2990 W Valencia Rd, Tucson
(520) 578-3747

Recent Reviews

Bono Garcia

I got the Deluxe quarterpounder thinking it was going to be a beast of a burger, opened the box and ? was severely disappointed. Tiny little burger that looked like it belonged in a kids meal.?

Ronnie Pearson

It was okay the Frey's were only warm

Mike Evans

Great place,great service, friendly staff. Had a double quarter pounder with cheese meal.Nice to get one hot and fresh off the grill. They taste so much better that way. Not crazy about the order kiosks. Find them confusing, yes help is always available but what's wrong with good old fashioned counter service! Seemed easier.

Rosie Matas

The menu item prices have gone up. Some will look for other fast food places to feed a small family.

Cisco kid

Idk if it was just a bad day to eat at this location and u think that it was busy but it was empty. It started with nobody at the counter and then finally after about 5min of me standing their a staff came out and asked me if I needed something and i told her yea I like to order and she then responded with an attitude well all the self order stations are free. I had alredy order and was just needing to pay and get my cups.. then our # was called I when to go get the food that was to be eating in and was all in one to go bag I asked if that was my order as i did not want to tuch someone elses food and she told me it must be.! At that point the maneger was at the front counter takeing another customer's order and he heard the staff being rued and he did nothing about it. At the table I noticed that only one item was correct so i went back up and she looked at me and whispered OMG what now.. I at this point asked for the manager, he came over and asked what the issue was and i told him what had happend he corrected the issue but it took another 20min to get my food and at this point it was noticed by other customer's that had to deal with that staff that she was just not happy working with ppl. I hope they take notice of that because you may not have to like everyone but at your job u need to stay professional.. hope that staff has a better day and that manager pays attention to when his staff is not doing their job.

Monsoon Cañez

The staff is friendly and service is quick but sometimes the soda is not mixed well. So it tastes flat or bland.

Caitlin Hinson

Greatest staff at the counter manager was verynice and all food was hot

Margaret Turner

I enjoy the ice cream cones.

Steve Watson

This may be the last time I visit this location. Ordered a bbq bacon single meal and was surprised to find the price was $11+. Then the sandwich I got was soaked and swimming in bbq sauce. No exaggeration. I can't see how anyone thought this was acceptable to serve. Inedible!

Marla Jean

Friendly service, but today was a REALLY long wait time for a fast food drive through...we sat there over 15 mins...not sure what the hold up was.

AlexTheAlky games

The McRib is for a select group of people. You gotta love pickles and onions. Which I do. Wish they were bigger though. I'd reccomend getting 2.

Donovan Bezahaloni

Was interesting everyone was in the Halloween spirit.. took a fee minutes to get the food maybe too many workers?

Marv V.

Came here at around 12:15am and they did have a few cars in the drive thru... ordered 2 double quarter pounder meals and drinks, ordered was served promptly and we came home. Took a bite and I knew right away it wasn't right. Turned on the light and saw this... on both burgers... Called the store and spoke to the manager (Patty), and she took care of our problem and was professional and concerned. Bummed out since it did ruin our appetites... No bueno...

Rosa Dorsey

Not good experience. Jess at the pick up window doesn't seem to understand there are MANY people placing their order in the drive thru so it is important to verify their order. This was lunch hour. She tried to just hand me a bag and when I asked her what it consisted of, she said your order. I said well what is in the bag? She again said your order. I said ok tell me what it is so I can make sure it is my order. She again said what you ordered. I started what I ordered and asked her is that what is in there. She said she didnt kniw but I just ordered it. I tried to impress on her there was a long line and I didnt want a mixup and have to go back if it was wrong. She didnt understand verification to avoid mix ups. I hope that location doesn't have major problems because if her inability to understand this. I have had mix ups before and didnt want that. Generally the person at the window tells me what it is to make sure they aren't handing out the order to the wrong person.

Tee Cruz

Great good & good service, decent wait time, thank you.

Annais Gonzalez Montiel

Unbelievable how long they take to give you your order you pay and they immediately park you as I am writing this I am waiting still after 20 min of having paid for my meal how is this supposed to be a fast food restaurant?

Erich Tackett

This McDonalds is always top notch. Friendly courteous employees. The frys are always fresh cooked served hot. The burgers are fresh and hot as well. My order is always correct. They never forget to give plenty of napkins. They aren't stingy with condiments either. The bathroom is always very clean, and stocked with toilet paper and paper towels to dry your hands. The only complaint I could think of is the paper towel dispenser is one of those automatic ones and I will only dispense twice before it has a wait time to dispense again.

Jason N.

