2990 W Valencia Rd, Tucson
(520) 578-3747

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Chris Rubio

"our system is down" then close the drive thru! Why let people come up...


Always get my order right ?

Nikki Miranda

They need employees that actually know how to read already. I'm getting tired of trying to ask for something like no cheese and they just put it on there anyways. These are some really lousy, sloppy, cooks. The time I went too wasnt even busy so I dont know how the hell they still got jt wrong, and it pisses me off

Maria Cordova

Got Mc.Donalds for lunch at this location. We've never had these problems before but today...It took me a few bites into my food to realise my burger was RAW in the middle.... If any of the employees see this DO YOUR JOB RIGHT! If you're in a rush to end your shift get a different job or don't go in at all. In the end if you don't pay attention to what you're doing, it'll be YOUR fault for getting someone sick. You're lucky I noticed it before I could get FOOD POISONING or something else...ridiculous.

Carrie Martin

Went to the drive thru and for a simple order they couldn't even get it right. Had to come all the way back because of their mess up. I said don't come here before and I will say it again. Unbelievable. Second chance given never again.

Charlie D.

I ordered three big Mac meals almost $30 $ 9.39 a piece I think you go online and look up the price of a big Mac meal may have drowned 599 this place is a rip-off will never go back. I thought it was a mistake I parked my car went inside and looked at the menu. Wow

Patricia R.

Everytime i came here they forget something. They dont concentrate on what their doing cause of how busy they are. i asked for 2 chicken sandwiches with light mayo. yea you can imagine what happen. I get the new pink lemonade slushy, had no color, cup was a small but they said it was a medium. same mistakes always.

Atom Bomb

Basic isnt better then usual so gav it 3

Syd C

I got to the McDonald's, the lady that took my order through the drive thru was nice but didnt hear my order correctly, when I got to the first window to pay the cashier was also a lady she wasn't to nice but I paid for my order went to the 2nd window to pick up my order and the fries were so cold and stale, I asked for boy toys and they gave me girl! My little brother got devastated also I wanted hot mustard they gave me bbq... YOU GUYS WERE NOT EVEN BUSY AND STILL CANT DO THE JOB. I beleive McDonald's needs to step up and hire people that actally want to do their job and satisfy their customers that come to pay to keep your business runnning!!! THIS ISNT THE FIRST TIME MCDS!!!!! GET YOUR STUFF TOGTHER !!!!!!

Daniel Thomas

Can always count on something good to eat at a good price.

Claudia Romero

They need to pay more attention on the orders and not just hand out bags to vehicles without verifying the order. I watched them give out two different bags and my coffee to the vehicle in front of me. The people took it, who knows if they touch anything inside the bag, then you see them handing it back to the employee. Then after my items were already touched by different people they just want me to take them. This is very unsanitary, at that point the employee should have said keep those items and here is you correct order and make a new one for me and the car behind me.

Berkie Allen

Typically McDonald's. You really have to go out of your way to screw up McDonald's. I had a friend who worked at this location over 20 years ago. Now I feel old. Not enough people order the apple pies. There used to be a cherry and I think a cheese and cherry pie also, but it fell out of favor. Sometimes it's comforting to go to McDonald's, there's really nothing quite like fresh McDonald's fries.

Eric Navarrette

Took way to long to get my food. No one knew what was going on. Very dissatisfied. 4 orders went out before mine was even done. Canceled the order and left. Will not go back to this one

Eric Farmer

The person who took our order in the drive-thru told us that they only have fountain drinks, we wanted shakes or something like that, but when we got to the windowthere was a frappe on the counter waiting for the car behind us, they charged us for a coffee with six espresso shots which we ordered when we got it there was no espresso in the coffee, the fries had human hair and mixed in with the fries, burgers were cold

Shon Lantych

My wife loves sausage Mc Griddles and coffee for breakfast. Usually fresh and hot..

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