Sausage Shop Meat Market And Deli

1015 W Prince Rd #141, Tucson
(520) 888-1701

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Kayli S

When you walk in you feel like you time travel... the sandwiches are always fresh, and they offer amazing value especially on the daily specials. Friendly service too! Wonderful asset to our city & we’re so glad they’re here!

Jason Merrymon

Local deli shops are usually great and this one doesn’t disappoint!

April Ayers

The most amazing smoked meats, cheeses and homemade everything. The bacon is the best!!

Nicholas Meshberger

I've been going to this place since '98 and had given them 5 stars in the past and even recommended them to friends. It's always had great sandwiches and sausage. My wife is a Cajun girl so for years we always got some boudin (Cajun sausage) a couple times a year. Fast forward to this week, we moved so haven't been there in years but for mother's day I made a trip for something special. The cost was almost $5 per small sausage. When I was surprised at the price the woman behind the counter got rude and said "Welcome to seafood. It's still cheaper than mail ordering it." I had a big party and not a single person had more than two bites. It was nasty, it should be savory with meat, herbs and rice but they tasted like liver and cinnamon, even the seafood ones.

John & Gayle O'Connell

Food was great. One of the staff was a irritated with us but others behind the counter were very patient. I suppose she was having a bad day. It was busy. We took some sausage home with us after enjoying our lunch.

Dan B.

The Coach may be the best sandwich in town. Moist and tender brisket combined with an amazing sauce and bacon for the crunch. Doesn't get any better.

Stephanie Hubert

They have the MEATS! Great shop for buying sausages, steaks, burgers to cook at home, but they also have a ton of sandwich options. Generous portions at good prices. And housemade pickles, sauerkraut, all kinds of good stuff here.

Jackson H.

This was the best au jus sauce I have ever had affordable quality sandwiches nothing better.

Anna H.

Really good sandwiches here, and very fresh meat. My family and I enjoyed spending money at a small business like this. The only issue is they got two of our sandwiches wrong and we needed them redone due to some dietary things. I'm unsure if the woman behind the counter heard us and just didn't want to do our requests, or just didn't hear us at all. Either way, the sandwiches, pickles, and chips were good enough to go back for. As another reviewer said, the bread wasnt *spectacular* but I still enjoyed the sandwich. There's chairs and seating outside to the left of the place. They have a huge menu of sandwiches and a large selection of meats/sausages to buy.

Tania Sierra

Excellent service, friendly staff, and really good sandwiches. And it's local!

Jessica J.

This was a Fantastic sandwich!! I wish we lived here this would be my go to deli for a delicious fresh sub. It was loaded with turkey salami cheese and fresh veggies. I would love to try their different sausages it smelled like heaven when walking in. This is a definite don't miss when in Tucson

Robert S.

An update to my last review of the Sausage Shop. We also purchased 2 "Dragoon Beer Brats" and had them for dinner last night. They we very good, not too spicy, but good...l'd recommend giving those a try.

Michael Santamarina

Worst cheesesteak sandwich ever! The meat was grilled brisket but flavorless. The bun was cold and ungrilled and the cheese cold and unrelated! That is not a cheesesteak! You can't think good meat will somehow make up for it thrown in the worst sandwich ever. Always been a fan but not sure I'll be back..

Nurse Garnet

This is an amazing butcher shop! They slice the meats and cheeses for their sandwiches right after you order. The sandwiches were very filling and absolutely delicious! This is a hidden gem in Tucson. Definitely worth the trip!

Street Chris

This place has the goods!! ??You can smell it when you first walk in!Ordered the " Guido" pictured in the photo.Spicey Italian sausage, provolone with marinara sauce.It was great!Came with chips and a can of soda.Great customer service.This could be your next HaPpy Place!!

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Sausage Shop Meat Market And Deli

1015 W Prince Rd #141, Tucson, AZ 85705
(520) 888-1701