Outback Steakhouse

4871 E Grant Rd, Tucson
(520) 323-8892

Recent Reviews

steven d

Good food .Good drinks.Good value ,above all great service'from our server (Randi i think)Asset to the venue.Recommended !?

D. Francis

Not Gluten-free, unfortunately this restaurant didn't understand what Celiac means, I got glutened and was in so much distress and pain I couldn't even walk to make it to urgent care but after 4 hours and stomach medications I finally got relief, we were traveling so I could not touch base with the Restaurant.

blue boxers

You say slow roasted prime rib. I'm willing to bet this was microwaved. Absolute trash steak.... never again. Tender was -50. Chewy like cartlidge, lost its flavor after being in my mouth for 3 seconds, and no thats not an exaggeration. My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.Longhorn on Broadway across from park place, there's literally no comparison. Outback is mcdonalds, longhorn is the cheesecake factory. Go there.

Max Reichgott

I have to say I normally Love Outback... And still in this case the food wasnt bad. But the Customer Service SUCKED. The waiter acted like he couldn't wait for us to leave . He didn't know the difference between a Cabernet and a Zinfandel. The hostess was rude as hell. I don't know if it was because we were on uniform or what.I will never go back to the Outback on Grant Rd in Tucson.

Sharra Van cleve (Supachika)

We ordered takeout and wow is all I can say for how bad it was I should of taken pictures. We ordered 2 sirloin meals and one they forgot to give us a baked potato but the steaks were just sad looking. My 2 teenagers were like is this seriously dinner. The only decent looking part of dinner was the salad and my husband found hair in his so no one really ate any after that. I ordered grilled chicken with asparagus it was cold and I got 4 limp pieces of asparagus with no flavor. My husband's fries were nasty cold he said they were soggy and gross. The shrimp blossoms or whatever they are called would have been ok if they weren't so over salted. We spent 100 with tip and everyone was disappointed. We will not be going back for sure. For the curbside I never even got an email saying the order was ready and when I called to see if it was ready I was placed on hold for a while then someone walked It out to my car without ever coming back on the line.

Heather Moilanen-Miller

I am not sure how to describe how bad it is now. The food was okay but the service was awful. Asked for warm bread and he literally carried it out on a knife. No butter. No board. The restrooms were putrid! Couldn't go in there. Watched what we thought was the manager just blindly walk around doing NOTHING. Patron at bar puts his feet up with no words. Will not go back.

David Sala

Best looking salad we have seen in some time, battered mushroom were great. Manager and server were super.

Liane Prince

Super small size everything, lobster tail was the size of a large shrimp,, sweet potato was so small,,, filet mignon had no taste

Leslie Olson

Deep fried mushrooms were fabulous. Steak and lobster was pretty good. Wish the lobster tail had been larger. Happy.

Mary White

Ordered a large meal togo and the online menu wasn't described as well online as in store so we order 3 pasta dishes without any knowledge of how spicy they were going to be. Needless to say they did not get eaten and money wasted. Kinda disappointed. When i called to see if i missed the description online she was unaware of what was online and was very unhelpful. Just be careful you may not be getting what you wanted.

Lion Thane

The steak was amazing, as always!! Service was phenomenal. Love coming here with a few friends for a good meal!

daniel garcia

Good,relaxing atmosphere.

Laco K

Nothing unusual about this Outback. The food was great. The server was attentive. Nothing to complain about.

Ian White

Delicious and affordable. Without being asked the server brought me and my family refills, cheque, and a new baked potato to replace an incorrectly prepared one. One of my favorite steak houses in town!

Amy Jones

Had a very nice experience! It server was attentive and not pushy at all! The food was great and cooked just right! There weren't a ton of people which was nice. Was clean and felt ok to be there!

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