Pizza Hut

2943 N Campbell Ave, Tucson
(520) 322-9825

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Bobby made it easy after I struggled with the online apps, he was overly courteous, while he took the order and I got a better deal than I could have found under my own power!Give this [email protected]@$:/6 a raise!!!!!!

Ronald O'Connor

Because they have awesome food and a fantastic staff

Alfonso Bernal

I recently ordered from pizza hut on North Campbell and my order was suppose to be delivered in 30 ...I had to call back after an hour passed by and was told that they had the wrong address that was taken by their own employee. Then the manager still wanted to charge me and have the pizza delivered again after almost 2 hours had gone by ...he didn't even offer a refund or no charge. I had to cancel the sale myself....worst service I've ever experienced anywhere!!

Donald MacMillan

Love the food and would recommend them to friends and family.

Charlie C.

Runs out of pan crust pizza? Never cooks your pizza well done like requested. Offer no napkins or up sale marina sauce. Charges for everything

Roxanne Sandoval

You cant go wrong here. They have great deals.. The line up...

Melanie Dior

Great deals. Nice staff

Suleme Flores

I called at 1pm and just called them back because it’s been 3 hrs no delivery my kids are hungry and the manager wasn’t able to work with me to deliver since I wasn’t on there de restricción told me to call speedway and Alvernon since it’s my nearest. My kids are hungry it’s 3:50 and couldn’t make an effort to comply with a customer THEY LOST A CUSTOMER AND CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM THE MANAGER WAS A 0.

JesusAllMighty GamerGod

Some of the employees are very rude and service is not great. They rolled their eyes at me .

Brandon Houmand

Service is good and each time I have ordered from here my food is cooked to my satisfaction. The staff are also helpful. This my preferred Pizza Hit location.

Nancy F.

When the pizza is hot and the cheese is stringy with crispy well done pepperoni, that's a good pizza. My order tonight was like that. Stuffed crust is my favorite. After you finish the toppings you still have cheese and bread to finish off. It's easy to order online and it was ready as promised.

Monica Canez

Online ordering process was simple but when we got our pizza it was soggy and under cooked.

Lalo Romero

The staff made you feel at home even though you are eatting in public lol. This pizza hut was clean friendly very alert and nice folks food was amazing and so was the service was awesome I most definitely recommend this place ?

susie lopez

food was good customer service is good but waiting for pizza took too long

maggie meinhardt

Pizza hut is an awsome place to go if you love pizza. Quick and hot

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