrong but cold

A Mix Of Stuff

OH MY GOD. What a pig pen this location is. My wife and I went in and the floor was a mess. The floor behind the counter was a mess. The bathrooms were a mess. The drink station was a mess on the whole counter with spilled drink. One of the workers was sitting down and said she is on break. She should not be allowed to take a break until the place was clean. My wife and I walk out without ordering food because if the place is that much of a mess, we can imagine the food could be contaminated. If the health department went in then, the would have closed it down.

Christopher Dougherty

I love the food and the convenience, but they ALWAYS get my drive-thru orders wrongFood: 5/5

Canaan Martin

My burger was so bland I got a COVID test after to see if I had lost my sense of taste.... It was negative. Just bland boring flavored mass.Food: 2/5

Steve P

As usual I did not receive the correct order again! Used their App so I could get right back to work but ended up taking 20 minutes by the time they corrected my order,

Christine McClelland

We enjoyed our breakfast on the road. It was in a very convenient location, right next to our hotel.Kid-friendliness: Kids love McDonald's!


I have had many good experiences with some female workers, but yesterday was a nightmare. I had my 4 y.o. grandson & ordered a Happy Meal - no adult food. I was given a table marker and went to the play area. After about 15 minutes, I went back to the counter to ask where my food was. The male employee angrily told me he had called my number several times. I explained that guest in the play area can't hear. He then said he gave my food away. I questioned how he could give my food away and showed him my table marker. He loudly told me he had called my number several times. I asked for a manager and he said he was the only manager there. I asked his name - he had no name tag on and he refused to tell me. I then snapped his picture and he said if I ever come back he will call the police.

Elaine Romero

Only place to eat in the area. The customer service is horrible. I had a manager tell me last week that it was none of my business when I asked for his name after he gave me a dirty look when he thought I was not looking. They were out of receipt paper and he made a face when I asked for a refund because I needed a receipt to be reimbursed. I brought it to his attention and I stated to him that being out of paper was a " you" problem and he spoke back to me bystating that it wasn't his problem it was mine for wanting a receipt. I then responded by telling him I am a manager and I would have never made a face at any of my customers also that him being a part of management team if someone asks for your name it is your responsibility to give it when asked and that if you do not like the responsibility that comes with being apart of management or your job then don't work there. ?


Recently stopped by this location to see if things perhaps have gotten better. Well unfortunately I was wrong! Completely lazy when it's 8 at night and they still have the breakfast menu up from earlier in the morning. It's understandable that places can become busy but that timing is ridiculous. I ordered the Big Mac meal and they made me pull around and wait 10 minutes. I have never been to another location where it's taken so long to make something this simple when they're not even busy. The owners of this location really need to consider cleaning out the management. This location never seems like it's going to improve. I will continue to drive past this location to another one for better service. I don't think they'll ever get it right. It was amazing getting attitude from the staff, as if I was bothering them. Go elsewhere if considering this location!!!

Rob Grady

Ordered dine in and had 4 take out orders inside filled before mine. Waited over 5 min. for a triple cheese hamburger.. Go through drive thru. Your better off.

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