Pizza Hut

8160 S Houghton Rd, Tucson
(520) 663-5656

Recent Reviews

Ted Stallings

I have ordered a couple of times. Great staff all friendly and polite. I was a walk in order each time, and each time, my pizza was ready within 10 minutes.

Marla Blowers

No dining in or sandwiches amymore but the pizza is still very good.

Joseph Russo

Better than usual- 3 perfectly cooked pies. Flavors were excellent.

Darlene Hedges

This location makes the best honey BBQ wings ever.

Alex Garcia Jr

I requested extra crispy on my thin crust pizza and it was cooked to perfection. I waited a little longer for a delicious dinner. I appreciated the care taken to make sure I got what I ordered.

Ruth Ann Schappachar

Pizza Hut at Rita Ranch....great service, wonderful pizza!

Migda S.

This location cannot get orders right. They will deliver food to the wrong address. When you order online, they do not meet or even attempt to meet delivery times. While the food is good, dealing with the staff is not worth it. Overall, very poor service.

Itzamara Rivas

I am giving them a 5 star review due to the excellent customer service experienced when making order and also that the family enjoyed the pizza. In addition, I had originally written a low review on their site because of an overage I saw the next day on the purchase. A Pizza Hut employee called right away and responded to help understand and resolve the issue. He was able to confirm the correct amount on their behalf and even scanned me what was charged at their end. This cleared things up and pointed to an issue with my bankcard which I was able to have it remedied. Awesome response and customer service! Truly appreciate that they do read the reviews and care on making sure any issues are resolved.

Doug Crowley

The food was great. The price was great. The staff was great. Great

Laura Wellner

Orders are processed quickly and delivery folks are friendly and professional.


i purchased 10 large pepperoni pizzas for my construction crew , Borderland Construction , one of he biggest construction companies in town. we were doing work right outside of the pizza hut after spending $165.00 when I sent my guys to pick up the pizza , Pizza hut refused to give them crushed peppers. they said " crushed pepper is part of our inventory and we cannot give them out" ???? next time we will just call DOMINO'S . they didnt even offer to sell a handful or packages or however they sell it so we did without ...

Nancy Adam

First, staff at our Pizza Hut are the BEST! They are friendly, personable, and customer-service oriented. We have been Pizza Hut customers for years and Pizza Hut is our absolute favorite!!

Rick Stertz

The pizzas were delivered on time, tasty and hot.

Jess Del

The amazing customer service.

Andy Edwards

I would like a fully cooked pizza. The dough was gooey and sticky. I ended up throwing the pizza away. I wish I could have gotten a refund for the pizza.

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