Sauce Pizza & Wine

5285 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson
(520) 514-1122

Recent Reviews

Ryan Gittins

Always extremely consistent! Their salads are wonderful especially the ones with the pine nuts! They're Pizza is delicious it's always thin crust so it's not like going to a Chicago style restaurant this is New York style but the people are always very nice appendix several different locations and they do a really good job with customer service I do a consistent ly great job with the food salads when I leave I'm always satisfied thank you sauce workers and managers in obviously the people above the managers you're doing a great job it's quality instead of quantity!!!!

Yolie I

Best roasted vegetable salad ever:! I place my order and didn't wait 15 minutes, i was on my way out in less than that.

Etna M.

My go-to place for lunch, service is great and food is really good!

Loretta Fincher

This was the best place to eat in Tucson. I have never tasted such a wonderful lasagna. The pizza was something that I felt they had just made the bread and it was just so fresh and delicious. The workers all handled a large crowd very efficiently and very very friendly.

Lisa Kay Jones

One of the best lasagna I have ever had the sauce was incredible we we'll be back. This was a to go order my husband Phillip picked up 20 minutes before there closing time on a Monday night we are impressed.

Dee O.

Love sauce their food is so good we got pizza with the white sauyeah but the white sauce and And a little bit of meat and some veggies oh my gosh it's so good and there's so much errors or yummy and they're drinks are good and it's really nice going here and the staff is very friendly we'd love coming here from Sierra vista

Mark Bitton

It was above average pizza, and fit it's niche nicely. You go here for a specialty pizza though. You'd over pay for a pepperoni pizza.


Thee best salad is the roasted vegetable with chicken DELICIOUS ?!!!

Mike Rosile

CHEESY BROCCOLI PASTA IS THE BEST HERE!I order sauce about 4 to 5 times a month. Its so good.Highly recommend the pastas.

Vaughn Sands

They would have gotten five stars had I not received three arugula quinoa beet salad without quinoa in them. Even still I Russell with the 3-star rating because the people that work there are genuinely nice and professional and courteous. The final decision is based on the fact that I paid for three specific salads and did not get what was advertised so hopefully in the future the orders will not have any discrepancies in I will be glad to update to a five-star review in that event.

Lis R.

What an amazing restaurant! The food is phenomenal! The customer service is outstanding, professional and very welcoming. I had a turkey Panini and it was so delicious. I felt like I was in a five-star restaurant. Food was phenomenal and I hope that the upper management takes some time to Commend employees for their outstanding work. Bravo to you all!!!!!

Rachel Araiza

Had lunch here with my coworkers and we all enjoyed our pizzas. Oh and the Catus Blossom tea was awesome.

Rebecca Tuell

Sharing of the location on Broadway beside At Home. Sauce has fabulous pizza. Gluten free crust as well. But I don't go for their pizza. I get their roasted vegetable salad every single time because it is so scrumptious! A glass of wine, and my evening is complete! Fast service, attention to detail as well. We had a group of 9 come in, and the girl at the counter asked where we would sit so the other attendants could move the tables together for us!

AZ Bob

Great place for a casual meal. Service is excellent. Salad options were great. The pizza crust was great, but toppings were not as tasty as some other pizza restaurants. Still, it's a great dining option.

Ronda Henderson

Sauce is a great place to eat! Clean, healthy food, and good service. I love Sauce. ?

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