Santorini Greek Cafe

2545 E Speedway Blvd ste 105, Tucson
(520) 307-4443

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Deborah Kruse

I see that others have given high ratings. I cannot do that.We tried twice, once before the pandemic hit, and then again yesterday. Both times, the food was good. The first time, we waited about 45 minutes. There were 2 other customers. Yesterday, we waited about 10 minutes, although we were the only customers, other than a person who picked up an order. What was the last straw for us was that although the price of a gyro wrap was listed on the menu and on the board as $9.00, we were charged $9.50. We thought perhaps that is was a "to go" fee,but when we asked why, we were told that it was because we had used a credit card. However, that price was shown before we used the card. He told us that he has to pay $2.00 every time a credit card is used. We will never return, although the food was good. We believe that he lied.

Bit Class

Everything about this spot just screams quality Greek food. Had the Pork gyro, hummus, and baklava for desert. Food was delicious. I've tasted alot of food around the world and Phoenix in general and this is definitely one of the best Greek spots I've been to. The owner was great, very helpful. Service was amazing, Will definitely be back.

Sarah Shields

The owner is an amazing person! He is passionate about bringing quality food to the Tucson Community. The hummus is amazing, the pita is super soft and fresh, the flaming cheese was awesome. The gyro meat is perfect and not overly salty.They also have a super kind wait staff.Love supporting this small business.

Anita Lewis

Wonderful place to eat authentic Greek food! My compliments as I know good Greek cuisine. The owner and staff were very friendly and made our dining experience very fun and worthwhile. We just moved to Tucson a little while ago and were looking for good Greek food. We have found it. Maybe it will grow and be a full fledged restaurant serving all the Greek spirits as well.

Ariana Valverde

We ordered the chicken and beef gyro plate and they were SO good. On top of the tasty food, the service was great. Such nice and social people who truly add to the experience. You can taste the authenticity!

Amanda P.

I'd highly recommend the santorini feta cheese with honey, you wouldn't think this with something that would be enticing to eat however this is well-made and definitely a staple of this restaurant. I'd highly recommend to call ahead of time if you are requesting the Pastitsio as they seem to be out, also green beans tend to be a hot commodity at this restaurant. However the food was amazing, the hummus had a special lemon zest with olive oil mixed in which was truly amazing in the presentation of the food is some thing I highly recommend for lunch or hanging out with friends and family. The gyro plate was great however probably nothing to write home about.. I was hoping for pastitsio which is why I still give this restaurant 5 stars!!

Betsy L.

Santorini is my new favorite restaurant for Greek food in Tucson! I've gotten takeout from there several times now, and can confirm that every order has been delicious and made with care! Over the course of various orders, I've now gotten the Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), the Fried Calamari, the Greek Salad, the Village Salad, the Spanakopita, and the Chicken Gyro. It's all been wonderful! The calamari is a definite treat: fried perfectly and still steaming hot even when I got it home. I'm also delighted that Santorini has the Village Salad, which keeps all the best parts of a Greek salad but ditches the lettuce and increases the feta cheese. I highly recommend it! It's simple, and so perfect for summer. The Chicken Gyro is also excellent. It was an ample serving of delicious grilled chicken with pita, tzatziki, and your choice of side (both the rice and the potatoes are really good!). In addition to the food being great, the staff does a very good job working with food allergies. Twice now, they've helped my partner work around a dairy allergy, and alerted him to the presence of dairy in places where he wouldn't have thought to inquire about it. We really appreciate how conscientious they are!

Josh Dates

The Food and atmosphere was absolutely amazing! Hands down one of the best newer restaurants in Arizona! The place is family owned and you can tell by the care they put into the product they put out! I would highly recommend Santorini Greek Cafe for anyone who wants an authentic taste of Greece!

Colleen M.

Incredibly good food, service and ambiance. Food- Chicken and Lamb/beef gyros are seasoned to perfection, with a refreshing Greek salad, smeared with house made tsadziki, enveloped in a warm pillowy pita. Heaven. Also baklava was dank. Service - Always friendly, welcoming and prompt! Ambiance- natural light streams in during the day and the plants are a lovely touch! A new favorite joint for fresh and delicious Mediterranean food. Yum!

Megan C.

AJ and I went here for National Girlfriend's Day! The food was so good! I got the beef and lamb wrap!!! With a side salad! The inside was so cute!!!

Kara S.

I had an incredible first time experience eating here with a friend last night. The staff member I spoke with was knowledgeable of menu items/ordering processes and extremely personable. The food was absolutely delicious and presented beautifully. One of my favorite touches was the delicious fresh oregano in the salad dressing. This will be one of my go-tos for Greek food in Tucson from now on!

Margaret R.

Fantastic food! Great people! If you are looking for authentic Greek food, you found it!!! Delicious.

Lucille G.

Food was tasty. The environment was nice and cold AC coming in from the summer heat. We sat at a table in a small dining area of eight tables. Very clean, but not very private for personal conversations. The sounds of Greek music played through their speakers. The menu board was hard to see, so cashier offered us a paper menu. We order two Lamb Gyro platters. Both came with paper thin sliced lamb, this was a little too skimpy. They could serve thicker slices of meat for the price of $16.00 each. Total bill of $48 with tax and tip. Not only was the meat paper thin, there were very little crumbs of feta cheese. I mean crumbs. I proceeded on to my salad and Greek fries to scavenge feta cheese enough to get some taste. I guess next time I need to order a side of feta cheese. And olives. The salad was fresh and light. This also had little crumbs of feta cheese. In reference to the gyro, there was no gyro per se. on the plate there was about two cups of thinly sliced meat accompanied with four small triangles of pita bread, a small cup of tzatziki sauce. The Greek fries were over cooked and real greasy with olive oil drenched over them with crumbles of feta cheese and oregano. Drinks were water. The server/cashier was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was the best part of the brunch. I doubt I would order the platter. Go for the gyro sandwich instead and if you don't mind skimpy meat portion, this is your place!!

Natalia Strange

This evening was our first time having Greek food and decided on Santorini. Hands down AMAZING! The owner was very helpful and the waiter was quick with refilling waters and getting plates. They were both very friendly and the food came out in a timely manner. Everything was fresh. Hot foods were hot. Salad was delicious. Will definitely be returning to Santorini!

Nina S.

I rarely review places but I was surprised how friendly the waitress/cashier was. The cook was friendly also. Not sure if this place is family owned but it feels like it.The potato garlic spread, hummus, and lentil soup were all great.Decor was lively also! Great addition to the area.

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