O Sushi Restaurant

4689 E Speedway Blvd #4633, Tucson
(520) 325-6552

Recent Reviews

Nicole Collins

Our favorite Sushi spot in town!! Of course the fresh & delicious Sushi, great prices & excellent customer service keeps us coming back! The sesame chicken is also amazing!!

Gus Perez

Great service, good Happy Hour selection

Brad H.

Delicious and fresh! First of all, I do not believe the proprietors are Japanese. But that's OK. Second of all, I wish I had written this review earlier so that I could remember the specific sushi that my friend and I ordered... The gyoza were deep-fried and that was alright because they were not greasy. Tasty. The shumai were excellent. We each ordered sushi rolls and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We both commented on how fresh the fish was and how it was sliced to a nice thickness, not too thick and not too thin. Very flavorful. We are already making plans to return soon. The prices are very reasonable. I like the ambience, it was a warm feeling with the lighting and color scheme. Very comfortable. Friendly service. 5* = A top favorite. Mind-blowing good. I will definitely return and I will go out of my way to go here. Worth every dime of my money. 4* = Outstanding. Tucson-top-tier. Some elements not quite as good as it gets, but it still is worthy of my regular business. 3* = Good experience. I might do repeat business if it is convenient, the only option, the only one in its category, or on a whim, but would not be among the first thing to come to mind. Would definitely recommend you trying it to get your own take on it. 2* = Not so good. Would not recommend at all. Waste of money. 1* = How are they still in business? Stay away at all costs!

Peter B.

This used to be Bushi Sushi, which was a great under-recognized gem in town. Fairly central location and a nice Japanese menu with a few nice Korean dishes as well. We frequented it often. Now it's under new ownership, and despite how some of those transitions go, they did very well! The menu kept most of the favored dishes, and they maintain the tradition of generous sushi for reasonable prices, and I'm especially happy they kept my favorite dish; Hoi du Bap! which is a korean sashimi on a bowl of salad type dish, with this great spicy fruity red sauce. Love this low-carb wonder. SOOOO tasty! Better than anywhere else in town. And they did a nice job remodeling the place too. It's a definite favorite of ours, and will be one of yours as well!

Christian Garcia

Excellent spot for sushi. As someone from San Diego, we have a lot of options for great seafood and sushi, so I had a high standard coming here. Another friend from SD recommended it and I have to say he wasn't wrong. Easily just as good if not better than a lot of the best spots in southern CA. Will be coming back soon.

Gayla Horton-archer

Very nice staff! excellent eye roll and udon soup.

Natalie Luna Rose

Great service and great food

Tom Schwarzkopf

Really nice sushi spot with outstanding service. The waitress had excellent suggestions and the rolls came with free miso and edamame.

Ivan S.

This is not a Japanese restaurant. It is a Korean restaurant. I am fond of Korean restaurants, but not Korean ones pretending to be Japanese. The fish in the sushi was not fresh. The eggrolls were made of corn tortillas or some kind of very heavy bready substance. Not with rice flour. The miso soup was tasteless and probably out of the package. Also it was very expensive. stay away!

Sabrina Scott

Great food every time happy hour 430-600. Excellent service

Amy Marrero

Awesome save she for a fabulous price 7 people we got about 10 rolls and many other things average price was $20

Rowen F.

Not a big sushi guy but probably the best I've ever had. Crunch dragon roll and tiger roll were fantastic and eye roll was good. $32 for all of it + complimentary edamame appetizer. Cool atmosphere with sushi bar and TVs. Good location. Will come back.

Aaron L.

We came in with a larger party ( 7 and 3 kiddos) they took us without a reservations, sat us in a timely manor and the staff was excellent with kids and the large group. The sushi was great, the udon noodles were amazing and the price was right. This place is gonna be our new norm for sushi!!!

Danielle B.

There was very fast service with making our sushi and it was good quality. The restaurant appears to be nice, clean and comfortable. I would recommend this place

Lindsey B.

There a quite a bit of options in Tucson for Sushi and a majority of them seem to be pretty pricey for the amt of food you get. I am not one to pay for small servings ! I recently gave this place a try and was surprisingly impressed! You get quite a bit of food for the price and it was absolutely delicious. 5/5 will be back again.

Darcy Damron

Awesome sizes of rolls! House wine is cheap and good. Happy hour prices can't be beat for what you get

Maria Chun

Outstanding service and welcoming environment. The food is fast, fresh, affordable, and delicious. Try the Ya Ya Roll!

Jessica F.

This Sushi restaurant has to be my favorite. Every time I go I always leave very satisfied. The waitresses are always very polite and always on top of everything. I would highly recommend trying their Las Vegas Roll. Definitely a must try spot for all my sushi lovers out there!

John C.

I hate to deduct a star but based on our most recent visit, the quality of the sashimi we received was not the quality that we had previously enjoyed. We went early in the week and there were very few patrons, thus no pressure on the chef, which is no excuse in any case. The fish was simply of a lower quality. We will try again to see if this was a bad night or a sign of a problem.