Myself and two co-workers came to get the McRib on 10/4/19. We used the self serve kiosk to order, the McRib is on there and we completed our orders. We were then approached by an employee telling us that they did not have the McRib yet and didnt know how we ordered it. If the sandwich is not available it should not be in the kiosk to order. We had to substitute for a different item and it took forever to get the order. We were then brought our sandwiches and fries but no drinks, had to go up to the counter to get them. We were also not offered catsup. The manager also would not do a refund for one of us but gave a free meal instead saying they couldn't do a refund. Not a very good visit to a newly remodeled store.

annais montiel

Unbelievable how long they take to give you your order you pay and they immediately park you as I am writing this I am waiting still after 20 min of having paid for my meal how is this supposed to be a fast food restaurant?

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Awesome place to hang out and have a burger and tasty milkshake.

Juan Morales

Great place! Food is always fresh and the staff is always amazing, full of smiles and very helpful to me especially this employee named Juan GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE! But I don't have anything bad to say about this place other then a wait every once in a while but if you don't mind a wait it's worth it.

Maria Roberts

Fries were hot and the fish was freshly cooked. It was a good day.

Randy Tedlie

Never fails. Somehow order gets screwed up every time. Lets pay attention to what we do for customer service

Joshua Doubleday

I went while on break from work and purchased lunch for myself, wife and child. I arrived at work where my wife and child were meeting me to have lunch and I gave them their food and went inside to eat mine. I began eating as I worked without looking at the burger, as i was eating it i realized that my burger was completely pink and cold in the center. I wrote to McDonalds and I am awaiting response. This is after waiting on a call back from the store for a while. I dont recommend it if this is how they are going to handle their own mistake.

Victoria. L. Hotchkiss

Quick drive thru. Great drink prices!

Clarinda Valenzuela

I've been to this location most of my life. Final stop before the drive home. Staff, decor, and cleanliness is very satisfactory. Everything is always available, but sometimes ice cream machine is out.

Jay Verse

Simple order but still made multiple mistakes. Wrong drink. Wrong burger.

Stephanie Vergara

They suck always messing up the orders. I order food on uberEats and paid $14 for a meal. When the food got here the sandwich was not what I asked for.. obviously it was a cheaper meal. I called the store and they said “sorry we can’t have it deliver to you. You will need to come pick up your sandwich” 2 hours later I got a ride to the store. The manager only replaced the sandwich, which was not free. I asked for fries replacement and said I had to pay for them! Are you kidding me?! I asked her to refund the money for the delivery fee since I still had to go get food and she refused! WORST SERVICE EVER! Please don’t waste your time here..

Sandra Lewis

When you can get any size drink for $1 that's the place to go and eat they have a mic double that is really Good

Mike Harris

Artisan grilled chicken sandwich with cheese is fresh and delicious.

Christa Valenzuela

This is supposed to be fast food when you wait for 30 min for 2 Apple pies! Mc Donalds on Valencia n Cardinal need help very badly!

Diane Borquez

I am hooked on your delicious french fries

Carlos O

McDonald's at 2:30 in the morning and there food was cold the service was good but it was slow as I waited at least 20 minutes just to get through I would not recommend this McDonald's the one on mission and Ajo now that one is the best...these french fries were burned hard cold and nasty I go to McDonald's because I love the french fries not the burnt fries

Juju Ruiz

I’ve been here 3 times, each time they messed up my order or forgot to add an order and forget to scan the discount. Never friendly always give me bad vibes like they don’t want to help or even feel dirty looks

Heraclio Ramirez

Enjoyed the dollar menu hamburgers and it's the only one 24 hours drive through

Bryan Colledge

Love the ice cream even around 10 pm on a hot night

Heather Banks

I ordered two 20 piece nuggets. They gave me one 20 piece. I took the order up to the counter, showed my receipt and showed what I received. The girl hands me one more 10 piece nugget. I told her it was supposed to be 20...she looked at me like I was stupid and told me it was 20 nuggets. I repeated what she said "20 nuggets in a 10 piece box?" she said yes. Ok. I went home, 10 nuggets! This is not the first time or second time or even third time they have messed up my order. Seems to be a very incompetent group that works there. I will say though, the managers always make right what the workers screw up. They all seem to be pretty nice, just extremely incompetent when it comes to bagging food!

Stephanie Lopez

Ordered a parfait and never got it in my bag. I went up the drive thru AGAIN and told them they forgot to give me my parfait and show them my receipt and they said they didn’t have parfaits anymore. Instead of telling me that in the first place they decided to charge me and steal.

Micky Davie

Love this McDonald's employees a cool has got Wi-Fi close to home.

Isis Escalante

The food is good so is the service but sometimes thay cant keep their stuff together for instants i ordered a cheese burger plain, bacon big mac and some fries and got a normal cheese burger, normal big mac, and no fries but most times have gone smooth.