Med Cuisine

5870 E Broadway Blvd Space 548, Tucson
(520) 514-4290

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Brandon Jesse Perreault #BatGang #LaceUp

I had ordered the lamb wrap and was disappointed in the way the food was made, I?ve had Mediterranean food from other places, and it not only tasted better but also looked appealing and it filled you up. But not here. I do not suggest going here if you want Mediterranean food.. if you want a lot of attitude and having the manager basically be disrespectful towards you come here. Not worth it and I still left hungry

Pili Lopez Ajuria

Best falafel ever. I just love this place!!

Christy C.

I was skeptical of a food court gyro salad, but it was one of the best I've ever had! Tons of meat & feta cheese and dressing served on the side, they way I prefer.

Ruben Rivas

Love this place! people are helpful food is great. T1 with a side of hummus everytime, hits the spot

Courtney Fisher

This was such a pleasant surprise from a mall food court! My family ordered the sampler plate which consisted of gyro, lamb shawarma, chicken shawarma, a variety of vegetables and sauces, along with pita bread. The food was beyond delicious and the servings were extremely generous. Even my 15 month old son found the food so good and keep grabbing for more! The woman on the front today (the owner potentially?) was such a joy to interact with. Not only was she so helpful and kind, she gave us a little extra tahini to take with our leftovers when I mentioned my son loved dipping his food into it. Its little things like that that make the experience such a memorable thing, it's the human experience to connect with each other.

Neal Hesselton

I got the chicken platter and a falafel wrap. Both were delicious, the chicken and falafel were cooked very well where they weren't dry and they were well spiced. All of the bread was very nice and the fries were super crispy on the outside and more potato-y on the inside. The pickled cucumber and radish were slightly crunchy with good acidity and a hint of sweet while the sauce was a nice creamy garlic based with yogurt I think. I also got a pistachio baklava which was a great addition to the meal with a nice mix of sweet and savory. The portions were great for the money and I saved half of the food for a second meal. Lastly, the staff was helpful and it felt like they had a more personal connection than the other choices in the mall.

Smool Suzitski

I have spent half of my life or more in the middle East. I love to eat. I am a foodie. DD is very nice polite. Their food is authentic, clean and well prepared. Delicious. Highly recommend!

Laurie P.

I asked for no marinade or dressing on my salad. Of course, I grabbed it and left. Soggy with dressing which I couldn't eat.

Tanya Andrade

Food is AMAZING! Nothing you would expect to have in a mall food court. Service was GREAT! Have been back several times. This is a must try!

eric patterson

Ordered the gyro platter. Was not worth 15 bucks at all. Gyro meat was left on grill way to long. It broke apart and was crunchy. I've had jerky that was better than that. And what they call peta bread is more like a tortilla. Not worth the money at all.

Scott Humphrey

Wow. Came to the food court and left ecstatic. Med cuisine is outstanding. I have the chicken skewers with fries. Chicken was cooked to perfection, and the restaurant was closing in fewer than 15 minutes. Fries extra crispy just like I asked.


Fabulous! Great value. Great food. Great staff. Authentic, made from scratch dishes (even the dolmas!!!) that are worth a trip to the mall. With 10+ yrs of high-end restaurant experience, I was surprised and extremely impressed with everything we tried. Can't go back soon enough!

Jasmine Andrade

Really good med cuisine. Had the veggie platter- the falaffels and hummus were great and they had THE BEST baclava I've had at any mediterranean place, surprisingly. Also the fries are crispy and soft and delicious. And the people who run it are amazing too. ð??? Awesome experience both times.


Wow. Came to the food court and left ecstatic. Med cuisine is outstanding. I have the chicken skewers with fries. Chicken was cooked to perfection, and the restaurant was closing in fewer than 15 minutes. Fries extra crispy just like I asked.. . This place is definitely worth a special visit to the mall. Come hungry and leave happy

scott h.

Wow. Came to the food court and left ecstatic. Med cuisine is outstanding. I have the chicken skewers with fries. Chicken was cooked to perfection, and the restaurant was closing in fewer than 15 minutes. Fries extra crispy just like I asked. This place is definitely worth a special visit to the mall. Come hungry and leave happy.

Brittney Klein

I was so surprised at the quality of food I got from this place in the mall. Seriously worth it! The hummus is amazing and so is the pickle mix!

john t.

Very fresh delicious food at a good price. We had pita wraps. They were freshly made with great fillings. Service is very efficient


Great meal, I wonder if they have other locations than the mall. I would definitely go.

Judy Dawod

Really good food, good portion, highly recommended

Suzi Katherine

Just had a GREAT lunch at Med Cusine! We WILL be going back soon :)


I had a bad experience at this restaurant. Beforehand i let the cashier know that Iâ??m allergic to gluten, and if she could ask the cook to change gloves. I ordered a salad with chicken. She told the cook about my order and my request and with an attitude he said â??I wonâ??t touch her food.â? And didnâ??t change gloves.

Kamel Didan

Great food ... a bit pricey ... or settle for their wraps (less expensive).