Nail Trix

Very clean. Wonderful atmosphere. Food and happy hour menu is amazing.

Maurice Luckett

As someone that grew up in Japan until I was a teenager, O Shushi Restaurant has truly reminded me of being back home, and growing up in Takasaki and Ayase-shi. Great traditional Japanese food, very kind staff, amazingly talented chefs and a very home-like feeling. I highly recommend this restaurant for traditional Japanese food and vibes.

Khadaura Celesteal

As someone that grew up in Japan until I was a teenager, O Shushi Restaurant has truly reminded me of being back home, and growing up in Takasaki and Ayase-shi. Great traditional Japanese food, very kind staff, amazingly talented chefs and a very home-like feeling. I highly recommend this restaurant for traditional Japanese food and vibes.

Kenya J.

Fresh and very good sushi. The golden dragon roll was amazing aside from my usual rainbow roll. This one of my sushi spots now and I highly recommend it

Kayla Engquist

So delicious, bit of a wait for the food but absolutely worth it

Some Guy

Lot of fun. Accommodating staff, creative food, and easy vibe. Really want to check out that super-duper DJ system in action one of these days - it's quite an impressive set up.

Camryn W.

This place was awesome! Priced modestly for great sushi. They had free edamame & miso which was awesome. I got the Vegas roll and vegetable roll. It was amazing and I was very pleased! Staff were very nice.

Eve Miller

Super service and the most diverse, creative and FRESHEST sushi at affordable prices. I HIGHLY recommend to become a frequent visitor and never be disappointed by sushi. If your standards are high, this is the place.

Jose Rosas

The service was excellent. My co-worker and I had their box lunch special and it was delicious yet reasonably priced. The inside of the restaurant was very clean and welcoming. I will be bringing my girlfriend here in the near future.


I don't get the hype with this place. Been here a handful of time and it's been mediocre at best everytime. The rolls are so-so, alot of them are over the top/deep fried, etc., so if that's your thing you might like it. If you are looking for basic sushi - basic rolls, fresh nigiri - the classics, then I'd skip this spot and go to Kazoku right across the street, way better quality fish and overall, just a better spot for the price point.

Jeri M.

The absolute best sushi place in Tucson. We are going to be so sad when we move and can't go on our favorite dates there. Clean, extremely friendly staff- they always check up on us and our baby when we come. The food is supreme and delicious. We love this place!


Atmosphere very nice and staff nice. Sushi is good, maybe not compared to Yamatos, but who can compare to the artistry and authenticity of Yamatos? But the food from the kitchen was really under par. Edamames were under cooked. Veggie tempura was soggy with oil and not crispy. I ordered yakisoba noodles which were undercooked, and super greasy. It didn't taste like a Japanese noodle dish . They were sweet like corn syrup and had an anise flavor as if it had Chinese 5 spice in it. No sesame taste, just sweet greasy oil on tough noodles. To their credit, I guess I am more used to Japanese buckwheat soba that's not fried and is served with non greasy veggies and a delicate dashi sauce and a touch of sesame oil. The yakisoba by comparison is a clumsy greasy mess. I ordered the veggie but maybe it was fried with pork as well which would explain the unpleasant sweet greasy flavor. I saw one review that said it was inexpensive. Our lunch for two cost $45.00 and was no better than a $12.00 Chinese buffet.

Clayton Wright

Amazing, California quality with an Arizona vibe. The Salmon Roll was fantastic and the Tempura Udon noodles kept me full for the rest of the day. Friendly staff really made the experience better.

Katelyn Bethel

The sushi is great, and I love the miso soup! I've been here several times and I have never been disappointed.

Amanda C.

Very affordable sushi!! They accommodated what I liked and made a roll specially for me :) great service, good prices, food comes out fast

NoraZoe Daniels Woolridge

Excellent food and stellar service with quick food preparation of quality ingredients. We will be back.

Joni L.

Amazing fresh Sushi and Chicken Fried Rice. It is a must eat at for lunch and dinner. The restaurant has attractive decor.

Apisto A.

Very good quality sushi with decent prices. No, you won't find AYCE here, but it's worth it for the better quality fish. As I get older I find myself moving away from AYCE and paying more for quality. Complementary miso soup and edamame when we came in for dinner. They also have some interesting rolls if you're into that kind of thing. I typically order nigiri. Decor is interesting with a lot of sports memorabilia.


Food is pretty good & so are the prices but the hours suck.

J G.

The sun in my eyes everytime the door opened was a little much. The food was good, but staff wasn't super friendly and seemed a bit confused taking order. Great selection of unique rolls. Jalepeno popper roll- yum!

leila reggie

I am never disappointed with Japanese basics of vegies, rice and some chicken or fish. It is satisfying and healthy with an occasional fried tempura.