Old Times Kafe

1485 W Prince Rd, Tucson
(520) 293-2324

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The food came out fast and everything was cooked perfectly. Eggs medium, crispy French toast, perfect toast and bacon and great service with a smile. Plenty of food so come hungry.This might also be the oldest family run restaurant in Tucson and is your classic local spot for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Katy Flor

It was my first time here this morning and everything was delicious! The eggs were the best scrambled eggs I've had in a long time. They were so moist and fluffy. My corned beef hash was perfectly crispy and my home fries were very good as well, the seasoning was delicious! The service was also fantastic! Very attentive and friendly staff! The vibe inside made me feel like I was back home eating breakfast with my family. Give this place a try!!!

Lynn Trujillo

Be aware there is a "very early bird special" until 7:00, an Early bird Special until 9:30 thats $1.00 more, then all the prices on the menu are $1.00 more than listed (per the sticky note on the menus). Be vigilant as they will try to charge you full price for the specials then get rude with you when you question them about the price differences. The snippy answer of "I don't know, I don't make the rules" was not an adequate answer.


Just incredible! I’d drive 100 miles for breakfast this good! Oh wait… I DID!Sometimes, they are cash-only so come prepared - over-tip because their prices are amazing. Lovely staff, quick with my to-go order, and they were super busy too! I’ll definitely return to Old Times Kafe!

Anna Mae Baxter

Great Sunday morning breakfast!So happy to see they ‘weathered the storm’! Be prepared to be amazed by the outstanding menu! Hey pops, don’t forget your readers!Exceptional service, delicious food!Sharing with friends & family.See you soon, some old favorites are still on the menu. Cannot wait to taste them all!

Lori N.

Do you miss home cooking when you are on the road? Pull off the I-10 while passing through Tucson and meet your favorite new grandmas and I guarantee you will feel like home, plowing through pork chops, meatloaf, huge eggy skillets in a 1940's farm house. Hidden Desert Gem.

Trinity F.

The food was great very cheap I highly recommend it workers there amazing it's not even that busy if you're looking for some easy breakfast brunch I would definitely go here

Yovis M.

First time here and it was the best! From entering to exiting. Our server was an amazing lady, very sweet, kind and helped us select our food and man, oh man! Was the food delicious!!! This place is a gem! Totally recommend it!!!! Breakfast served all day too!

gordon barron

Our R.O.M.E.O. Group loves this place! Today was no exception. Service was outstanding and all our food and orders were great. Our waitress was fun and talkative. Prices are reasonable and portions were ample. Remember it’s closed on Tuesday. Sunflower adult community does it on a regular basis!

Susan B.

I have lived in the neighborhood for 16 years and drove past this at least twice a day, they are only open certain hours, always the hours I was working so I never eat here. My niece was in town this weekend and as she was leaving for home and we were meeting for lunch. The food was good and serving were good on quality. Now I know about the food, I will be going back!

Chris S.

Good, solid breakfast. The offer 3 egg OR 6 egg omelettes. Gyro, bacon, and all the standards.

Mike S.

I went here on a sunday late morning. The place was packed. The hostess warned me from the start, that it would be atleast a 30 minutes wait before I got my food. Well it was double that, but I wasnt in too much of a rush. The place has a great feel to it. A pretty wide and great menu. Breakfast and lunch being what they do. I ordered one of the big, 9 egg omelettes. The meat lovers omelette. It was huge and good to the last bite. I still can't believe I finished it. My friend got the smaller cheese omelette and that looked great too. The servers were very kind and personable. The guy next to me, got spaghetti and meat balls. That looked very appetizing to me too. So I'm definitely gonna be returning here and trying more of their meals. Probably not on a Sunday morning though.

Thomas A.

Not perfect, but the charming atmosphere of an old ranch house converted into a diner can't be beat, especially with the little odds and ends of kitsch items scattered here and there. The menu has a wide variety of food to choose from, breakfast and lunch. Everything my friends and I have ordered here has been very good to great in quality and the quantity can't be beat. Also, for those with allergies or by choice, gluten-free options are available. Service is usually pretty darn good, though there have been a few issues here and there, but nothing even close to being what I or my friends would consider fatal that would make us stop coming there. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is an old school diner, so it does take them a little bit longer than what you may be used to in the preparation of the food, but it is worth it, so plan on making it a good outing.

Jamie Hall

Have eaten here for many year. Way too many probably! But we are always happy. The food is delicious and homemade every time. The staff are seasoned and treat you like friends and family. You feel right at home. Worth the small trip to have amazing food for a good price!!

VW Girl

Food is great portions well worth the price. I took a star away for service. After being seated we were forgotten for 30 minutes. Finally the waitress realized she hadn't taken our order. No excuse since only two other tables were occupied. She forgot part of my friend's order. Even after we were the only table left she was more interested in chit chatting with the staff than waiting her table. Then after taking my card for payment seem to just forget about my card and left it somewhere maybe with the hostess but she didnt seem to remember or care. The hostess had to bring the card and slip. Great way to have someone's card stolen. I realize it's older women running the place but COME ON.

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