Michoacan Taqueria

3235 N Flowing Wells Rd, Tucson
(520) 888-0421

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Lisa Logar

This place has great food .. unfortunately they are trying to rip you off by charging 56.00 plus tax for one gallon of menudo . Unbelievable! Shame on u michoacan taqueria raspados !!!

J s

This place has some of the best tasty food/snacks available local owned friendly staff and relatively clean whoever some of the prices are a high up there 17$ for two large raspados I feel is a lot and they don't stay open to late which is unfortunate

Careli A.

so yummy!!! tacos and gorditas are a must. the raspados con nieve too! 10/10 recommend. will be coming back

Ray “Loconorte Americano” Lopez

The raspado coconut was the bomb, excellent,delicious, delightfully fresh and ice cold. The service was kind of slow and a the items quite pricey. Two drink a large amd a medium came to 17plus $

Justin Beiber

Found a hair in my drink and told them about it and they had an attitudeI don't even have long hair btwFood was okay. Kind of bland tho tbh ?

Donald Tidmore

Food was good the respect always good we got it I got a mango Chelada and a burrito and it was all good

Sabrina M.

I had a little bit too much fun last night and needed an agua Fresca this morning to make me feel better. I called several different places around the area seeking a watermelon agua fresca and Michoacán was the only one out of those I called who had it. I am SO thankful they were the only ones because they also had a banana raspado !! Yes, I got both the banana and watermelon just for myself :) man it was so fresh and so good, my mouth is watering again now just thinking about it They have so many delicious flavors and options, and it's well valued for what you receive - I love it here!!

Rikkcs CS

We had UberEats deliver from them. We asked for three hotdogs with no mustard. They charged for three and we only received two WITH mustard. We attempted to call the restaurant several times, 30 min before they closed, and they never picked up the phone.

D the Delinquent (D The Delinquent)

The menudo is always delicious!I do feel the prices could use an adjustment or they should add more quantity, but the quality and cleanliness is great.The Staff is awesome.

Evelyn B.

I would never go to this taqueria because the employees are very rude especially the ones in the Tucson Mall very very rude... I spoke with the manager and she was just as bad ... VERY DISRESPECTFUL EMPLOYEES ...


It is definitely different than the first time I ate there. The raspados seem a little off compare to other raspados place. I ordered a macedonia and the fruit seemed like it was canned fruit and not fresh fruit like other places.

Birdy U.

Their food is delicious and they are very kind. Raspados all taste natural and satisfy a sweet tooth if you are looking for something healthy. They are fast at making their orders out to customers.

Lesleigh Grabiec

Authentic food. Reminds me of my grandmother's cooking. Gorditas were the best I've found in AZ. Chipotle chicken tacos were good. Carne asada tacos good too.

Razzel D.

Caldo de res is delicious. Staff is nice. Jamaica is delicious. Strange hours.... Like I've driven there on. Thursday at 2 and they were closed which was annoying cause I drove across town for their soup!

Ohm Ra

That was one sad carne asada taco, barbacoa was ok. Raspado was a raspado. Not worth $10

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