Bill L.

Basically I hate malls and years go by without my going in one. However, I was hungry for lunch one day and a friend highly recommended this place. He was absolutely correct. This is a hidden jewel featuring reasonably priced extremely well cooked tasty and healthy middle eastern food. It's such a bargain for the price it's even got me into the mall and number of times over the last several months. Yes, yes, I know it's in the food court but it's very good.

Divina D.

I returned to Tucson again for work and decided to door dash dinner. I was so excited to get food from this place again. Unfortunately it was disappointing. Rice, lamb, chicken was soo dry. I was literally chocking trying to get it down my throat. What happened guys??? I barely finished it, thank goodness I'm expensing this. Such a waste.

Janice D.

This was delivered by Grubhub. I don't normally review. In fact never. I've had a ravaging hunger for Mediterranean food. Some close friends years ago introduced me. I, loving to cook, tried to duplicate. This ain't close. And I didn't get the pita bread. I'll doctor the leftovers and enjoy. Good luck!

Roland W.

I truly wanted to give Med Cuisine an excellent rating because the Park Place food court desperately needs some variety and better food options. However, the beef shawarma I ordered last time had an overpowering mint flavor in every bite. I felt like I was eating a mint sandwich and couldn't taste anything else. Also, the pita wrapper was overcooked and extremely hard to bite into. The kebab sandwich on my first visit, however, was very good. I hope that my second visit was just an off day for them. It's been a revolving door for restaurants at this mall, and I hope Med Cuisine will do well.

Diana Zatarain

Med Cuisine, a delightful treat in the Food Court in Park Place! I have tried several Mediterranean dishes, and all of them were delicious! The marinated chicken, kebabs, kibbeh, falafel, hummus, salads, pickled turnip and cucumber.... many other scrumptious offerings! They also offer various sweet desserts every day.... this is one of my favorite eateries in the Mall!!!

Tamara E.

The food here is made fresh and some of the best food I've had in Tuscon!! It takes a bit, but its worth the wait. Totally not typical food court fare and in the best way. Its healthy, fresh, and offers many options for any diet you can think of, we will be back and be back often.

Nori G.

Wow! I tried Med Cuisine today for the first time. I had the Chicken Shawarma Pita Sandwich. It was one of my favorites ever. I have tried pretty much every Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurant in Tucson, and this is the first that left me wanting it again and again. Afterward, I thanked the owner who was working the kitchen and mentioned I wanted to try his falafel. He gave me a plate with a falafel ball to sample and it was also delicious, but that shawarma stole my heart so I ordered another one right after lunch to take home for dinner. My husband did the same, but got the beef / marinated top sirloin shawarma. This will be my go-to place for shawarma. I loved it. On a side note, my sandwich comes with a mayo sauce or garlic sauce, but I love tahini sauce, so they were accommodating and gave me that when I asked for it instead of the options that come with it.

Nooshin R.

If you're looking for some fast healthy food this place is the best! Everything tastes amazing and fresh! There mezza plater was a great combination of a few appetizers, a must try!

Amalek Z.

Amazing food. Some of the best Mediterranean food in Tucson and definitely the best place in the food court. Wish they weren't in a mall!! So so good.

Jenn C.

I've tried a bunch of different Mediterranean restaurants in town and this is the best hummus I've ever tasted, the best presentation and "extras" I've ever seen .... I can not say enough good things about this place. We had it delivered and it was still beautifully presented, the pickled veggies you get with some of the dishes were amazing! Please check this place out, it's my new favorite spot for some genuinely authentic Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food!

Divina D.

I'm traveling for work from California. That mixed grill tho was definitely on point! The beef tips was cooked perfectly and so soft! It was so much food and so dang tasty! And that white sauce??!! I was in heaven!!! #foodcoma activated! Will definitely be coming back next time I am in town!

Alexis Coronado

The staff is very friendly and helpful if you're not quite sure what to get. The food was delicious! Definitely going back!

Heidi Karadsheh

healthy and yummy, Highly recommended.

Fatim Ameen

Best middle east restaurant in Tucson ð???

Steve M.

I tried the fairly new spot at Park Place mall food court and I was really impressed. It's a great options when you're tired of the fast food options and want something healthier for a decent price. Most meals seemed to be priced from the $9-12 dollar range and military discount if that applies. The few items that are $12 and up look good but then you get into a sit down restaurant price range, which is only reason I didn't get one because at the mall you are looking for something quick and of value. Food tasted really good and mixed with a protein, veggie, and starch balance, with the presentation that looked quality. Would definitely recommend you try it.

David Anied

I come me on my parents and we love the food over here it's amazing the chicken on the french fries on specially the rice it's amazing I never ever ever tried anywhere also the people over there it's really nice I love it on the food is fresh. And also my dad he order mix Grill and it was so good.

Zina Touch

The food was fresh and delicious, very nice staff the owner was very generous... for sure I will be back again

Amaal Chamas

Had a meal yesterday at Med cuisine and it was Oh My GOD Soooo Good. Excellent customer service, Great Food worth the drive.