9490 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson
(520) 886-9615

Recent Reviews

Armando Rodriguez

Very clean/ remodeled mc Donald's ,

letty schlieper

Super easy to order. Love the decor.

Robert Motz

Good just like any other. Has self ordering

Robert L

This McDonald's was remodeled about a year ago and even though there is a counter person, more often than not they have little or no people skills. Sadly, this is becoming the standard in a many businesses that incorporate kiosks. I don't have issues with businesses using kiosks, but I do take issue with lackluster employees who can't crack a smile or say "hello/goodbye".

Laura Miles

Beautiful surroundings and swift food service. Excellent customer service with employees and managers.

Matt Ritrovato

The only place to get late night food that hasnt been sitting for hours. Golf Links/Harrison. Manager is usually there at night, and the food is always fresh. Everywhere else I have tried late night food, ends up being piss poor and must wonder why they are even open.

MSH Harris

2 for $5 Deal awesome 2 Big Mac's n 2 10pc chicken nuggets n 1 large fry no salt awesome under $15 Ty

hector sanchez

This is one of the best McDonald's in and service is good quality

Mark Zorer

Love the fresh beef qtr pounders

Kay C.

I complained earlier in the week at this location about the music because it was still xmas music (which would have been fine) but it has been mostly static for months now. I finally complained because it is really awful but was told that they had to always have music on even if it was stopping & going all the time. Just came from there & it is blaring out noise but still broken. I don't understand why it can't be fixed. It's definitely forcing us to go elsewhere.

Bonita Courtney

The food is great but the tea isn't made fresh in the mornings, taste old.

Crystal Rowsell

Food is ok but the prices have risen so much. The Food is not worth $8 a burger or $13 for a meal. I mean it's a fast food restaurant and not a gourmet restaurant

gretchen steiner

This McDs is always so busy but their staff are fairly consistent in being kind and efficient. I order my burgers without buns and they're the only McDs to ask if I want it lettuce wrapped. It's cute.

Jacqueline Ford

Love their cold ice tea no matter the season. Thanks.

Meduzae o

Employees forgot sauces for chicken nuggets. Paid for 2, 6 piece nugget Happy meals but received 2, 4 piece Happy meals. No ketchup, no napkins, 3 of 4 drinks were wrong. I am a food delivery driver, no wonder I don't get tips after delivering from this location. How many other orders do they get wrong?

Matthew Nelson

Wait was way too long for fast food.


Clean, and with a very nice patio area for studying or just waiting for car repairs from the auto shop nearby.

Jamie R.

I went in to this McDonald's this afternoon. There was a boy on the register in between self checkout which I thought was strange, but anyway. I asked "can I have the chicken nugget meal" and he says "no" in a weird voice. He was clearly joking but it was not funny nor appropriate for customer service Then he tells me my total is $15? I ask him why and he reads back my order. It's correct. I go to the menu and ask how my $8 combo went to $15. He gets a manager because he rang something in wrong. Then he comes to our table and makes awkward conversation and keeps bothering us. Leave us alone, you've already apologized Manager was nice tho!

Jacob Romero

Everytime I order drive thru here im asked to pull over to the side and wait even if i order just a cheeseburger

Maribel Moreno

Didn’t like the service. Sweet tea EXTREMELY SWEET

jessie powles

The sweet tea has way to much sugar in it I couldn’t even drink it

Mary Celaya

Great all around places to take and go and eat with your kids and let them enjoy themselves while you eat just great.

Anita G

Excellent service! Friendly! Amazingly professional

Yolanda Sifuentes

Nice clean and quiet!! I just dnt like when the hostess takes your order or wants you to use kiosk...ALL THOSE GERMS !!!

Neal Conrardy

It's a McDonalds. They are all about the same. This one has a "disco table" I like, serioiusly. The table has lights that change color when you touch them. I think it is kind of cool.

ceon kang

Quiet place. If you need some time to think it might serve its purpose. Will visit again.

Joi Orme

It was good. Friendly service. I like the new look

Jackie Chavez

I don't like the new decor, but the drive thru is awesome

jeff stern

The new way of orering is different. I do not know if I like it. Whats next. Just give us a pill for dinner.

Kryssie Beard

Good, clean place. Lines move pretty quick most of the time.

Lila L.

I stopped in for breakfast. Ordered two Sausage, Egg, Cheese Biscuits & two Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuits. They had no flavor & the biscuits were hard on the outside and dry on the inside. It was like eating mush between pressed saw dust. I can't believe I spent $16.00 on something so disgusting and tasteless. McDonald's will never have my business again.

josh Tatge

People not very friendly,can't stand automated machine,manager had me use machine instead of just taking order,owner or big boss having meeting in lobby while customers present and can hear entire conversation about what everyone does wrong,food wasn't to bad but longest wait I have ever had for one single meal at any McDonald's,will not return to this location in future

Dennis V.

They don't let you pick up your order from the window, they have you wait in front of the restaurant. Service is very slow. Not happy with the service. They need to fix this quick.

Jayne Butler

What can I say about McDonald's that you don't already know? They're all pretty much the same. Good for a quick bite or full meal.

my cat is exists

It's McDonald's the food is genuinely good nothing more nothing less dhjdjdjfjdjdjjffjfhdhddjdjdjjdjdjd

John Habrey

Good location nothing special, but it is a mcdonalds and you will get mcdonalds

sandra glenn

It's ok I guess the best is sausage egg muffins

Katherine Howard

They updated the interior and added giant touch screens to order from. Its weird. The decor is ugly. There is one cool table though that lights up and changes colors where you touch. Weird weird remodel though. The people were nice enough.

Charles Bupp

McDonald's is a great restaurant at this location because they take their time and making your food fresh and I really appreciate that

Ashley Johnson

Sat in the drive through for over 39 minutes! No explanation. Ridiculous