Nevada Smith's Saloon

1175 W Miracle Mile, Tucson
(520) 622-9064

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Sue Rubino

I don't understand the review that said it was in a bad part of town. It is by the motels that in the past were the only places to stay outside of the city proper. But the food is worth a trip down memory lane. We had the fish fry and a dozen oysters. Both were great. The service was fantastic. Our order was taken and the food came out hot and quickly. We were asked several times if we wanted more fish but there was plenty the first serving. The bar staff was great and very.helpful. we are definitely coming back to try something else and for the fish fry.

David Hagan

A hidden gem! Was unsure about the location but walked into one of the finest neighborhood bars in Tucson with surprisingly good food. I'm talking the place to go for all-you-can-eat fish on Friday for $8! Easy going crowd, great service, and tons of space. It don't look no bigger than a bread box, but they got enough space on back for a whole crew of savages! I'm going back in two weeks to have me a steak dinner and play pool to great tunes on the jukebox! Heck, I'm even gonna bring my momma.

gregory albares

Thursday Steak night was great. The patio breezy fire to the cold wind but the had heaters . I was comfortable and the steak was the best, a great value. Don't be intimidated just try it

Everett Kelsie

Don't tell the general public the truth about the food and atmosphere. It's hard to find a good ol fashioned place that makes every order on a case by case order. Every burger is hand made! No McDonald's here.

Kylanne R.

So yum! Perfect bar fare- wings, fries and burger were very good. good prices, great service. we didnt sit outside on their patio but we will sometime.

Nathan Lemons

Ummm yum yum , greasy tacos, just ground up meat, nothing else, no lettuce no cheese, the best part the bartender discussing blood on the pool table the night before, with a guest,All in all such a treat

Adan Allen

Local gem with some really great food and nightly specials. Seriously. Oh, and go when Amber is there. She's our favorite bartender!

angela a.

Amazing time here and great friendly staff. Highly recommend if you're looking for a laid back place

Mark Q.

Top Notch in a not so great area. But, with that being said. Bartender and wait staff and peeps inside are really nice and helpful and Great Food. Fish fry Friday is Awesome and cheap..$7 all you can eat fish. Great place if you haven't been Ck it out...

Cheryl K

This place is a dive bar vibe but don't let that fool you! Thursday nights we eat steak. Its really yummy and cooked to your liking. They have a salad bar, baked potato n beans that are delicious too. The salad dressing is made fresh. Best ranch dressing besides Eegees. The open fire leaves the best scorch n flavor without the burn taste. The price is unbeatable. Get their early for a seat it gets packed fast. Plus wear warmClothes the patio is open n fun! Staff are friendly n quick.

kirk belcher

Come here not that often but I used to been here today it was really good waitress was Vanessa really nice person and very comfortable to be here


From Phoenix and looked this place up on Google maps. Looked like a good place to grab a bit and a beer. Good thing I only got to the beer before being encountered a few times by the permanent patrons. I really don't agree with the reviews after seeing this....but then again I have to understand the area I'm in. So this will be my first and last visit and I will hit up the news stations to have then stop by for a dirty dining report... proceed with caution ⚠️

Taylor B.

Awesome food friendly, atmosphere and reasonably price20oz Boneless RibeyeBone in Ribeye We'll be back.


Thursdays at Nevada Smith is steak Thursday and with a limited item menu what could go wrong, right? Well, your bill that's what!! Ordered one beer with a shot, tab came in at $18??? Ordered the steak and baked potato menu price 17$ bill came in at 30$. Had to have both tabs adjusted. Red headed server blamed it on being short staffed, bet that works most of the time too! In today's screwed up overpriced economy the last thing we need is service being padded.... Good steak on Thursdays but WATCH YOUR BILL!!!!!!!! Oh, I give this 5 stars because I want everyone to WATCH THEIR BILL.

Michael Jordan

Best place to get a steak for under 20! The staff is super friendly and welcoming. I came in on a Monday for lunch, and became a regular because the staff and patrons were so welcoming!

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