2990 W Valencia Rd, Tucson
(520) 578-3747

Recent Reviews

Victoria. L. Hotchkiss

Quick drive thru. Great drink prices!

Clarinda Valenzuela

I've been to this location most of my life. Final stop before the drive home. Staff, decor, and cleanliness is very satisfactory. Everything is always available, but sometimes ice cream machine is out.

Jay Verse

Simple order but still made multiple mistakes. Wrong drink. Wrong burger.

Stephanie Vergara

They suck always messing up the orders. I order food on uberEats and paid $14 for a meal. When the food got here the sandwich was not what I asked for.. obviously it was a cheaper meal. I called the store and they said “sorry we can’t have it deliver to you. You will need to come pick up your sandwich” 2 hours later I got a ride to the store. The manager only replaced the sandwich, which was not free. I asked for fries replacement and said I had to pay for them! Are you kidding me?! I asked her to refund the money for the delivery fee since I still had to go get food and she refused! WORST SERVICE EVER! Please don’t waste your time here..

Sandra Lewis

When you can get any size drink for $1 that's the place to go and eat they have a mic double that is really Good

Mike Harris

Artisan grilled chicken sandwich with cheese is fresh and delicious.

Christa Valenzuela

This is supposed to be fast food when you wait for 30 min for 2 Apple pies! Mc Donalds on Valencia n Cardinal need help very badly!

Juju Ruiz

I’ve been here 3 times, each time they messed up my order or forgot to add an order and forget to scan the discount. Never friendly always give me bad vibes like they don’t want to help or even feel dirty looks

Heraclio Ramirez

Enjoyed the dollar menu hamburgers and it's the only one 24 hours drive through

Bryan Colledge

Love the ice cream even around 10 pm on a hot night

Heather Banks

I ordered two 20 piece nuggets. They gave me one 20 piece. I took the order up to the counter, showed my receipt and showed what I received. The girl hands me one more 10 piece nugget. I told her it was supposed to be 20...she looked at me like I was stupid and told me it was 20 nuggets. I repeated what she said "20 nuggets in a 10 piece box?" she said yes. Ok. I went home, 10 nuggets! This is not the first time or second time or even third time they have messed up my order. Seems to be a very incompetent group that works there. I will say though, the managers always make right what the workers screw up. They all seem to be pretty nice, just extremely incompetent when it comes to bagging food!

Stephanie Lopez

Ordered a parfait and never got it in my bag. I went up the drive thru AGAIN and told them they forgot to give me my parfait and show them my receipt and they said they didn’t have parfaits anymore. Instead of telling me that in the first place they decided to charge me and steal.

Micky Davie

Love this McDonald's employees a cool has got Wi-Fi close to home.

Isis Escalante

The food is good so is the service but sometimes thay cant keep their stuff together for instants i ordered a cheese burger plain, bacon big mac and some fries and got a normal cheese burger, normal big mac, and no fries but most times have gone smooth.

Ary A.

Most McDonald's in town. Service is slow. Crew have a " I hate you" attitude. I went through the drive thru one night, and my food was cold and in my drink there was a werid floating object in it. I called McDonald's about it, was waiting a long time for someone to pick up...

Aleeta Alice

Unfortunately the epi center of our obesity epidemic in the US and other nations. Mrs. Crock needs to lead a revolution in this industry by offering healthy fast food, along with massive education of the people who eat her offerings.

Jourdyn Willams

This place is really bad.. the service is normally nice.. but the food that they give you is trash the fries either old or fresh but undercooked so there soggy ..every time i order the tenders meal the are just bad i hace had to get my order replace there to many times bow i just wont go there anymore . 0

Xio Kiisou

The staff is great! However having lived part of my life in Illinois I was saddened by the sheer lack of choices (ie Chili Mac and Orange Freeze)

Daniel O.

Came in at 220 pm so we walked right up to counter only to be ignored by one employee and told by next employee to order off the kiosk as she walks away. Ordered two #3's ( double qp's) and got regular qps. I noticed when I got home so I try to call restaurant only to get no answer. Once I get here I'm told I have to wait and wait and wait, needless to say quite unsatisfied with service, hopeful just a fluke...


I liked this location. Clean, modern, and fast service too. The lunch crowd is not too big either so I enjoyed the casual lunch visit.

Jose Rosas

Unfortunately I was told the ice cream machine was not working again however, they did manage to get my order right the first time and they didn't make me pull over to the side because I decided to go inside this time to order. The $2.00 Hazel nut iced coffee's was delishious. The fries were hot and tastey. Cashier #3 was nice and courteous to me.

Lydia Sorensen

The food was as expected. The staff could use some training in customer relations though they handled a jerk being mean to them without incident.

Amaya T.

Truly disgusted my Burger was still RAW and the fries were burnt if I could give this place no stars I would. Definitely not coming back here

Taylor B.

Waiting in line right now, been waiting here for 15 minutes. I've already ordered but I have not even made it to the first window to pay for my food let alone pick it up. Upsets me because this McDonald's is the closest one to my house, making it the most convenient for coffee and breakfast items in the morning on the way to work. That being said, the most convenient is definitely not always the best. This McDonald's is slow, this McDonald's staffs unprofessional employees, and this McDonald's can't deliver on even the most basic of McDonald's Food quality standards. I saw an earlier post on here regarding the food quality, it's stated that they had very very dry big Macs. I haven't had this issue with the big Mac, but I have had this issue with their chicken tenders and french fries and their mcdoubles. Enclosing what I'm really trying to get across here is that this place is so goddamn slow that you probably shouldn't stop because you're gonna be late for whatever you're doing afterwards

Michelle F.

I wish I could leave zero stars. This by far the worst drive thru and service you can get. By the time we actually get our food, something is cold. This McDonald's is the closest to my house but I'm better off driving 10 minutes to the next one. Avoid if you can. My fries were extra crispy and tasted a bit old.

Jason Taylor

Worst service ever no matter what you order you pull forward and wait 10 mins

Joanne K.

While we like McDonald's for breakfast, this remodeled McDonald's is a DUMP! The workers don't have to do much now that we spend 5 mins at a kiosk placing our order. So, why not take some of the many employees and have them wipe the tables off? We were in there at an early hour on a Saturday--it was not busy and every table was dirty. We have been in there several times before with the same issue. The tables are always dirty.

Tara Gendreau

I have never waited so long at McDonald's in my life. There is a line 5 cars deep of people waiting for their food.

Ja V.

The worst put together big Mac ever the driest Big Mac ever the horrible experience fries were nowhere near filled and also their specialty burgers are horrible unchewable bacon nasty flavors they're failing and remodeling did not help

Gilbert B.

Went for breakfast Saturday morning and it was great. Jami whom seemed to be the manager is super friendly, nice and has amazing customer services. The person who took our order had such a friendly helpful voice that made you just smile. She didn't rush us or anything. Food was fresh and the team working was just over all super nice. Thank You! :) We live down the street and will be back especially for breakfast. Keep up the good work.

Angee Dennis

Even tho they are remodeling both inside and outside, my coffee and breakfast came out hot, delicious, and quick.

Lissett Z.

My husband got a burger that was old and with a bite in it!!! When we called they said they would give us a new one.. thanks! Prob not eating McDonald's for a while

Deborah Evans

The service was great . I had my food before I could get my own drink. The fries were too salty but I had fresh fries with no salt within 2 min. I had a strawberry sunday to top off the meal it was great too.

Nasir B.

Decent service, some of the employees did not speak English but were always very polite. The food was alright.

Marisol Soria

Smoothies are great and so is the coffee, it gets busy in the mornings. It needs a little attention on the cleaning, and a few of the workers are a little rude. But if you go through the drive thrue its fast and you won't interact much with the employees.

Susan P.

I'm not sure what happened to customer service in this country, but this is definitely NOT the place to find it. Most of the time their food is OK, if it's fresh, but their accuracy and attitude is sorely lacking. My husband drove through this evening to pick up one of their $12.99 value packs and added on the 2/$5 burgers. He asked about the 2 extras at the window and they said they were in the box. Got home and not there. Drove back with receipt and the "manager" (don't know his name because he had lost his badge) argued with him. When my husband asked for a new order because the original was now cold from being carried around, the manager turned to a fellow employee and began speaking Spanish and they laughed. My husband was not pleased and told them so.

Laurie H.

ALWAYS check your bag, and your order on the screen, and your reciept. Always. Food is typical, employees seem generally confused, but genial. Not at all sure what it's like inside, looks scary from the outside I use drive through, and think "They **** with you at the drive through" every time!

Sarah S.

If I could give less then one star I would. I stopped here on my way home last night, to pick up all of 4 items. There were two people ahead of me, so I thought it would go quick... I was wrong. The first car went threw quick enough, but the car just a head was just sitting there for almost an hour. Two cars behind me left while waiting, and if I hadn't been with someone else I would have left too. After the hella long wait, the only explanation they had was "we ran out of meat, and had to have someone drive to the other location, to pick some up". We didn't get a sorry, or even offered something for our wait, just the lame excuse. I will never ever come back to this location again.